Weekend Whims- More Quilts

I’ve been thinking about quilts a lot lately… Probably since I’ve been working on one every day this week! I designed one for the Project Quilting that was supposed to be quick and easy, but it’s taking way longer than planned…. hmmmmm… So in the meantime, here are a few others that left an impression!

1. I do like the hexagon quilts, but I can’t ever remember seeing a Monster-z sized one like this one by Cloud 9 Fabrics! I love this and it’s even a tutorial…..

2. I’ve been watching all the wonderful inspiration, and of course amazing talent, being featured on the 100 Days of Quilts over at The Modern Quilt Guild Blog. I loved this Red Cross one by Anglea from Quilting is My Therapy and it has inspired me for a Christmas present… shhhh…..

3. Have you ever made a postage stamp quilt??? I am still learning about quilting, so just recently learned that this is what they are called. So of course, I’ve never made one, since I just learned about them… But this one by Elena from Breakfast for Dinner via Gen X Quilters totally made me want to make one. I can’t get it out of my head!!! I might have to find a way to make a mini one for one of the Project Quilting Challenges… ohhhh, I just had an idea…  ohhhh! I’m excited!

4. I love the improv pieceing of this one by Karen Anderson Abraham via The Modern Quilt Guild Blog. I need to try an improvisational pieced one real soon! They are some of my favorites!

What are your favorite quilt styles?

Weekend Whim- 7 Pretty Things on a Sunday

7 Pretty Things!! Earlier this week when I read about the 7 Pretty Things Blog party and a few of my favorite ‘pins‘ came to mind. So I just have to share!

1. Oh, To Dream quilt by Rebecca Rebouche for Anthropologie, via Maureen Cracknell Handmade. I’m so glad to have found this quilt online, because I’m now a huge fan of all of Rebecca’s work.

2. Have you seen this butterfly chandelier by Stef from Girl. Inspired, via Chickabug?? I’ve been seeing a bunch of pretty things lately, including this chandelier, and trying to think of when will I ever get a chance to make one since we don’t have any little girls in my house!

3. If you’ve been keeping up with this Season of Project Run and Play, I’m sure you saw this amazing dress! The Every Color in the Box Dress by Danielle from My Sparkle, via Project Run and Play

4. I love sea urchins and I love seeing them in all white. SO of course I fell in love with this pillow by Parker Brown Textiles made of recycled chelline blankets.

5. I’ve also always have a thing of old birdcages. I’ve always wanted to make an aquarium in an old birdcage. Anyway… So with that information, you can see why I love this birdcage chandelier made by Jesyka D’Itri Marés from Visual vocabulary , via Design Sponge.

6. How adorable are these mini pinata favors by Ruffled ?

7. And last but not least, I want one of these moons!! I adore this moon photo by Wildflowers Photography, via I Heart Faces.



Don’t forget to check out the blog party hosts,  Gussy Sews, Matchstick Molly, Much Love Illy, and The Letter 4, for more Pretty Things!

A Weekend Whim! Bead Art…

Friday Link Love posts are changing to A Weekend Whim posts! Lately it’s been hard to get my Friday posts done on Friday and whim suited these little link loves perfectly, so I introduce to you my weekend whims!

whim: noun \ˈhwim, ˈwim\  : a capricious or eccentric and often sudden idea or turn of the mind

And for my first Weekend Whim, beads! I’m obsessed….

1. This beaded flower by Lisa Jabbor just stopped me in my tracks! I can only dream of making a large wall hanging like this! I love it small, too, but I can imagine myself obsessing over a really huge one!

2. Lovely mixed media piece by Elsa Mora. Inspiring me to do a little more art!

3. ‘Bear of a Different Color’ is a quilt made up of different artists quilt blocks by Mat-Su Valley Bead Society. Read more about this beautiful piece here!

4. Another piece from Elsa Mora that actually triggered my obsession in the first place!

Thanksgiving Link Love

Well, I know this may come as a shock…. No more Dr Seuss at I’m Feelin’ Crafty for a little bit…. Hope yall enjoyed our birthday celebrations as much as we did!

I know… I usually reserve Friday for my link love day, but I thought I’d mix things up a bit this week. I’m not a big Thanksgiving decorator. I have just left out some pumpkins from our Halloween decorations this year! Yes, very extravagant on my part!! But if I was to decorate, here are some of my favorite ideas….

