KCW- More Overalls!

I know, Kids Clothes Week is technically over…. But I’m still going!


Another pair of overalls! Yep!


This time the boy version. A real version!

It’s pretty much exactly like the version I did yesterday. I’m still working on the kinks in the pattern and pattern directions. I’m thinking I’m going to learn how to make patterns! This is totally inspiring me to go for it!


This is the real pair that I’ve made for my friend’s son’s adoption on Thursday. So first, I’m crossing my fingers it gets there before Thursday! And secondly, since they are about 3000 miles away, I’m crossing my fingers it fits!! Ahh!!


And since it’s the real thing, I actually did all the top stitching and finishing of the seams, etc!

Originally I had the fabric picked out to be this super thin, bright green corduroy. Then realized that it’s hot in Florida about this time of year. SO I changed to just a bright green cotton with an owl accent fabric. Then last minute, with the husband’s help, we totally switched to blue and brown star fabric! I’m thinking it was a good choice!


OK, I’m taking a break from overalls for a couple of days!

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KCW- New Overalls

In a way I wasn’t as productive this season. In the sense that I didn’t get 5 to 7 garments made. But in the sense that I designed a pair of overalls for my friends son and got the practice pair made, I was successful!


I was supposed to do this last season of KCW. But I procrastinated… These are supposed to be for my friends son’s adoption and there’s nothing like a deadline to get me to finish something! So I’m cramming now!


I made the pattern. I got a pair of 18 month overalls as a starting point and then created my own pattern. Then I tried to make it! And realized I had forgotten a few pattern pieces here and there and made those on the fly. And of course the pattern wasn’t perfect the first time around, so there was some tweaking!


This is my ‘muslin’ pair. I was actually out of muslin and had this huge duvet cover that I had bought for fabric at Goodwill some time ago. And it ended up being perfect with the two coordinating fabrics!


I added a couple of pockets here and there….


With this pair I didn’t do all the topstitching I typically would. Just trying it out! And there were a pieces places I forgot to do something and added later, so you see extra stitching…


Here’s full back view! I wanted the waistband to come all the way around to the back. Technically, it doesn’t really do anything since I added the elastic waist. But I like it and I’m going to keep it!

So now I’m about to make the ‘real’ version to mail out tomorrow! And I’m crossing my fingers it fits! I don’t have an 18 month model at my fingertips!

I’m considering drafting this in multiple sizes and listing it for sale. What do you think? Worth the trouble? Would you be interested? It will be my first foray into pattern making…

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I don’t have much to show for the work I’ve been doing, but I thought I’d give you an update and let you know I’m still working!


And, man, I feel like I am thinking this into the ground…. Cutting and sewing tomorrow! More soon!

KCW- Day 1- Fire Shorts!

Yep, it’s that time of year again! Another round of Kids Clothes Week! Fair warning though… This round I’m not making one thing a day and blogging about it each day! I will work every day, but I don’t think I’ll be finishing a different project each day! Ok, with that said, here’s Day 1-



The Fire Shorts!



To start, this fabric is not something I’d pick out myself! My son has been asking about this fabric at the quilt shops for months. Then finally I broke down. I figured if he’s been asking for the  same thing for this long, maybe he really wants it… I asked him what he wanted to do with the fabric and he immediately said, shorts!



Then he asked every day, why I hadn’t made his shorts yet. One day I told him I had to do something, I forget what it was, but he responded, ‘You did that, but you didn’t have to do it. You could have made them!’


Either way, they were made and he loves them. He’s actually worn them two days in a row.


The shorts are patterned the same way I did the comfy pants. Instead of an elastic pocket, I used wide black elastic and left it exposed as the waistband. I knew I had to add something to break up the flames, so that’s where the black pockets and black hem came into the design! The kiddo actually requested no ‘cuff’, so I made a large ‘hem’ instead.


I asked him if they were worth the wait and he totally agreed that it was! I love having a happy kid wearing the clothes that I make for him!

KCW Day 7- Almost…

I had a good run at KCW this year, but I didn’t quite complete all of my projects…


I did work yesterday on another project, but didn’t anywhere near done…

I have three projects that I didn’t get done. Project 1: A cute little romper for a friends son, which means I need to make a pattern ’cause I can’t find one that I want. Project 2: A new pair of pants for my son, using Blank Slate’s Coastal Cargos pattern. And the last project, Project 3: Turning this adult octopus t-shirt into a kids tee.

