I’m soooo Loving Pinterest!

ok, ok… I kept seeing everyone saying the same thing, ‘I love Pinterest.’ And I was like, um, that’s the last thing I need. Another website to follow, another website to waste time on, another website to remember the password for….

And it is all those things! And I love it! Did I mention that I love it????


It’s actually way more than those things! Just in case you don’t know what it is, it’s a website where you can save anything you see on the internet. You have an account, you get a ‘pin’ button on your browser and every time you see something online you hit the pin button and it saves the image and it also saves the website, etc! So you can easily find all those amazing things out there on the internet! Amazing!

No more saving pages as favorites and no more saving the blog subscription emails that I follow (and never being able to find them again!)

I have a little addiction that I need to confess… I have a small little addiction to magazines…. did I say little?? well, the 3 foot tall stack of magazines next to my bed might lead some to believe that it’s more than a small addiction…. Ok, yes, it gets out of hand sometimes! 🙂 Why I am I telling you this??? Because…  My inspiration boards are actually binders full of pages torn out of my magazines. Lately, I’ve been using the pinterest app on my phone to take pictures of the things I see in magazines.

see the pictures I took and added? the bee hive… the flower how to??

But I worry… What if pinterest is a passing fad or goes away somehow… I think it’s just part of my magazine addiction telling me this so that I’ll keep the magazines coming and the binders full… I’m not stopping the magazines, but debating if I should be saving the inspiration or photographing the inspiration???  Does anyone else have this fear? Or is it just me??

Follow me on Pinterest here.

The one thing about it, is that you have to be invited. If you don’t have a pinterest page and want to sign up, let me know and I’ll send an invite your way!

Do you have a pinterest account?? Let me know and I’ll follow you too!

 It’s so much fun!

Friday Inspiration

Today is the last day of our week with Katie Moon, oohmoon…  Sad, yes, I know…  Don’t fret… I’ll be making more crafts with her art, for sure!

But today we decided to share her inspiration! I asked her what and who inspires you. The answers I received are pretty cool!! Check it out:


There are artists out there that are SOO much more talented and developed that I am. They inspire me. And they also mentor me visually (though they themselves don’t know it). Two current artists whom I love, have been watching for years, and greatly admire everything they do are:
1. Kirsten Ulve who has merchandise available at cafepress.
2. Shag who has merchandise available on his website .
3. I’m a fan of Laurie Rosenwald’s work too. I love how she gets elbow deep in her work
4. And then there’s fashion. It doesn’t directly inspire my illustration, though everything around me influences it in one way or another. My favorite designer whose every item I want to buy is Kenneth Cole. I love how tailored, yet sophisticated and stylish his work is.
5. And an Amy Butler fan, too. My favorite line of hers ever was her Midwest Modern line.
I have to say I’m an avid watcher of:
I’m an Angela Adams fan.
I also keep an eye on MoMA’s store (Museum of Modern Art):
Oh! And I love etsy! Who doesn’t! I find do-it-yourself projects all the time on there to tackle for myself! Of course I’ve also made several purchases from there as well!
Well, Thank you Katie for all your hard work work getting all my questions answered. I know I’ve had a great time getting to know you better!
Stay tuned for the giveaway winner!

2 Things I’m Obsessing About

I should be studying, but I’m obsessing about these two things instead….

First, this adorable ruffle dress tutorial by She Wears Flowers!

I saw this today or yesterday and can’t get it out of my head. I added it to my To Do List, but I just keep thinking about how cute it is. I’m supposed to be making two pillowcase dresses from these amazing pillowcases a good friend sent to me. The hem is a crocheted lacy piece. I’m wondering if the ruffle top would be too much, or if I could add the ruffle top…. hmmmm… I’ll have to get out the pillowcases and see….. (after my exam.)

Secondly, I want one of these Wood Frame Tents…..

1. Sunset magazine 2. image of PawsUp Resort via Sunset  3. image of El Capitan Canyon via Sunset 4. Sweetwater Bungalows

I saw the cover of Sunset magazine today and threw the magazine on my pile of groceries! We have a little campsite with a little trailer, but how cool would this wood frame platform tent be with a nice bed… ahhhh…. But of course, I don’t want to buy it, I want to make one. Big project for the summer, huh?? Can I do it??

I think the dress will be a bit more feasible than the tent… Has anyone else ever made a tent?