1. You all know I love Katie’s Oohmoon blog and her daily freebie artworks! I’ve used her art on a few projects including my advent calendar, gift tags and sweatshirt and wooden block puzzles. This week is celebrating Thanksgiving. So go check it out every day this week for your own Thanksgiving series.

2. I do love the pumpkin decorations for Thanksgiving. And I love these Squash Softies from Oh, How Posh. We haven’t tried them, but I’m thinking this might be fun to make with my son on thanksgiving to take to his Uncle’s house for Thanksgiving dinner. My son LOVES his ‘stuffies’, so I think he’d have a great time making these!

3. And most of you probably know I’m a sucker for the Keep Calm printables. Here’s a Thanksgiving one from Craftily Ever After.

4. I just found these recipe art pieces from Articipes this morning and LOVE them! I want to make a whole wall in my kitchen with my recipes all cute like this! If only I had a blank wall in my kitchen!

5. So you already know I love the pumpkins. You probably also know I love the yarn based on all the yarn wreaths I’ve made. So how could I not love these Yarn Wrapped Pumpkins from Two Shades of Pink???

6. And this is such a beautiful Thanksgiving table setting! The whole table is just fantastic, but I love love love the wooden placemats! The table was designed by Paper Posy Designs and shown via The Sweetest Occasion. You have to check out the rest of the table! ‘m already planning a trip to the second use building supply to look for some lovely wood….

And the Winner is plus a Purse Link Love!

WOW! I think I pulled a blogging faux paux… I was supposed to announce the winner of hte giveaway yesterday, but… I was totally in party planning/decorating mode and I’m not sure what happened to last week. Totally obsessed! Last night, or should I say this morning about 3 AM I realized that I totally spaced the giveaway! So with my apologies and without further ado….

It’s that time again…  Time for a drum roll…

And the winner of the da-atis giveaway is…..

Pally Jane!

I’ll be contacting you soon to see which one you would love best! Thanks for playing!

And for the link love… I need a new purse… But I want something different than the ones I usually make… So what’s it going to be? No idea. But here are a few of my favorites!

1. I love this bag by Made By Hank. I think it’s the piping!

2. This is a perfect rendition of the Tiered Bag from the book 1, 2, 3 Sew. This version is by the author, Ellen, from The Long Thread.

3. This is the size I’m thinking I need, by Warehouse Fabric.

4. I’m not sure this one from Amy Butler, via Sew Mama Sew,  will work for me right now, but I love it just the same.

5. I love the pleats. This bag tutorial by Made by Rae is adorable. I love this one and want to make a bigger version of it!

6. And this one by Kate Spade is adorable.

Feel free to share your favorite tutorials!

Sew Ready to Play Link Love

I haven’t done a link love in ages! Ok, maybe it hasn’t been quite that long, but it feels like a loooonnnggg time! I hope you’ve enjoyed the Sew Ready to Play series. What were your favorites? A big thanks to all the awesome bloggers who joined me with fun projects over the last couple of weeks! Did you miss the series? Well, you did miss out! But don’t worry! Click here for links to all the tutorials!

And now, some fun things based on games I found via Pinterest

1. How cool is this Hopscotch quilt by gen X quilters? It’s really big!

2. And if you’re playing hopscotch, you need an adorable little skirt like this one by Probably Actually. The skirt is pattern by Oliver + S called the Hopscotch Skirt. Not sure why, but I’m thinking the adorable pockets would be perfect for the rocks and chalk needed for a quick game!

3. Yep, another quilt by gen x quilters! Remember twister??? I love quilts with circles! I was never a big fan of Twister because I wasn’t very good at it! A little personal note… I get very competitive when I play games… But I might give it another try if I had this quilt…

4. I also love tutu’s… Maybe it’s the photographer in me and I love all those baby pics with the big tutu’s. Maybe it’s fun memories of ballet lessons as a kid. Who knows! But I do know that I love this Candyland tutu from LadyBugsDragonflies.

5. Do you detect a theme here? Yes, it’s an overload on Hopscotch… Check out this hopscotch mat by Cool Spaces for Kids. I’m not sure how she made it, but it looks like ribbon… Love it!

6. Now, this doesn’t technically go with the whole ‘sew something inspired by a favorite game’, but I love it and wanted to share it. It’s a cute little handmade memory game by dandee. Check out the cute tutorial!

