A Storybook Baby Shower

Please help me welcome Ashley from Ashley Quite Frankly, who is sharing a super cute baby shower theme with us!


Every mom-to-be deserves to be princess for a day while pregnant, making a classic storybook-themed baby shower the perfect prologue to celebrate the upcoming adventure. Invite guests to bring their favorite childhood book to start a library and set the tone for a sweet storybook soiree. Here are some ideas to help with planning:



Invitations provide wonderful inspiration for themes and color schemes, but they’re even better when they can double as decor. Put your leftovers to use by creating a building block puzzle that serves as both centerpiece and keepsake.

What you’ll need:

Blank wooden blocks

Mod Podge glue

Paint or foam brush

Paper cutter



Spare invitations and/or storybook pages

How to make it:

Step 1: Using the ruler, measure the blocks and lightly mark a grid on the invitation with pencil to indicate where to cut.

Step 2: Cut the paper into squares using the paper cutter — you could probably use scissors if you’re good at cutting straight lines (I am not.)

Step 3: Heavier card stock is the best paper to use to avoid air bubbles; these storybook-themed invitations from Tiny Prints have a slight texture that was thankfully forgiving. Apply a thin layer of Mod Podge glue to the block and allow it to dry until it feels tacky. Coat the back of the paper in a thin layer before carefully applying it to the front of the block and pressing down firmly. Use a credit card or roller to smooth out bubbles.

Step 4: The back of these invitations had a beautiful pattern that was perfect for the tops and sides of the blocks. Search thrift stores or printable illustrations online for other ideas.


The finished product was easier than expected, affordable and adorable!



Book Plate Guest Book

Skip the traditional guest book in favor of personalizing the books each guest brought as a gift. These printable book plates coordinate with the invitations and allow attendees to leave their name and a note for baby-to-be.



Food Table

Consider serving themed food like Pinkalicious punch, Peter Rabbit’s Garden Salad, and Three Little Pigs in a blanket for continuity. Little details like silverware roll-ups wrapped in a book page and raffia help bring your party story to life.




A chalkboard easel or frame with a sentimental quote on it creates a fun focal point, and your handy-dandy paper cutter along with the remaining pages of any books used for crafting can be turned into a colorful handmade garland. Just cut the pages into triangles and affix them to string — it’s as easy as that! And don’t worry, bibliophiles, only two dollar store books were harmed in the making of this party.


Party Favors

Send everyone home with chocolate chip cookies (a la “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie”) as a sweet thank you for building baby’s library and creating a fairy-tale day that mom will never forget.

A storybook-themed shower is not only a fun event to plan, but also a lovely beginning to the newest chapter of a friend’s life. Take a look at a book in a whole new way and enjoy the party!


Ashley McCann is the award winning blogger behind Ashley Quite Frankly. As a Floridian mother of two young boys, Ashley spends most of her time tending to the various little people and animals in her life (which includes a hedgehog named Oswald). In her free time, she writes for Tiny Prints about parenting and crafty party planning. She recommends Tiny Prints to all her friends and family when it comes to baby shower invitations (here).