A Glitterific Holiday Season!

OK, back to crafting and no sewing again… More about some sewing projects after the holidays!

But this week, it’s all about glitter!!! I know I’ve mentioned my love for glitter at Christmas time, but I’m gonna say it again! I don’t know why, but I’m not a huge fan of glitter projects most of the year, but I look forward to the holidays so I can bust out the glitter projects I’ve done and I know I can do more!!

Soooo, about our wreath…

I got a huge fake wreath from Joann’s and my husband hated it! He thought it looked too fake. And he was right…. But I had grand plans for painting it white and hanging it on our dark green house….  Then we found the nicely priced real wreaths at Costco. We got two. One for the mantel and one for the front door. We came home and hung it and my grand wreath plans went fluttering away. Even the tag was still on it and we could see it from inside! Then I went to someone else’s house and they had the exact same wreath and I thought to myself, ‘This is a Costco wreath… I can’t have people coming to my front door thinking, ‘Oh, look, they got a Costco wreath as well!’

So out came the glitter, some ribbon, a little styrofoam wreath I had for a different project and some glitter glue.

I was soooo excited about the glitter glue, but I was not impressed how it worked with the styrofoam. It worked, but not as well as I wanted it too!!! as I was in the midst of making the glitter wreath, I had the idea to not remove the pinecones and fake berries, which I usually do, but to glitter them as well!

What do you think? I am still torn about the pinecones and fake berries. I like the hint of glitter on the pinecones, but I think it would look weird with one the pinecones… So I think it’s all staying!

I’ve put my glittery mark on the Costco wreath! (and if you look closely, you can see my glittery trees through the front door in the background….)


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Dr Seuss Party Series- Shall We Play? With a Printable!

Say, Shall we play??

Yes, Yes, It’s a Birthday!

Games!! Yes, I know, this was a party for a 3 year old… I was told by a couple of people that you don’t need a lot of entertainment at this age…. Well, Dad and I kept coming up with games and games and more games! We did narrow it down to the Gack Ring Toss, Pin the Hat on the Cat and Dr Seuss Hullabaloo.

Thanks to Daddy, we have the only Gack in town! I kinda pushed for the Gack game! I love love loved One Fish Two Fish and all the characters, including the Gack when I was a kid. So I think I’m feelin’ like the coolest kid in town having the only Gack around!

Dad made the Gack  with the overhead projector, plywood and paint. Then came finding the rings! Not quite as easy as I thought it would be. We ended up with a couple sets of dollar store bracelets. Before the party the Birthday Boy and his Dad were having a hard time getting the rings on, but the kids seemed to make it just fine!

My son LOVES his Hullabaloo game! If you’ve been following along for a while, a little bit back we made a special bag for his game so he can take it on all his adventures! To honor that love, we made a Dr Seuss version of the game!

I was slaving away at this project coming up with themes based on Dr Seuss illustrations. I was planning on rewriting the whole game and having my husband call out the next game piece to stand on…. That is until my husband made the whole idea sooooo much easier! He asked why I wasn’t just using the same colors and images from the original game, but with Dr Seuss drawings instead of the Cranium illustrations… Ummmm, well, Daddy, that’s a great idea! I switched gears and found images from Dr Seuss books for all of the Hullabaloo game pieces. The only one I couldn’t find was spaghetti, so I added a Dr Seuss character holding the Hullabaloo image. I was loving trying to find all the images! And it worked to turn on the Hullabaloo game box and they just played along with the new game pieces! I printed the pieces on a heavy cardstock and then laminated them with clear Contact paper for more longevity!

Download the game pieces to add to your Hullabaloo game here.

And then the traditional Pin the Hat/Tail on something! Pin the Hat on the Cat was much more fun than I thought it would be! This was the biggest hit of the day! I was so surprised that it kept the attention of the kids the whole time. Again, we used the overhead projector for the Cat drawing. Then I wrote in everyone’s names on their game piece hats.

Most all the kids played the Pin the Hat on the Cat game. After it was over, we were debating figuring out how to decide who won and all the kids got super quiet…. Then I said, instead of one winner EVERYONE gets a lollipop, then they all started jumping up and down!!! It was a good decision!

Download the hats here.

I used this font for the names.

I hope you have an opportunity to play these games with your kiddos! Enjoy! It’s your turn!

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Dr. Seuss Party Series- Invites!

It’s been a few weeks since our Dr. Seuss Party, but with all the fun Halloween activities I decided to hold off on detailing everything from our party. So the next two weeks will be posts featuring all the details, including printables, recipes and tutorials from our Cat in the Hat party!

