Weekend Whims- The Water Blob and Ice Cube Paints

Did y’all have an awesome 4th of July?? We did for sure! And part of that fun was thanks to Pinterest. We filled up the kiddie wading pool like we usually do during the summer, but we also tried out a couple of pinterest fun ideas I’d found.

The first one that was a ton of fun was the Water Blob! Ends up I’d pinned this twice… So obviously I’d been wanting to try it out! The first pin was from Go Kid Yourself and the second from Clumsy Crafter. Both tutorials were the same, duct tape a really large sheet of plastic sheeting together with a the hose sticking inside and turn on the water! Super easy! And great fun! I used 4 mil plastic sheeting, not the super thin stuff you find on the painting aisle of Lowes. This stuff was on another aisle, but kinda by itself…

And yes, it leaked. Especially the corners. Just keep the duct tape handy. Once you see a squirter, just add more duct tape. At first I was trying to fix every leak I saw. But I ended up only hitting the big ones. And the leaks just added more fun! When they jumped on it, there was more splash!

We added food coloring and gummy worms and fish. the first day I filled it up so that it was about 3 inches thick. the next day some of the water had evaporated out and some had leaked, so it needed to be refilled. I kinda forgot I had the water running and it ended up being closer to 6 inches thick and, man, it was soooo much MORE fun!!! So go for thick!

Then we made Ice Cube Paints! Ok, here’s the scary thing…. I don’t think I made this up… I thought I’d seen it on pinterest, but I can’t find it again… I should be too young for senior moments like this… Right??? (This is where you nod nad say Yes, Louise, You’re too young to be having ‘senior moments’) So, I’m not linking to the inspiration ’cause I can’t find it, not because I’m trying to call this my own idea. But at this point, I don’t even remember, maybe it just came to me…. Who knows at this point!

Anyway, the important thing is that we made them and had fun with them!

We just added food coloring to an ice-cube tray and very carefully added the water. I then covered the tray with aluminum foil and added the sticks (cake pop sticks in our case). Freeze, remove and paint! Then freeze again!

Perfect summer fun for the 4th of July!

Weekend Whims- Treehouses

One of our family summer projects is to build a treehouse in the backyard!! Here are some pinterest finds that I love!!

1. This ‘Wonky’ fort reminds me of a wonky halloween quilt! via pinterest.

2. This is just a great simple treehouse by Kid Baltimore.

3. I so want to add curtains to our front porch, so why wouldn’t I be in love with this tree house?? via pinterest and Cool Pictures

4. Our tree isn’t quite big enough for all these rooms, but if we could have this, we’d each get a room! via My Fotolog via pinterest.

5. What do you think about this modern version? via  Relax Shacks via pinterest.

6. Love the Dr Seuss aspect of these super bright and a bit wonky tree houses! via pinterest

Most of these links, don’t take you back to the very original posts… I seemed to have a hit a wall on these links. If you know the original posts, please let me know so I can update the links. Thanks!

Which one is your favorite? Have you built a tree house recently? Any tips???

Weekend Whims- Soap Clouds

Since school’s out for the summer, I’ve been keeping an eye out for fun little projects to do with the kiddo. Then I came across this project for Soap Clouds from Kitchen Craft.

This is the simplest thing ever and it’s always a hit with the kiddo! Not only does it make for a great bath time toy, but what about fun dioramas or scenes for a playmobile beach party!

All you need is some Ivory soap, wax paper and a microwave! Just cut up some Ivory soap, we’ve been using the soap in thirds. Stick it in the microwave on some wax paper for about 30 seconds. And wah-la! You have a cloud! The larger the piece of soap, the longer you can put it in the microwave. we wanted some small ones, so 20 to 45 seconds worked for us.

Be sure to check out Kitchen Crafts tutorial because she takes it a step further and makes some cool soap shapes with the clouds and food coloring! We haven’t tried the colored soap shapes. Right now we’re enjoying just watching the cloud appear and playing with it with our beach scene and in the tub!

Weekend Whims- Laminated Cotton!

Sorry for a bit of a quiet week last week…. My computer crashed and I freaked, thinking I’d lost everything! I took it in and found out that it was a really bad virus. They were able to back up all my data!! Yeah!! And then they had to wipe the computer and start over. I finally got it back today…

In the meantime, I’ve been obsessing over laminated fabric! Have you ever used it? I want to make a purse out of it. And a rain coat for my son so he doesn’t have to keep wearing his winter raincoat. He’s also requested on for his stuffed dog…   here are some of my favorites!

I love this Nicey Jane Lindy Leaf. It comes in both the blue version and the pink. But for my new purse, I wanted a coordinating fabric and the blue one has this Nicey Jane Hop Dot Cream.

