Quick and Easy Cord Tacos- a Super Simple Tutorial

Have you seen these cord tacos?? I’ve been seeing them in magazines and catalogs. And of course, I pull the ‘I can make that’ routine!


Everywhere I have seen them, they are about 5 dollars a piece. Granted, a lot of them are leather, but still…. If you’re like me, you have scraps of vinyl and or leather around from other projects and you have a pile of snaps. So it’s going to be way cheaper then what they are selling them for! And I don’t need mine to be leather anyway!


I do a lot of my blogging on my laptop in the living room with a table next to my chair. And on my table is this cool basket full of cords. It drives me nuts, because I go to grab a cord and they all come rolling out!


The fix? Cord Tacos! And I love that the ends stick out, so I can see exactly what I am looking for!



Seriously, these are SO easy to make. It took me about a half hour to make all 5. If that! You need a little bit of vinyl or leather. Scissors. Something to draw a circle with. I used my dollar store compass. And a snap set.

I used the marine grade vinyl because it doesn’t have the flannel backing on it.


Draw your circles. I made mine 3 and 5 inches in diameter. The smaller size is probably going ot get the most use. It’s perfect for the cell phone chargers, etc. I did make one smaller for my fitbit charger, about 2.5 inch diameter.


Cut out the circle.


Locate where you want the snap and mark it.


Punch a hole through both sides.


Install snaps.


And that’s it! You’re done! See why I didn’t want to pay 35 buckaroos?


I’m so excited that I finally sat down and made these. I tore the page out of the catalog and it’s been sitting on my sewing table since Christmas. And speaking of Christmas, wouldn’t these be perfect stocking stuffers? Um, YES! You can do them in leather for a more sophisticated look and vinyl for a more colorful, fun look!