7. And I also loved this checker board by i heart linen. Love the grey and yellow and the fact that it’s a mini quilt!

Thanks for playing along and hopefully we’ll have another Sew Ready to Play series next year!

A Quilting Link Love

I’ve had quilting on the brain lately trying to finish up my Quilt #4. So then I can finish up some other projects and go back to Quilt #3. Anyway…. I have been obsessing with my thoughts on quilting so I thought I’d share a few of my most recent favorites!


1. I always love Skyo’s pieces. I love her birds and then this one had a fox! (I have another fox project on my mind, but more about that later….)

2. Katie, from Sew Katie Did, is a local quilter and I have to say one of my all time favorites! I pretty much am in love with everything she does. I have to admit that there have been a few nights that I have sat and just stared at this blue one! And I’m so excited to say that she’ll be going us one day soon!!

3. I saw this one a while back via My Owl Barn and the image just stuck in my head! I love the bright red owls. And check out the detailing in the quilt….

4. I’ve been seeing a ton of the ‘ombre’ style around lately. Love it. But I was totally hooked on when I saw this ‘Orange Paint Chip Quilt’ on Kimem’s etsy site . I fell in love! I just think it’s amazing!

Crafting With Kids Link Love

We’re spending time with friends and their kids this weekend and I was put in charge of the kids projects! So I thought I’d share a few of my Pinterest favorites that we might try out!

1. I love love love these boats from Ohdeedoh! We did this project before on a camping trip, but the boats still haven’t seen the water. we might have to try it again this weekend and float the boats!

2. And a wave in a bottle! How fun is this wave project from Babble for the little ones!

3. What little kid doesn’t love bubbles???? So if the kids love bubbles and they loving making things, won’t they want to make art out of bubbles?? I think so! Check out the how to at Disney Family Fun.

and 4. As you might know, my son loves glow in the dark… So if the kids are up late enough to be drinking anything outside in the dark, these glow in the dark cups from Making Memories with Your Kids will be fun. If not, the adults can partake!

Do you have a fun art projects that your family enjoys doing together?

I’ll be back with an update about which projects we tried out!

Pillowcase Link Love

Yep, pretty much all I’ve thought about this week, well besides family and work, were my pillowcase dresses! So in the spirit of that, here’s some other pillowcase ideas to try from around the internet!

1. How adorable is this pumpkin from Martha Stewart??

2. So I used to be skinny. And I plan on being closer to skinny one day soon… So right now I can only dream about fitting into a pillowcase, but one day I’m going to be able to make this really cool pencil skirt featured on DIY Fashion for myself (and fit in it too!)

3. When you think of well loved pillowcases do you think of that very soft feeling they have? I do! Which is why I so want to make these pillowcase pj’s by Elsie Marley, not only for my son, but also for me!

4. And on the subject of costumes, I fell in love with this ghost pillowcase dress by Sugar Bee Crafts! She also has other ideas, like another pumpkin and even a snowman!

5. I love for my son to create… But I don’t love for my son to ruin clothes in the process of creating…. hence the reason he loves his smock! And I love this pillowcase smock featured on Family Fun.

6. And this little t-shirt dress by Make It-Love It doesn’t really have anything to do with pillowcases, except the shape reminded me of a pillowcase dress and I thought it was just too cute to not include. So there!

3 T-shirt Reuse Ideas Link Love

In keeping with this week’s theme of re-using t-shirts, here’s some of my favorite ideas for crafting with t-shirts! All of which I just found within the last week or so… hmmm… This post was just meant to be! It felt like these types of projects just kept popping up!

1. I love these t-shirt pompoms by Craftaholics Anonymous. They look very similar to the tissue paper pompoms, but I bet they stand up to the elements much longer if you wanted to have them hanging outdoors!

2. I’ve been saving some of my son’s t-shirts to make a t-shirt quilt, but haven’t done it (yet…). Check out the designs from 3 Stitch Creations. I love these quilts. You could also use the t-shirts you used in the t-shirt art project from Wednesday once the art comes down to be replaced. Just think, you’d be recycling recycled shirts! How cool is that???

3. And I just thought this little sailor t-shirt dress from Mommy By Day Crafter By Night was adorable!! Again, if I had a little girl, I’d make this. Maybe a niece will get one!

Have a great weekend!