Weekend Whims- The Circus!

I hope everyone here in the States has had a wonderful Labor Day vacation! The official end of summer vacation! So sad… We’ve had such a wonderful summer here at our house. I actually had to work today (but seeing as how I didn’t all summer, it’s ok…) But what we did do this weekend was go to the CIRCUS!

I know not everyone agrees with the circus and I have some reservations about the circus as well. But I went anyway. And we had such a great time! All the stunts and acrobats and animals were just amazing. Not sure if it’s still the Greatest Show on Earth that it once was, but it was still a lot of fun. And seeing my son’s eyes light up and watch him sitting on the edge of his seat… Totally cool! Honestly,  we actually needed him to sit on the edge of his seat because we didn’t have anywhere else to put our stash of popcorn and pretzels and cotton candy and funny circus hats….

So in the spirit of the circus, here are some of my favorites circus finds….


1. Wooden Circus Toys by Watermelon Cat Company

2. Circus Tent Shadow Puppet by suowen

3. Felt Circus Food by fairviewpl

4. Keep Calm and Join the Circus t-shirt by CirqueSoul

5. Circus Trapeze Artist Art Print by emiliovillalba

6. Circus Animal Pillows by BeciMay

7. Circus Invitation Set by Tess Donohoe & Katy Greenspan for Oh So Beautiful Paper