I’ve Got My Eye on You!

I feel like it’s kinda early to start posting about Valentine’s Day, but since this month is flying by, I realized Valentine’s Day isn’t really that far off!


Not long ago I had an etsy customer ask for a set of my pirate eye patches and a set of heart shaped eye patches. Of course, I said I could do hearts! While I was making them, I knew that there had to be a way to incorporate these into a Valentine’s Day card!


And I did!


The silly card is printed on cardstock and is a flat card with eye patch wrapped around it. And once you remove the eye patch, the other eye is revealed!


I think they are pretty funny myself! And it seems like someone else did too!


You can print them here and make your own eye patches. I sew two pieces of felt together with the elastic sandwiched between the two.



But if Valentine’s Day is sneaking up on you fast and you want someone else to make them for you… I got you covered! You can buy them as

1. an Individual Card with the eye patch and an envelope on my etsy shop here OR as

2. a Set of 10 for classmates with the eye patch and no envelope on my etsy shop here!

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The Arctic Fox Stencil

It’s the last day to vote and I still need support! So please don’t forget to Vote (for me (hint hint)) now (please), click here! I’m still in last place and still kinda depressed about it… Trying to stay optimistic! If you haven’t voted for me, please do! In case you missed it, you can read about the whole outfit here.


Today I’m sharing my stencil! It’s not an easy one! Well, it’s not that it’s not easy, it’s just a lot of detailed cutting. You need a sharp exacto blade! Start with a new one, for sure!


So you’ll need to print the stencil, which you can download here (and vote while it’s downloading!). Then cut it onto the freezer paper. Cut out the white triangles. You can follow the Freezer Paper Stencil Tutorial here for how to use the freezer paper.


I’m thinking I want to blow it up huge and make a quilt. A quilt with just this face! What do you think??? I think it would be cool! hmmm….

Summer Thyme- a Book Review with a Free Printable!

Remember not too long back when I did the book review for the e-book, Spring Thyme? Here? Well,  the lovely ladies at Bittersweet Walnut Grove are at it again!

summer thyme-cover

Another very fun e-book! This one is, you guessed it, Summer Thyme! And like the last one, it’s full of recipes, craft projects and more family memories! The main difference is that the last one was all about strawberries and this one is all about lemons!

summer thyme-lemons-ImFeelinCrafty

I love reading about their family and growing up! Their childhood is so different from mine and I love reading about it. Like their stories of clothes drying on the line. We never did that! And it sounds like a lot of fun! You’ll have to read their funny stories!

summer thyme-dontlike-ImFeelinCrafty

Like I mentioned last time, the series of e-books brings the seasons to you through hands on experiences with the seasons bounty! And while we were connecting with the bright and cheery lemons that just look like summer, we found out that Max loves lemons in other things, but not on their own!

summer thyme-makinglemonade-ImFeelinCrafty

When I do reviews, I like to actually try what I’m reviewing. So, as hard as it was, we finally decided to try the lemonade shake ups, lemon pound cake and the lemon glaze. The kiddo and I had a great time making the lemonade and squeezing the fresh lemon juice out of the lemons!

summer thyme-lemonade-ImFeelinCrafty

We made it and let it chill in the fridge and, mmmmm, fresh lemon juice! And check out the adorable little butterfly straws! Yep, from the book! Not only is the book full of fantastic recipes, there are some great printables, too!


Speaking of printables, we have one to share with you! The jar lids are what I used for the lemonade tag and then I printed it at half size for the mini cupcake toppers (below). You can get your printable here!

summer thyme-sewing

And trust me, it’s not all food and drink recipes! There’s also a recipe for mosquito repellent. I SOOOO need to try that one. I need to gather the ingredients before we go camping next time! And, yes, I mentioned craft projects, too.  I love this lemon applique tea towel! It would be fantastic in my kitchen. Another one I need to try!

summer thyme-book-ImFeelinCrafty

Love the pound cake and the lemon glaze recipes! And turning them into mini cupcakes makes it even more enjoyable to sit back and enjoy the book!

You can get your copy, either the kindle edition or paperback, at Amazon. It’s great! Seriously! Such a fun summer read. The only thing is… You won’t want to just read it. You’re going to want to try the projects. So if you’re looking for a craft and recipe book that you only want to look at, this one isn’t for you. If you’re looking for one that you’ll want to try out right away… This is it!

And be sure to follow the ladies on Facebook!

I have been compensated with either payment or product for this post. All opinions are my own, honest opinions!

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Happy Mother’s Day!

I hope every Mother out there is having a wonderful day today!

MoodKids Moederdag Posters-2


I love this free printable from MoodKids! How fitting for Mother’s Day! I can’t wait to print and frame this! They also have two other great printables, ‘Home is Where Mom Is’ and ‘Keep Calm and Call Mom’. All three are great!

A Valentine’s Printable for You

Amidst all the sewing this week, my son and I took some time out to be crafty! We are making Valentine’s!


Quilt inspired Valentine’s that is!