Just cause KCW has come to a close, it doesn’t mean that I’m stopping! This week I have to switch direction to party decorations and quilting. But you will see these projects soon!

Did you finish all your projects??

KCW Day 6- Monster Tee

I was crossing my fingers the whole time I was sewing this shirt, hoping and hoping that it would fit over the noggin’!


And it did! Not even a struggle! Woo Hoo!


I also have a huge problem finding cool knit fabric for the boy. So I finally resorted to online. I found a few great ones at Banberry Place. Including this monster fabric by Lillestoff, a European import. Please explain to me why cool knits are so hard to find in this country??? I love Lillestoff! Love! It’s so nice and soft and the design is COOL!


My original plan was to use the Flashback Tee again. I used it once before and it was a bit tight, so I wanted to try it again the next size up. But then I was like… Well, maybe I reuse the Winter PJ top cause it fits so well. But the head thing… The winter PJ’s top goes on easy, but it’s kinda hard to get off.


So I went with the original plan to use the 4T Flashback tee pattern. And it’s perfect. Easy on. Easy off. Cute. Fast. Not too tight. Love.


I even remembered the tag! The kiddo was pretty excited about that!


And he wanted to be sure we showed the back of the t-shirt. Since it’s so different from the front….

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KCW Day 4 and 5- A Foxy Little Skirt

Ok, so here’s a scenario for you:

It’s Kids Clothes Week and you have a schedule.

It’s 11 pm. You neighbor calls and needs you to babysit while they go to the hospital.

What do you do? FoxSkirt-Main-ImFeelinCrafty

A. Say, sorry, I have to sew it’s KCW…

B. Say, forget it KCW, I have to go help my friend.


C. Say, I’ll be right over, throw your project in a bag, grab your sewing machine and run out the door.

If you choose C, you and I would be great pals! That’s what I did! But as I was getting set up to work I realized I for got a few things. Like my cutting mat and iron.. So I was able to get some things done, but not actually finish. I got an hour of work in, which is the actual challenge. One hour of sewing a day. But this project overlapped for two days.


But isn’t is ADORABLE??? Remember my Foxy Sewing Machine Cover from a few weeks back? Well, a neighbor saw it and loved it, so it gave me the idea to turn it into a skirt for her kiddo!


Again, I used the precious little Lil’ Fox pattern by Artisania. And then I lined the back of it. I basically sewed the front and back right sides together with the rest of the skirt sandwiched in between. I really didn’t want all those seams from the piecing of the fox to show!


Then I added used French Seams to finish the skirt ends. I’m sure there’s a better was to finish the bottoms of the seams, but if there is, I don’t know what it is! I didn’t want any exposed edges.


I basically made it like curtains. You measure the width of the window and double it. For this I took the waist measurement and doubled it. For 3T the typical waist dimension is for the elastic is to use 20″ or so. SO I made the skirt 2 really long rectangles, 42 inches long. That’s it. Just two long rectangles!


I rarely sew for girls, but this was so exciting and fun. I think it’s just great. I kinda want to keep it. But I also can’t wait to give it away!

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KCW Day 3- The Beachy Boatneck

I know, it’s not PJ’s… I could make PJ’s all week, but… I’m in love with this one!


I love this pattern for the Beachy Boatneck by Blank Slate Patterns. I got it in a bundle of beachy patterns from Pattern Anthology.  I was moving right along. The pattern was super easy to put together! Nice and quick. I was so excited about my details, too.


Like, look how pretty the neck looks. I debated about topstitching. I didn’t want to do the double stitch, so I ended up with a slight zigzag to keep the stretch.


I even got most of the stripes to line up!


I used my new ‘serger like’ stitch I found to finish all the edges.


I added a tag. My son ALWAYS asks, ‘Which way is front?’ And I ALWAYS say, ‘Where’s the tag?’ So, I need to remember to add tags to the clothing that I make as well!


And then we tried it on….


And tried it on…


And tried again…

Note to self- Always try on before adding finishing details!

