Collections and a Printable

Do you collect things? My husband and I collect art. Not real fancy art, just art we can afford and pieces we like. We lean towards the outsider art world… My husband also collects old radios. Me? As a kid I collected fairies and dragons. And I love to collect old and first edition books. Although I haven’t gotten any in quite some time now. Now… I haven’t been ‘collecting’ too much these days. I have a stash of old cameras. I was going to start collecting old wooden thread spools. I got one. That’s a far as that collection has gone.

My son on the other hand…. rocks, sticks, sand, shells, grass, flowers….. 

When my son was tiny, I decided I wanted to collect things from our travels for him. And it was just about this time that we were into baby food and baby food jars. I guess you could say I was collecting the jars! I rarely recycled a single one….

I think I have enough to last us for at least a few years of collecting! ha!

That was about two years ago! Did I put the plan in action? Noooooo. Well, partly… I have been collecting, but noting what the pieces are and where they are from, well…. um, no. So we have little jars around the house and I have no idea why the jars have particular things in them….

Then last weekend we were out at the beach and my son yells, ‘Wait, Wait, (imagine hand waving for everyone to stop what they are doing and come see what he’s doing) I need some sand for my collection!’ HUH? I stopped dead in my tracks! Does he know about my plan? I don’t know that I have ever really told him about my grand scheme of collecting for him or not. I grabbed a zip lock bag I just happened to have in my bag and helped him fill it up with his baggie with sand!! Totally giddy that he was excited about his ‘collection’! Hearing him saying that, got me in gear to finally follow through with my collection plan!

So this weekend, I got out the supplies and here’s a quick photo tutorial of how I made our collection.

And click here for the printable labels. These are sized for the baby food jars. And I recommend printing on a full sheet clear label.

What do you think? Black text on the labels? Or should they be a different color? Maybe I should match the lid? I don’t know. I wanted the black so it didn’t take away from the contents, but…. 

So far we just have sand… But I need to try to remember where the special shells and rocks came from. Oh, and I forgot about our collection of teeny tiny sand dollars from Max’s first trip Orange Beach! Ohhhh… So excited I just remembered that collection!

So what are you going to collect??? And will it fit in a baby food jar?

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