Olympics Craft Flashback

We love watching the Olympics around here! Just last night the kiddo decided he needed to ‘sleep’ on the couch. That was code for ‘stay up way too late to watch the Olympics!’ As we’re watching I remembered this post of the Olympics crafts we did 4 years ago and one of my favorite pictures […]

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Quilts for Pulse Hearts


We all know about Pulse and the horrible events that took place back there back in June. Most quilters also know about the Quilts for Pulse Call for Quilts organized by the Orlando Modern Quilt Guild. As soon as the call for quilts came out, one of our guild members, Matt, stepped up and decided […]

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Sewing with Leather


Last weekend I took a class to learn more about sewing with leather. It was a lot of fun! I made two pouches, a keyring, learned new things and got to hang out with my SMQG friends! The Guild brought in Krista Fleckenstein to teach for two days and give a lecture. The classes and […]

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More SMQG Giving Committee Quilts


I’m really enjoying working with my co-chair Debbie, and of course the rest of the Seattle Modern Quilt Guild,  to develop a nice lineup of Giving Committee quilts!   photo by A Quilter’s Table I’ve already shown you the ‘first‘ quilt we made. These two quilts are the second batch of quilts we made also using fabric we ‘inherited’ […]

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It’s Summer. It’s Hot. It’s Time for Wild Waves and Enchanted Village!


If you drive south of Seattle about a half hour, you can’t miss Wild Waves and Enchanted Village! For years I’ve said I wanted to go, but we never have in the summer. Until this summer! You might remember that we got to go for the Fright Fest. That was my first time, and I had no […]

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Skirting the Issue with a QAYG Row by Row Tutorial


I’m honored to have been invited by Simple Simon to participate in their yearly series, Skirting The Issue! Skirting the Issue is a  month long event every July where you are invited to sew along with us to make skirts (and quilts)  to donate to local Foster Care centers for the girls to receive just in […]

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January doGood Stitches Quilt


This is my first doGood Stitches post for the year! WOW! Have you seen the Forest Quilt Along Quilt hosted by Shape Moth? It’s precious! But A LOT of work! Each block is either an animal or forest plant. For our group, we each got to choose one block. And then Kat from Kat and […]

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Wild Kratts Giveaway Winner!


Thanks to everyone for your interest in the Wild Kratts Giveaway! I’m surprised there wasn’t more interest, but I’m assuming everyone was so excited that you just went ahead and bought your own! If not, you can here. I’m thinking that my readers with Wild Kratts kids aren’t local. Good to know!  Now to what you’re […]

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Finish Along Quarter 3 2016


Yep, you guessed it… My list is going to look pretty similar! And it’s long again… I am making some changes though….Ready for this? OK. First up… and it will be my first finish from this list becuase I’m quilting it tonight…. The Weight of Love quilt from Libs Elliot. I’d also like to get […]

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A Memory Quilt Using the Complete Quilt Design Planner


Remember the Friendship Bracelet quilt that I finished not long ago? Well, originally I agreed to test Blair Stocker’s, AKA WiseCraft, pattern to make a memory quilt. Very quickly I realized that wasn’t going to work for that pattern. Then she asked me to test another pattern, The Complete Quilt Design Planner Pattern. I was one, […]

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