My son has always had a big head. It was even a little issue during childbirth, but I won’t go into that story here. His day care teacher LOVED it and said in her country large heads are a sign of brilliance! In my world, it doesn’t fit in shirts I make for him! Remember, we had a little trouble with the Popsicle PJ’s, too.


I don’t know what I did! The stretch is all going in the right direction. I used a stretch stitch to sew the neckline… I guess I need to modify the neck a little next time. I haven’t decided if I’ll try to fix this one or not. I took out the topstitching, but it didn’t help…

Any ideas?

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KCW Day 2- Outerspace PJ’s

Yep, more PJ’s!


These PJ’s, like yesterday’s PJ’s, are also from a pattern by Peek-a-Boo Pattern Shop. These are the Winter PJ’s.


What do you think about this fabric? I like it. But not really excited about it anymore. At least not like I was when I bought it 3 years ago! Ha! I got it to make my son PJ’s when he was a baby baby! Never happened. Until now, that is!


The kiddo keeps wearing PJ’s that are too small for him. Mostly in the length. Even his belly pokes out of some! But they are so comfy and he loves them so… But it drives Nannie (my mom) crazy. Even when he does have new PJ’s on, she thinks he needs new ones. So, Nannie, he’s pretty set up with new PJ’s.


These were totally simple to make. And again, I ignored the 1/2 seam allowance and they fit great. Not too tight and not too baggy. As I was sewing along I realized that the pants looked SUPER long. SO I held off on adding the cuff. Luckily I caught myself before I went on. I ended up cutting off 4.5 inches from the pant pattern before I added the leg cuffs!


The arms are a little long too, but he’s not having anything to do with the idea of fixing them! So they stay. I almost fixed them anyway, but hey, he keeps growing and the sleeves stay the same…. So why not leave them a little bit long??


We put them on for the pictures and they never came off. It’s so funny… It’s starting to be like pulling teeth for him to get dressed for me ot take pictures, but once the camera actually comes out… Totally different story… A little comedian he thinks he is!


He’s sleeping in them tonight!


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KCW Day 1- Popsicle PJ’s!

It’s hard for me to call this Kids Clothes Week and not Kids Clothes Week Challenge! I’ll get used to the name change soon!


This week I’ll be sharing a lot of patterns. I rarely buy patterns, but recently there have been some great deals and some great pattern out there! And I haven’t had a chance to really get into them until now. So, ready? First up is the summer PJ’s pattern by Peek-a-Boo Pattern Shop.


The pattern was pretty easy. OK, very easy. But I had a few missteps, so what should have maybe taken an hour, took more like three! There is a note in the directions that says to use a 1/2 seam allowance. But honestly, is there really a seam allowance? I don’t think so. So I got hung up on that for a while.


And then…. My double needle… I had some issues. My machine technically isn’t set up for a double needle, so I kinda rig it to work. And it does for a while, then the threads start to knot and break. And as the top threads are starting to fail then the bobbin does some weird jump thing and the stitching would jump… So don’t look to hard at my stitches up above….


All this was driving me insane! It was driving me nuts re-threading my machine over and over, so I started wondering a bit about what my machine could really do. After a little manual reading I found out that there was this one stretch stitch that kinda looks like a serger, and it worked great!


So I finally figured it out. Use this stitch for putting the knits together and the double needle rig for topstitching!


The shoulders do this weird kinda stand up thing. Which is part of the pattern. And I think it’s part of my adding a 1/2 seam allowance when there really wasn’t meant to be one… (as far as I can tell from the pictures in the pattern).


Another problem with my seam allowances is that the neck hole got a little small. We got it on, but my son was like, ‘I hope this comes off and I don’t have to wear it forever and ever!’ It came off easier than it went on! Also, the placement of the popsicles on the shorts was a bit of an oversight on my part!


He loves the popsicles! I thought that they were going to be red, but they ended up being pink, not so BOY-ish,  so hence the boy popsicle PJ’s and not a shirt or something. The fabric is not my most favorite fabric from my Banberry Place order, but….  It’s also super soft on the inside. Almost a little fleecy feeling, so it’s perfect for PJ’s.

KCWC-1-PJ's-BowWow-I'mFeelinCraftyThe photo shoot ended with a chat with Bow Wow, who I guess wanted to go with us to Gymnastics and the fabric store today, but stayed home instead.


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