FrankenZombie Treat Bag Tutorial

Is it Frankenstein? Is it a zombie? No, It’s both! It’s FrankenZombie!!!!

Frankenzombie-ImFeelinCrafty-Title1It’s the FrankenZombie Treat Bag! The kiddo has a treat bag that he loves and doesn’t want to replace. We use it every year. And then I remembered the zombie birthday party invitation that he brought home the other day! So why not make a zombie gift bag that can then be used as a treat bag??? Oh yeah! So that’s what we did! Check out the tutorial over at Go To Sew!


Fabric Bunting Tutorial for Go To Sew

This month I thought I’d share a project that I made ealier this summer! A fabric bunting! Quick and easy! A sweet thing to hang in the house or give as a baby gift (or any sort of gift for that matter)!

Bunting-Main-ImFeelinCraftyBe sure to check out Go To Sew for the full tutorial!

If you have a bag, You need a Tag! A Luggage Tag Tutorial at Go To Sew

I know some of us are still trying to get in a last minute trip for school and fall! And if you’re like me, you have a bag and your bag needs a tag…


Be sure to jump over to Go To Sew for the whole tutorial and template! It’s another super easy, half hour or so project!

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Fresh Linens- My July Tutorial for Go To Sew

I’m totally hooked on making my own pillowcases after making this pair for a swap! They are so easy!!


Be sure to click over to Go To Sew for the full tutorial!


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La Petite Pouch Tutorial at Go To Sew

La Petite Pouch!


I needed a little special something to send to someone and I thought and thought about it. I almost just bought something. but then realized the error of my ways and decided to make something. And that’s where the La Petite Pouch was created!

Be sure to head over to Go To Sew to find out how easy it is to make your own!


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The Pinking Shears Pouch Tutorial at Go To Sew!

As you know I recently made this pouch as a pouch for pinking shears for my latest swap.


Then the other day I bought a pencil box for my son. As we were walking out of the store, I was struck by a moment of confusion…. Um, why did I just buy that when I could make one, super fast and for the same price (if not less, since this only uses scraps)???? No clue! I just kept on walking….

I call it a pinking shears pouch, but it can be an eyeglass case, a marker pouch, a credit card holder, a cash holder…. Basically anything you want to hold….


Ready? It’s simple! Go to Go To Sew for the tutorial!

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Follow all the Super Hero’s to Go To Sew!

Today’s my day at Go To Sew!


Be sure to click on over to learn how I (finally, as my son would say) made him the super hero shirt and cape that ‘he’s always wanted.’

It’s pretty Super Duper! hehehe… get it? Super Hero… Super Duper… Ha! I crack myself up!


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New Contributer at Go To Sew!!

Yea! So much is going on this week! First the amazing e-pattern sale yesterday! And today, I get to share with you my newest position…


I’m now a monthly contributor at Go To Sew! Yea!!

I was so honored when Angela, the creator of all sorts of fantasticness in the sewing blogging and pattern world, asked me to be a contributor. I was like, um, YES YES YES!!!


And to start off my monthly posts, I’m sharing the  tutorial for The Stay Put Scarf!

Have you checked out Go To Sew yet? It’s the companion blog to Go To Patterns and showcases tutorials, sewing tips and awesome small shop designers patterns! She is also hosting challenges…. I can’t wait for that! Be sure to check it all out!