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Easter Printables


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  1. I loved your Dr. Seuss spread! great job. Would I able to purchase the printables for the food?

  2. What are the poofs for the lorax trees and where do I find them?

  3. Mika Majors says:

    hello, do you still have the Dr. Seuss printables for the food? I loved them and I am putting together a baby shower very soon where I’d love to use them.

  4. Please update the Santa Letter for 2016…it’s adorable.

  5. Hi! I am new to quilting and have been doing a fair amount of paper piecing. I sort of stumbled onto your Gator quilt pp pattern via Wombat Quilts and would love to purchase it from you. Your feelincrafty links to BluPrint and that page is gone, probably because of all the recent changes with BluPrint. Is there a different way for me to purchase the Gator PP pattern? It’s adorable! JLF

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