Project Run and Play- Boys Style

OK, just a little warning… This week’s outfit is pretty silly! (And so is the model)PRP-BoysWk-Main-I'mFeelin'Crafty

Once again, I’m playing along with the Project Run and Play challenges. This week’s challenge is Boy’s Style! And we took that to be The Kiddo’s Style. Remember last week when my son got bummed when he saw his sweatshirt and it wasn’t red and blue and green and yellow and orange??? (The week we won the reader challenge???) Well, I promised that this week he would get his color! And he did!


We had fun wandering around the fabric store picking out all the colorful pieces we could find! He said he wanted stripes. So he got stripes.


And polka dots. Our last color that he said we needed was purple, so we decided to go with purple pockets. Then he wandered around and found this great purple polka dot fabric! I added the pockets and was excited to figure out how easy they are to add. I also realized how I want to do them next time!! I’ll show ya soon!


The pants are an adaptation of Dana’s Basic Kids Pants. I actually enlarged the pattern a little bit since I have a growing son, but kinda wish I hadn’t. I wanted them a little bit skinnier than they ended up. But all in all, it’s probably best that they ended up a little baggy. The kiddo seems to like the baggier, comfier fit!


And the shirt!!! I’m so excited! The shirt is pretty much my first try at knit that turned out pretty right on! This is actually a pretty stretchy knit, not really a t-shirt knit. Very stretchy…. But it worked! The pattern is Made by Rae’s Flashback  Skinny Tee pattern. And it takes no time! It took me longer that it should have, but only because I read every word of the instructions looking for all the tips on getting it right. Next time… Maybe an hour, if that long. It’s perfect!


You’ll be seeing more of the scarf with some other news I have coming… Hehehe… I know, on the seat of your chair, huh???


Unfortunately, this week was CRAZY. I totally overbooked myself on things to get done this week, so we didn’t exactly finish the outfit! There’s a red sweatshirt with matching light purple trim missing…. Soon!

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