What do you think of this set? I love them all, but together? I was thinking the one in the middle, the Timeless Treasures Sunny Daze Flowers Blue would be the main fabric, with pockets or side panels out of the green,  Greenhouse ButtonWood Grass and the trim would be the yellow, Sunny Happy Skies Cotton Lace Yellow.

I also like this set, but does it look too much like a diaper bag?? I love the Logan Cotton Blossoms Pink with the Michael Miller Dumb Dot in black and white.

But I think this one is my favorite set….  The main fabric would be the floral, Heather Bailey Freshcut Cotton Groovy Olive. The pockets and trim prices would be the others. The green is Greenhouse Buttonwood Grass. The yellow is the same as in the set above, Sunny Happy Skies Lace Yellow. And the pink is Michael Miller Lush Happy Dot Pink.

Ok, one more… I like this one a lot too…. Like the one above, the main fabric would be the funky floral, Anna Maria Horner LouLouthi Summer Totem Tart. The pink and the yellow are the same pattern, just different colors, Sunny Happy Skies Lace. And the awesome blue on  is by Amy Butler, Soul Blossoms Temple Doors Deep Water.

And for the kiddo… I love love love the Dr Seuss ones! But he wasn’t interested… Hmmm… Is he really my kid? Dr Seuss isn’t his first choice?? The Urban Zoologie is awesome! I love all their characters, especially the owls. But the kiddo picked the monkeys for his rain coat.

Ok, I need your help! The new bag is going to be a kinda messenger bag, but I don’t want it to look like a diaper bag… So which fabric collection would you pick? I’m horrible at making decisions, so I’d love to hear which one you’d pick!!

all the fabrics I picked are avaialable at Fabric.com

More next week. So glad to have the computer back and running!!

Weekend Whims- Other Doo Nanny Artists

We were having such a good time at the Doo Nanny finding all sorts of fun things to look at. But today I want to share with you a little of what we got and a couple of things we didn’t!

1. John Henry Toney has become a very well-known Southern Folk Artist. He’s a farmer from a town just a little bit further down the road from Seale, AL. The story goes that he pulled up a turnip one day with e human face. From that day on, he’s been drawing every day. It’s this turnip that inspired the image for this years Doo Nanny. We got to meet him and say hello. Unfortunately, his work was a bit out of our price range right now, so we didn’t get to purchase one on this trip…. He had a sweet giggle watching my son take pictures with the big camera, but he didn’t want him to take his picture. Hence all pictures of Toney and his art are via The Museum of Wonder.

2. As we were wandering around, my husband found these scary prints of Frankenstein and Dracula and a few other horror film characters by Krek Prints.  Through chatting with the artist, Jason Krekel, we found out that the pieces were all hand cut linocuts and letterpressed by the artist. The detail is just amazing! My husband and one of his brothers love these horror film characters! Me, not so much. Don’t get me wrong, I do appreciate the detail, but the characters, um…. But I do love the Flying Saucers piece I got! So we came home with a few pieces by Jason! Check out more scary prints in Jason’s etsy shop!

3. We also both loved the work of Last Days Press. This is the piece that we brought home, titled, ‘No Turning Back Now!’. I didn’t get anything from Jason, but I think I’m going to have to get one or both of his owls!!! There are some really cool sea creature illustrations on his blog that I’m also in love with! I almost got this Dreams piece

4. I love love love these paintings by Joe of Big Woods Art! It was really hard to decide which piece to get! I love his owls. The bears are awesome. I also love the big eyed flying creature. We narrowed it down to a few smaller pieces and my son made the final decision. I love the green bear we brought home!

5. And then there’s Buddy Snipes! We didn’t meet him here, but we did get to see a lot of his work. The Museum of Wonder is not only full of Butch Anthony’s pieces, but there is also a great selection of Buddy’s work. A few years back we got my brother-in-law one of his pieces, but we didn’t get one on this trip. I loved this one with the two people hanging on the couch! Picture of Buddy Snipes is via the Garde Rail Gallery.

Weekend Whims- The Steel Quilt Company’s Inspirations

Another installment of ‘Getting to know The Steel Quilt Company’!

Instead of seeing what’s inspiring me this week, I thought I’d show ya what’s inpsiring Nathan!


1. Nathan led me to his pinterest page for some really cool pallet pieces, including this State art piece by Kelly Simon Says.

2. Another artist that inspires Nathan is Creo. The do quite a few interesting things. This little table reminds me of a quilt pattern, but made in concrete!

3. Another piece by Creo is this concrete and wood coffee table. Love the integration of the two.

4. Ok, so I have to admit that there aren’t a lot of pallet furniture pieces that I’d want in my house, but I love this coffee table by Wilsons and Pugs! (also from Nathan’s pinterest page) It barely even looks like a pallet!

5. And check out this chair from Pierre Vedel, yes, again, from Nathan’s pinterest page! Yep, it’s from a pallet!

6. And the last thing to share is another piece from Creo. They do these great etched zinc portaits on metal. Very Cool!!