I was totally inspired by S.O.T.A.K. Handmade’s pixelated heart pillow. When I first saw it I thought I’d make a few for Valentine’s gifts, but then realized I might not make it in time…. So instead of sewing it, we decided to glue it!


Consider your self warned though…. If you use my printable you must cut a bunch of 1/4 inch squares. You may think, oh, these are small. Easy! Right? Easy yes, quick no! It took me much longer to cut out all the squares than I thought it would. But once you get them cut…. Fun times! My son decided to take a shower while I finished cutting the little squares and I was still cutting when he got back. I heard him (’cause he’s really loud! Are all 4 year olds this loud???) telling his Dad that he had to get back upstairs to make his Valentine. When he came back he was like, ‘WHAT???? you’re STILL cutting???’ Yes, dear….. I’m still cutting out little bitty, teeny, tiny squares!


But once the cutting was done, we were on our way to some super cool Valentine’s!


As we were starting, I was about to correct my son, yes, he’s 4, and get him to get all the little 1/4 inch squares of paper to align perfect in the grid. Then I breathed, because I can get a little OCD when it comes to details like this, and let him go! And I love how his turned out! Even if it doesn’t fit in the teeny tiny grid! HA!




And of course, he loved his role of acting SUPER excited to get mail! I also added a little heart glued to the outside of the envelope. You know I’m a sucker for the wrap around address labels or something, at least, added to the envelope too. So this year, instead of the address label, I’m adding the ‘coordinating’ heart on the outside!


Ready for the printable? I have a few versions!


If I scared you about cutting all those little pieces, you can download the card with it already colored in. With the grid, here. I think the grid gives it a little more of a quilt-y feel.

Or you can download the already colored in version without the grid, here.

And if you are a little on the OCD side like me, and are super excited about cutting all the little pieces, you can download the grid with the ‘gluing guidelines’, here!


Enjoy and Have a great Valentine’s Day!

Dear Santa, I Have a Printable Letter for You!

Have you been to see Santa yet? Have you written your letter to Santa? We did both today!


This year I made a fill in the blank letter to Santa. My son was able to fill out some parts, but others, like the gift list, I filled out for him. He was quick to mark the Nice and not the Naughty box!


If you haven’t already written your letters, click Here to download the PDF of this one! (The letter has been updated for 2020!)


I’ve been on the fence about fill in the blank thank you letters lately. So I’m not sure why I decided to make one for his Christmas letter, but I did and it worked out perfectly! He’s loving learning to write his letters so it was not only a cute looking letter, but a learning experience as well!


And then he got to read it to Santa. they really had a good chat about everything on his list. One thing he’s obsessed about is Spider-man and most of his list is Spider-man related toys. Santa had a good question… If he gets the web thrower, is he ready to pick up the webs it throws? He told Santa yes, but he told me that Spider-man doesn’t pick up his own webs… hmmmm… I’ll have to talk a little further with Santa on this one!

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Sew Ready to Play Tic Tac Toe with Joe

Today I’m welcoming Joe from Simple World 123! Joe is not only the creative guy behind Simple World 123, but he’s also my husband! I was artistic and crafty and did some sewing before I met my husband, but for years it had been on the back burner. That is until we started hanging out and then living together. We would spend hours in our basement making art. We had separate rooms, but would chat back and forth while making art. We’ve always bounced ideas off of each other and if you follow our work over the years you’ll see images from my pieces show up in his pieces and images from his pieces show up in my work! But our work is very different!

He isn’t a blogger and doesn’t have a website, but he does have an etsy shop! I’ve gotten some fun feedback from his t-shirts, so I thought it would be fun if he joined in with us and shared a game design. And he did… Today he’s sharing a Tic Tac Toe design. You can do anything with it, but we made a Tic Tac Toe shirt! Joe came up with the design and the idea of having it as a removable piece of the shirt and I did the sewing!

So technically you can print the design and use is as a paper project with no sewing. Or you could make the whole design like I did and not have it on a shirt. Maybe a take and go game for the car or restaurants. Anything really. But Joe’s idea was to make the shirt, so that’s what I made. Feel free to use as much as the tutorial as you’d like!

So if you want to make what we made, here’s how we did it!

Step 1: Gather Materials: Fabric for binding, Fabric for envelope back, printable fabric, t-shirt, velcro, thread, rotary knife and seam ripper. And you can print the images here.

Step 2: Print the design onto printable fabric. Follow your paper’s directions on how to set the image.

Step 3: Cut the pieces. Cut the tic tac toe board to 7.5 x 7.5 inches. The binding needs to be 1.5 x 35 inches. Cut two pieces for the envelope back at 7.5 x 6 inches. For the play pieces cut (5) 2 1/4 x 2 inches squares for the carrot back piece and (5) 2 x 2 inch squares for the bunny back pieces. With the velcro I used (2) 6 inch pieces and (2) 2 inch pieces.

Step 4: Hem over one edge of each of the envelope backing piece.

Step 5: Sew on the velcro. I offset mine about a 1/2 inch from the edge.

Step 6: Iron over the binding.

Step 7: Sandwich the fabric pieces together with the pieces wrong sides together and add the binding.