The Flickr Group on the Block

Readers keep telling me that they are going to make this or that project, so I’ve been wanting to start a flickr group. Well, today a reader told me that she had already made something!!

That was the motivation I needed to finally set up a flickr group for my blog’s projects!! Thanks, Allison!

image by zanastardust via flickr

So, please, if you’ve been inspired to make anything you’ve seen on my blog, please post your pictures in the new I’m Feeling Crafty Flickr group!

I can’t wait to see!!

Reception Inspiration

I’m planning a reception/party for my son next month and am going with a woodsy, springy theme. Here’s my inspiration:

1. The color scheme is from the Sound of Music, via Bella Figura.

2 & 3. Loving the mossy tables with the wood grain vases and pedestals. Image 2, Southern Living via Celebrations at Home. Image 3, a Gloria Wong Design via Celebrations at Home.

4. Succulent place cards… Favors??? One Lovely Day via The Sweetest Occasion

5. Another really cool place setting idea….. via Frolic

More to come on this one!! Do you have any woodsy ideas for a spring reception??? Let me know!

Map Quilting Part 2, An Artist Interview with Leah Evans

I’m so inspired by the map quilts I decided to make a little series… Here’s part 2 of 3…

I first introduced Leah last week in my Link Love, but this week we’re going to get to know her a little bit better with a glimpse into her world! Let’s welcome my first ever artist interviewee, Leah Evans!!


What inspires you? 

My current work combines aerial photography, maps, and satellite imagery. I also find myself drawn to the more minute systems of the microbial world. I enjoy the play in scale between magnified microbial life forms and remote sensing images of huge tracts of land. Both scales deal with the translation of scientific information into a visual form. At times, these separate bodies of work merge. The overlap is seen in vessel-like arteries of water, tundra pools that look cellular, and microbes that swim through topographic lines.


 Maps are obviously a huge inspiration. Why? What’s so exciting about a map? I know my answer, because I love them as well, but would love to know yours.

  It is the use of maps in organizing our ideas of land that interests me most of all. Often, people ask me for specifics about the places and symbols in my work. Most of my pieces are not based consciously on specific places. For me they are intimate explorations of map language and imagined landscapes. Through my research and experience, I have decided that maps create more questions than they answer.

Tank Farm

What is your favorite time of day?

Early morning.  I can only really work on quilting when the sun is up.

 Are you a full time artist or do you play a another role besides artist? 

Since my daughter’s birth last summer, I am now a stay-at-home-mother and artist.  Before that I was a full-time artist.

As a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?

An artist or a park ranger.   

Is quilting your only artistic endeavor or are there more???? 

Gardening and crocheting rag rugs are my hobbies.

Red Lock System

How long does one quilt take? From the first inspiration to the last stitch? 

It’s pretty hard to say.  One piece may take a few days, another may take several months.  I may have an idea that I ruminate on for years before I start the actual piece.  Also, there are many processes that take place long before I start cutting, piecing, and embroidering.  Some days I dye fabric with no specific plans for how I will use it.  Some days I search for obscure fabrics or take apart vintage kimonos that I will repiece into wall pieces.

Red Irrigation

Out of all the quilts you’ve done, do you have a favorite? And do you still have it?

The first map piece I made is still one of my very favorites.  A friend of mine bought it, so I feel like I could visit it if I needed to.
Tell us about your studio? I’m assuming you spend a good deal of time there, so what are some of the items you have in there that make it a special place?

My studio is small, but it has three good-sized windows.  One wall is covered with spools of thread organized by color (which is everyone’s favorite part).  One window looks out onto a well-used bike path, so I feel like I have company throughout the workday.

Leah with Interchange

I have never done an artist interview and was thinking, I wonder how you get artists to be interviewed, Then it dawned on me, Hello… You just ask! And I was lucky enough for her to agree. It was that easy!! Thank you Laura for taking the time to let us learn more about you and your work!

The detail that first caught my eye with Leah was the uneven edges of her pieces. But as I looked I was drawn into the details. Laura uses so many different techniques in each of her pieces, including appliqué, reverse appliqué, piecing, natural and synthetic dyeing, needle-felting, hand printing, and embroidery stitches. 

I think the Isthmus-Nocturne is one of my favorites that leans towards my plans for the starry night sky. But I think my most favorite is probably Red Lock System. What’s yours???