And don’t forget to sign up for the Steel Quilt Giveaway!



Weekend Whims- Easter Crafts and Decor

What are you making this Easter? Any crafts? Yummy meals? I’m excited to be home with family this Easter. It’s been years since I’ve celebrated a holiday with the whole AL family. Here are a few things I love and a few things we might even try!

1. I love this Easter printable from Madigan Made.

2. These little chicks are too cute. I love thier little legs!

3. I’m loving this chocolate easter egg tree by Sisteroo! It looks so real and yummy… But it might make me crave chocolate everyday!

4. We’re going to try these Easter egg cake pops by One Charming Party!

5. And how fun would a night time Easter egg hunt be with these glow in the dark Easter eggs from Mommy Savers???

Weekend Whims- Southern Art Tour

I live in Seattle, but I’m a southern at heart! Every year we take a trip to our family beach house on the Gulf Coast of Alabama. I’ve been doing this every single year of my life. I think I missed a few years when I was living in AK, but out of 30 some odd years that’s ok. And every year that we go down, we’re on the lookout for southern art. Folk art, Outsider Art….. Some call it one, some call it the other, and to me most of it is both. This year, we’re actually headed to North Alabama for a little bit and we’re really on the lookout for finding some interesting things!! Here’s a little of what we love, what we want and  what we want to see….

1 and 2. We love Michael Banks! We’re lucky enough to have 3 of his pieces already. We’re headed to his neck of the woods and would love to meet him, but probably won’t. But wouldn’t that be cool??? we got one of his pieces on our honeymoon. And then I got another piece, similar to 2 for my husband for the Father’s Day before our son was born. I knew it would be a while before we could invest in art together. So I thought it was a fitting gift… Images via Jeanine Taylor Folk Art

3. And Cornbread…. My husband’s not as big a fan as I am, but he was sweet enough to get me one of his pieces one of our trips home. One of the guinea chicks. Now I want a fox! But he also does owls, and bears and raccoons that I love… Image via Jeanine Taylor Folk Art.

4. Yes, I’ve mentioned Gee’s Bend how many times lately??? But we’re going!!! I can’t wait!! I hope I get to meet some of the quilters. I’ll probably freeze and get real shy. Star Struck! Image via Auburn University College of Liberal Arts Women’s Studies

5. Have you been to the Ave Marie Grotto??? We’re not sure if we’re going to make it or not, but we really want to see it! It might not be considered folk art, but it’s art and it looks really cool!

6 and 7. Butch Anthony is another artist I have come to love. Don’t have one of his pieces yet, but hope to change that this week!!! You might have heard of his partner, Natalie Chanin… of Alabama Chanin… Would love to visit her studio and factory, too, but not going to make it to that corner this year. They are both super talented artists!! I can’t wait to visit his Museum of Wonder and the Doo Nanny!! Yea!


Weekend Whims- Getting Ready for Summer!

Yes, I know, this week was actually the first of spring, but I’m ready for summer! We usually take our summer vacation the end of May and head to the Gulf Beaches of Alabama. This year, the trip is moving up to, well, practically now! And seeing how it’s in the 40’s here and the 70’s where we’re headed, I feel like we’re about to leave winter and head straight to summer! Summer for us here in the Pacific Northwest is the 70’s! So even though it’s only spring, I feel like we’re getting ready for summer!

1. Love this Endora top from Simple Simon and Company! I’m going to have to find a little girl to sew it for…. hmmm….

2. And speaking of cute summer tops…  I’m hoping I’ll have time to make this Wiksten tank for myself before I go! I saw it on Kristin from Skirt as Top, and it looks great on her! Maybe it will look almost as good on me…

3. These flowers have been all over the web, but I sure do love them! This DIY is by Ruche for Design*Sponge.

4. We’re going to see family, so how fitting is this set of family dolls by Timo Handmade!!

5. And I just want to lay in the sun on this bed! Image via The Style Files.


Weekend Whims- Everything’s Green

Happy St. Patick’s Day!!

We’re not Irish, at least not much Irish… We don’t do a lot of St. Patrick’s Day crafts and we don’t eat the tradition Patty’s day food or decorate the house in green! But we do wear green! And we do love green, so to celebrate today, I’m sharing some of my favorite green finds!

1. What about this green turtle DIY by Make It- Love It??? Adorable!

2. Now this is actually a St Patty’s day tutorial, a clover banner how to by One Charming Party. But I think they’d make a great quilt!

3. Love this terrarium by Twig Terrariums. They have some great kits as well!

4. I do love a good yarn pompom! And imeondesign has a clever use for them… Placesetting card holder! Too cute.

5. Also in love with this specimen like bug party and the great green beetle invitation.

6. I do have a thing about handmade play food (even though I keep saying I”m going to make some, but never do…) and I love these cute cupcakes by She Wears Flowers for Snips and Spice!