Process Post- Modernista Swap

Wow! Its been a while since I’ve posted a Process Post, it seems like! I had such a  good time with my Modern She Made Swap, that I joined another one… This one is the Modernista Homemade swap. I can’t say too much about it, but I’m thinking birds…. On a sewing machine cover!

These are some bird characters I’ve been wanting to make into a quilt since I first started quilting! I love them, but am not sure others will love them as much as I do. I considered doing this piece for the Modern She Made swap, too, but then decided on the pin wheels.

Then there’s the birds in a tree idea… This would be a blue and green strip quilt with the tree quilted in, but the birds appliqued. This isn’t my favorite….

And then there’s the wonky log cabin with a bird on it! I’m thinking mostly white with pops of blue and green… Not sure if the mostly white is the right direction or not, though….

And my last idea is one I’m calling the Mod tree…. With little birds flying out from the tree. Background white or a light, light blue…

Thoughts??? Can you help me make a decision??? Thanks!

Bleaching and Dyeing Fabric- Quilting Progress Post

It’s been an interesting day of fabric today…. Did you see this post about bleaching fabric at The Modern Quilting Guild blog?? It totally inspired me and I wanted to try what she had done, which was to bleach her fabrics to make ‘coordinating’ fabrics out of the same pieces! It turned out great.

Then we got the new challenge for this week for Project Quilting Week 4. Barn Quilts! Which I’ve never heard of before….. So I started looking and all the Barn quilts are solids… So I found a design that I want to try, and to make it work the way I want, I wanted a series of blues that go from dark to light…. See where I’m going…

I had the blue I wanted, so I cut the pieces and was going to try to bleaching process! I was soooo excited. I found some inspiration and was going to be able to use it all in the same week. How productive of me!!!

So here I go. I got the bleach and water set up, plopped in the fabric and waited… and waited…. and waited… Nothing. Waited some more, nothing… Thinking back to the post on bleaching, she did say some fabrics didn’t change much… Then I started looking at my bottle of bleach while I was WAITING… Maybe it had something to tell me… Some secret to bleaching fabric that I had missed. Then I noticed it said to sanitize use Regular Bleach…

Regular bleach?? Who knew? I was under the impression that bleach was bleach. Little did I know that there was regular bleach and another kind of bleach. What that other bleach really is, I have no idea….. So off to the store I went to get REGULAR bleach…..

Once again… bleach and water ready! Fabric in… And I waited… This time my son was waiting with me… So we waited and waited some more…. again, NOTHING. My son said, ‘Mom, you said the fabric was going to change. When’s it’s going to change???’ hmmmmm, good question…. We even tried the fabric in straight up bleach. No water. Nothing. Everytime I’ve ever gotten bleach on fabric, nice big white spot, right away. Now I want to bleach fabric and nothing…

So, third times a charm right… But not with bleach. I changed to going the other way. The good ole staple, RIT dye! Now I have navy blue fingernails and a nice variety of shades of blue (some are kinda purple, but that’s ok) fabric for my Barn Quilt Mini Quilt!

Project Quilting- Week 1 Challenge- Architectural Elements

There’s Project Runway, there’s Project Run and Play (which is amazing and very cool) and there’s Project Quilting!

This year, despite my better time management judgement and husband’s advice, have decided to participate in Project Quilting! It’s a crazy and kinda scary time here at our home, but I’ve been wanting to do more small art quilts so I decided to go for it…

The first challenge was issued on Monday and then the quilts have to be done by the following Sunday, which was yesterday. I just barely finished and got mine in on time. Better time management next week, I promise!

Originally, I had planned on using this one picture that I wanted to make into a quilt, but it was all grey and black and for some reason it just wasn’t calling to me. It was a project I worked on for a looong time at my last job. I absolutely love the picture, but I don’t think I had the right fabric to really make it pop!

photo via James and Vilija’s Flickr Photostream

Then I thought of the EMP building in Seattle and this wonderful pink silk fabric I have… That’s when I decided to switch to the colorful from the black and white. Then I found this inspiration photo with the muted tones contrasting with the background color and decided to use that one picture as my inspiration.

My quilt is a pretty literal take on the picture! Since the colors in the siding were actually pretty muted I didn’t even get to use the bright pink silk I had anyway! But I did need to figure out how to get the mottled look and different shades of color being reflected on the silver siding. This is where the use of layers and layers of tulle came in wonderfully useful. I printed the photo at the same size as I wanted the quilt to be. Then I kinda winged most of the pieces. Some pieces I’d loosely trace onto the fabric, but most of them I just eye-balled to get the right size and shape.

If you look closely at the photo, you can see the bolt pattern on the siding. Since, as you know, my new obsession is beading, I was going to bead the bolt pattern onto the quilt. I did almost half of it and then was starting to wonder if it was the right thing to do… The beads stood out a bit more than I wanted them to. Then my husband looked over from his video game and said, ‘Why are you doing that????’ He didn’t like it…. So, out came the beads! Thoughts?

Personally, I like it just the way it is! I’m a little confused on how the judging works, but once I find out how I did in the first challenge, I’ll let you know!

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Quilt #3 Finished! Finally!

I know, I know, everyone else seems to be blogging about Halloween… So maybe I should be too?? Well, don’t fret, I will again on Wednesday. But today, I just couldn’t wait any longer to show off my latest quilt!

I’ve written some process posts about this one, here, here and here. It actually started as my 4th quilt but ended up being the third one I finished, so now it’s quilt Number 3. The dragonfly quilt for my adorable little niece, Haley.

For this one the backgrounds for the front and back are all thrifted fabrics. I was excited about my fabrics. The purple top  (although it does look blue in the top picture, it’s purple!) is the almost exact color of Haley’s room. And then, I was so lucky to find the swirly back that matched the colors on the front perfectly! And doesn’t the swirly remind you of the dragonfly’s flight path??? The binding is from a sheet set I had about 20 years ago that I found at my Mom’s house. It matched the purple perfectly!

The small pieces and the dragonflies are made from fabrics given at the baby shower. Using fabrics I found and fabrics given at the baby shower make this quilt a super special gift that included a bunch of friends and family. For babies I like to make the quilts have some sort of tactile interest. Like in my very first quilt,  (and if you go look, please excuse the photography…. I was new to the blogging thing at the time..) the owl’s wings are sewn down so that they can flap around. On this one I thought about doing the same thing with the dragonfly wings, but they would have flopped around too much. I finally decided to make the eyes POP out! I stuffed them with fill as I was sewing them down.

Another Process Post for Quilt #4

A little update on Quilt #4…..  I’m sooooo ready to just sit down and finish it. The front and back are complete, I just have to quilt it together…. That’s all. Just quilt it together. Oh, and add the binding….

Here’s another little sneak peek….

I’ve gotten the dragonflies on with their puffy eyes (wasn’t as easy to do as I had planned on it being…)

And an H on the back for Little Miss Haley. And do you notice that the H fabric also has dragonflies???

Ok, Next week… Finished!

Has anyone else taken the Process Pledge?

Process Pledge- Quilt #4

Today is the last day of vacation and we’re headed home… Back to the real world… So I’m keeping it brief today.

Just wanted to share a little of the process of Quilt #3. I brought it all on vacation with me and was going to get it done and give it to the recipient in person. But…. That didn’t quite work out! I had it all cut, but none of it put together as we packed for our vacation. Then once we were here, time passed quickly and it didn’t even get started.

Then one day, I said, ‘Why not start?? I won’t finish, but I can start…’ And that’s just what I did. The front is done! Well, the background. I still have to add the appliques….