If you haven’t signed up for the Valerie Goodwin giveaway do so soon! I’ll pick the winner Wednesday evening…

all images via Cartype

From Here to There, From There to Map Quilt Link Love with a Give Away!!

I don’t know if it’s my architectural background or my love of traveling, but I’ve always loved maps! Topographic Maps, City Maps, Celestial Maps, Antique maps, basically any map. I love them. And you know I love quilts. So it only makes sense that I’d also love quilt maps!

I had the idea, ‘Ill make a quilt with a map image!’ then a few weeks later I got my next issue of Quilting Arts Magazine with a feature on map quilts. Ok, so I wasn’t the first one to have this idea! The feature story was written by and showcased the quilts of Valerie Goodwin. Amazingly beautiful work!

I’ve also fallen in love with a few other ‘map’ quilters…

The quilts made by Haptic Lab are very literally, quilted maps. love…..  (hmmmm…. The company was started by an architect)

Valerie Goodwin’s map quilts take on a more abstract imagery of places and the mapping of space. Keep reading for more about Valerie below…. And a Give Away!


These two are by different artists. (Can you tell??)

The black and white piece from Emma McNally isn’t a quilt at all, but wouldn’t it make a beautiful one???? From what I’ve read about Emma (and how I found her work) is that’s she’s inspired by cartography and maps. Her work does leave my mind wondering about the maps and imaginary places her art might be representing! 

The quilt on the right is by Leah Evans and is exactly what I had in mind when I first envisioned my map quilt. Her pieces have a sense of place, a sense of topography and yet all imagined places. Stay tuned for an artist interview with Leah next week.

And last, but, as always, not least…. I’m in awe with the amazing details of Jimmy McBride’s space quilts. I don’t know if these are technically ‘maps’ per se, but the star quilts are a map of the night sky. His blog is amazing to read and to see the technique he uses for his quilting process. All the detail and pieces!! The moon quilt is a rendering of  Saturn’s third largest moon, Iapetus.

I recently got an email of pictures of earth taken from space. The pictures are taken at night and you see all the lights glittering on earth. Between that and Jimmy’s star quilt inspiration, I’m envisioning another quilt to add to my do to list!

And now….. Insert drumroll here…..

Feelin’ Crafty’s first ever…..


This is your chance to own a beautiful mini Art Quilt by the multi-talented quilt artist (and architect….) Valerie Goodwin! As I was looking around online at all her beautiful pieces, I saw these mini quilts and she graciously agreed to give one to one of my readers! I was giddy with excitement when she said Yes!

After she agreed, I realized that if it’s a giveaway, it’s a giveaway and I can’t keep it for myself! So, I had to buy one for me, too! (more to come on that….) You won’t believe the detail in these quilts. When I was reading about her techniques, in the pictures I couldn’t visualize all the details as described in the article, but in person… Another story! Beautiful! (not that the article isn’t beautiful as well.) I keep looking at them and each time I see a new detail that I didn’t see before.


Ready to WIN? You have FIVE ways to enter! And come back and leave a separate comment on this post for each entry!

1) Head to Valerie’s Website  and tell us which quilt is your FAVORITE !

2) Become a fan of Valerie on Facebook.

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4) Subscribe to Feelin’ Crafty.  

5) Share the Giveaway on your blog.

Winner will be chosen on Wednesday, April 13, 2011. 

Winner will be chosen using random.org.


Comments closed as of 9.45PM PST. Thank you!

A Little Bit of Crafty Decorating???

Does crafty also mean decorating? Decorating for houses? Decorating for parties??? I’m thinking it does. To me decorating for both of those, for me, involves a lot of hands on making and crafting.

Why am I questioning this? I read a blog the other day about blog content. Her post was more about accepting products for blog reviews that didn’t have to much to do with her blog content. Well, I’m not quite to the point where people are offering me products for review, but I the article did make me think about my blog’s content. 

What’s going on in my world? Well, I’m studying for an exam. Hopefully my last, of 8, ARE (Architectural Registration Exam) exams. Which means, this month, I have STUDY instead of being crafty… I might not be being crafty, but I can’t stop thinking about it!