Step 8:Sew velcro to t-shirt.

Step 9: Sew the play pieces together. Follow these directions!

And there ya go! I debated putting snaps or buttons onto pieces and the board so that they can attach. I debated long and hard over this part of the deign! I decided that the piece just won’t stick to the boarg…

And will you make yours a Tic Tac Toe shirt?

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Weekend Whims- Printable Paper Projects

I’ve been seeing some great printable paper ‘toys’ lately! I’ve been a member of the Calendar of the Month Club monthly calendar from Scout Creative for the last year or so and they are so fun to print and put together.  (and you can still print out past months…)

So here are some of my favorites! Take a look, print and fold!

1. I love this forest scene with a tree, squirrel, bunnies, wolf, owl  and monkey from KIRIN via My Owl Barn. I love that the monkey is in with the rest of the typical forest animals!

2. This alphabet is what reminded me this week of all these papercraft ‘toys.’ This alphabet by Digitprop could be great for SOOO many things!! Fun for a nursery, a great way to start learning the letters, or as they say leaving a note for someone! I love it!

3. How cute if this Basket Monster monitor monster by Scout Creative for HP and Best Buy???

4. Do you know Made by Joel?? He’s awesome! He’s kinda famous for his paper city printables that are also awesome. But I LOVE this little circus guy.

5. And another one by Scout Creative. This month’s calendar is a really cool Hot Dog Stand. I should have printed this to go along with my Hot Dog Bun vest… But I guess National Hot Dog Day was in July and this is August. OK, I don’t feel so bad! hehehe….

Color Your Valentine’s Day Out of This World!

Have you noticed that Valentine’s day is coming??? If you’ve read any other crafty or sewing blog, you’ve probably figured it out by now… The Valentine’s Day posts are in full force! I love a good reason to be seasonally crafting, so here I go… I’m jumping in and sharing my Valentine’s Day crafts and sewing projects this week.

To kick off the week, I thought I’d do a little repost…. This year my son’s school doesn’t share Valentine’s, so I thought I’d re-share the ones we did last year. We?? Um, oh yeah, actually that was me! But he did have fun with the finished project!

I made recycled heart crayons, printable cards and printable envelopes for the crayons.

Jump on over here for the tutorial for the crayons!

The envelope you ask??? You can print it by clicking here. And not quite sure how to put it together? It’s pretty simple, but click here for the mini tutorial!

Oh, and if you like the envelope images, check out the cute little coordinating cards! You can print these by clicking here!

Check back each day this week for more Valentine’s Inspiration! What are you making this year? Do you even do Valentine’s day?

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Here Comes Santa Claus with a little Christmas Subway Art Printable

Here comes Santa Claus, Here comes Santa Claus, Right down Santa Claus Lane, And I’ve got a blog that’s filled with toys (i.e.printables) For boys and girls (and grown-ups) again.

A little summer Christmas cheer! This past summer I was out thrift shopping and came across two versions of old ‘Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer’ books and some wonderful vintage blue ornaments. Both of the books were 2 bucks so I snatched them right up!

I didn’t think much about them. Wrapped them up and stuck them on a shelf until just a little while ago… I think I’ve mentioned that my son LOVES Christmas and Rudolph and singing Christmas carols. To add to the fun, we went on a Santa Train adventure and the conductor was full of useless information and could belt out a song without any sense of tune or rhythm. (His singing did end up being one of the most memorable parts of the whole adventure, but I digress…) Anyway, he mentioned the story of Rudolph being a marketing ploy back in 1939. I knew this as well, but the year stuck with me this time. (And why do you tell this story to a train full of little kiddos who still believe in Rudolph, Mr. Conductor???)

Back to the books… So I got the old trifted finds books down and we started reading them and I noticed the date on the really old one… 1939! 1939 is the year that Montgomery Ward had Robert L May write the story for a promotional give away to entice customers! Mine is missing the cover or else it would probably be worth something, but even so I’m sure it’s worth more than the 2 dollars I paid for it. The story is a version that I have never heard before! And the graphic illustrations by Denver Gillen are just awesome!

I want to scan the whole book and print it so that my son can actually play with it and enjoy it without me saying, ‘Nope, that’s just for Momma to read and touch!’ But in the meantime, I made a printable to share (for your personal use only….)

Yes, the words aren’t from ‘Rudolph’, they are from ‘Here Comes Santa Claus’. Did I mention my son loves Christmas carols? Oh, yes, I did! He REALLY loves them. He sings them all the time! I could go on about funny kid stories, but I won’t right now… Anyway… We were listening the other day in the car and Elvis started singing ‘Here Comes Santa Claus’ (on the radio, no Elvis is not alive and riding around Seattle with us!) For some reason the words to the song just really grabbed me. Combining Santa with the true reason of the season… I don’t know why it hit me the other day, but for some reason I fell in love with this song all over again! Hence my printable!

Click here to download.

There are so many beautiful Christmas Carols! What’s your favorite???

And did you see me somewhere in the post??? I’m thinking about using this as my About Page Photo!

ok, Yeah! I’m back to sewing!!!

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