So, coming up in my world is a trip to our beach house and we always seem to get a bit of decorating in there. Also, a guest room into a play room remodel. And a party! So when I can sneak in a few minutes online, I’m searching for inspiration…

Today’s inspiration are some thoughts I’m having on this playroom remodel!!

Here’s the before picture… with a little photoshop panorama action… You get the idea!


And of course, the after will be coming soon (relatively soon anyway….)

The thoughts on the inspiration….

1 & 2. I am a sucker for window seats! I think these might be a doable option for our space…

Image 1 designed by Feldman Architecture via Nursery Notations  Image 2 by Pure Home Style via Nursery Notations

3. I love this wall of bookshelves. Practical for my space, um, no. But I love it still! Image

4, 5 & 6 So the space theme is not so far out… (no pun intended) My son loves outer space and has a big spaceship ‘fort’ toy… I don’t think I’d go all out with murals and all. But I saw the room of ‘rocks’ (image 5) and knew my son would love that. Plus, doesn’t it just look like some outer space plant landscape???

Image 4 is by Studio Aandacht via bloesem kids Image 5 via Amazon Image 6 Smarin via HomeinFurniture

Also, do you see the trend with the glass light fixtures??

and 7. My color inspiration…. I can’t find the original image online, but here’s the similar link with additional color schemes from Trendbible

Buildings of Fabric- Friday Inspiration

A bit link love, a LOT inspiration….

Either way, I found these projects online and haven’t stopped thinking about them! I think I’ve mentioned that by day I”m an architect and work in the field getting buildings built on a daily basis. These are not the kinds I build, but man, do I want to!

This one started my obsession! Slipcover for a Schoolhouse by Judith Hoffman

image by GRAFT LLC; Ricky Ridecos. via specialyfabricsreview

ahhh… New Orleans. Where my architectural journey began! What fun times I had while at school at Tulane. What hard times the city has gone through since. The Pink Project was a collaborative art installation to bring awareness about the devastation of New Orleans 9th Ward and it did! It raised over 12 million dollars to help rebuild this neighborhood. Each pink house marked the spot of where a home once stood and where another one will be rebuilt.

And last, but not least, the work of Do-Ho Suh

Suh is was born in Korea and later moved to the US, studied art here and has exhibited internationally.  There is a great interview with Suh over at designboom.

Insane! (and I mean that in the most magnificent way) Meticulous. The details are amazing! All of his work is amazing, but I am blown away by his fabric architecture pieces. In these pieces he creates architectural space out of translucent fabric. These architectural elements he recreates with his fabric vary from the very personal gateway to the mundane of everyday life, but either way, each piece draws you in to become a part of it, to want to walk right in and make it your place. Exactly what every architect strives for.

This installation, Staircase, is the one that first grabbed my attention and introduced me to Suh’s work.

image via artnet
image courtesy gallery lehmann maupin via designboom

This week I’ve spent way to much time discussing mechanical ducts and pipes and yes, sink carriers (those pesky legs and arms hidden in the walls and sinks that actually hold up the sinks). So I found myself drawn to this sink and toilet in The Perfect Home II!

image courtesy hermes japon co via designboom

Check out the article on this particular piece, Reflection, at designboom.

And this last one, Paratrooper 1, is not about architecture per se, but the stitching is amazing!

image courtesy gallery lehmann maupin via designboom

Dragons, Monsters and Dinos, Oh My!

Yep, I’m blushing again! To my surprise the dragon wings were featured again and this time with Made by Rae’s Celebrate the Boy week in the Creature Feature Roundup!

And man, the dragon wings are in some amazing company!!

1. Dino Sike Crochet Hat and Pattern, 2. Amigurumi baby dragon, 3. Monster Snow Hat, 4. Monster Baby Hat and Shirt

5. Tissue Monster, 6. Dragon Sweatshirt, 7. Yo Gabba Gabba Fleece, 8. Pillow Tee Monster

9. Sweater Monsters, 10. Yep, that’s me, the Dragon Wings!, 11. Yellow Tee Shirt, 12. Monster Art Tote

13. Sock Dragon, 14. Winter Dino Hat, 15. Pipoooo dentinho, 16. Fiery Dragon

Sooo… If I have to pick one, my favorite would be (besides the dragon wings of course…) the sock dragon! I’m blown away by that one!

Check them out, most of them have tutorials as well!

Which one is your favorite?

And check back tomorrow for my very own CTB link love! I”ve found some great things!