Today, the Invites!

I get evites all the time. But remember when you were a kid and how exciting it was to get mail? And especially mail that invited you to a PARTY!!!! Oh, yea! I remember LOVING those days! So I decided, I’m over evites. No more evites… Well, I won’t write it off for good, but for the most part, I’m done.

And I’m so glad  I did! I heard how excited some of the kiddos were when they got their invitations in the mail. A couple of people actually lost the invites because the kiddos carried them around the house so much. One little lady danced around the house with her invite for hours. Now if that doesn’t make it all worth it, I don’t know what else would.

I also have an issue with designing my own cards. I typically don’t buy standard off the shelves stationary and cards! Personalized stationary, Christmas cards and now Birthday invitations! So that’s what I did here. I designed the invites and address labels and then lined the envelopes. which brings me today’s tutorial….

How to line your own envelopes… Pretty simple, but adds a beautiful personalized touch.


Cat in the Hat books


Cutting mat

Exacto Knife

straight edge ruler

Thin Cardboard


Glue Stick

Full Size Labels

Step 1: Trace your envelope on to the cardboard.

Step 2: Draw a line on the cardboard at the edge of the envelopes glue line.

Step 3: Draw the template for the liner by drawing lines inside the envelope outline by about a 1/4″ on each side, including inside the glue-line line.

Step 4: Cut out the cardboard template.

Step 5: Layout the template inside the envelope to check the layout and make any adjustments to the template.

Step 6: Here’s the part that caused me the most pain…. I cringe when I even fold over a page in a book, much less cut one! So for this step, Tear out the pages from the books that you want to use as liners.

Warning: Do not let your 3 year olds (or any age for that matter) see you do this step. My son lost it! I was working on this during his nap time. When he woke up and saw me cutting…. His response was, ‘NOOOOOOO!!!!! That’s MY BOOOOOKKKKKK! We don’t cut books, Momma! Noooooo!’ So my suggestion is to do this while the kids are sleeping or at school because trying to explain why you can cut this book, but they can’t cut or tear or throw books… Well, not such an easy task!

Step 7: Using the template, cut the pages.

Step 8: Glue the liners. I always use a few pieces of scrap paper to glue on. When you glue, you don’t have to glue the whole page, just the top portion. Not gluing the whole piece makes getting the liner in the envelope easier.

Step 9: Insert the liner into the envelope and secure.

Step 10: Print the labels using the full size labels. You can download the blank labels here. The font I used is Doctor Soos Light and Bold. Open the file with any program you have and add your text.  To use in Microsoft Word, add a text box on top of the picture to add your text.

Step 11: Cut out the labels.

Step 12: Adhere the labels and you’re done!

And don’t forget the Thank You’s! I’ve found that there are two schools of thought on thank you notes. There’s those who have thank you written on the cards. And there’s the other side….I’ve always adhered to the school of thought that believes Thank You cards should not have Thank You printed on them, the thank you is for you to write. I don’t think either way is right or wrong! But I did go with my way when designing our Thank You cards. You can download the printable thank you card here with the blank address labels here.

*Disclaimer… These printables are for personal use only! As are all of my printables and tutorials, but especially the Dr. Seuss printables. Thank You!

Update…. Unfortunately, the food labels and invites are no longer available for sell or sharing.

It’s a Dragon Halloween!

I’m so glad that so many people are attempting the dragon wing tutorial that posted last year!

I thought I’d share some reader dragons today!

These dragon wings were made by Make Jane Make and I love love love the sweatshirt she made to go with them!  I might just have to attempt this to go with my son’s wings.

And this little blue number is by Just Plumb Good.

I love how both of these use different colored fabrics.

I also just made another pair for a reader in Virginia. So beware… There’s a black dragon lurking on the east coast!

And a few more people have commented that they have made some wings, including a pair for a puppy. I’d love to see them! Please send pictures, upload them to the I’m Feelin’ Crafty flicker page or send me a link to your photos!

Gotta get on that Halloween costume. So behind schedule somehow!

Creepy Crawly Yarn Wreath

Yes, Yes, another yarn wreath! I do love them! I’ve made a few in the past year or so, but these were football themed wreaths! Go Bama! RTR! And they were both gifts… This one is for us!

And a quick tutorial…

As I mentioned before, the original tutorial that I used to get started was here at Take Heart.

1. Materials:

White yarn, the cheap stuff. No need for the fancy yarns!

The straw wreath. And I leave the plastic wrap on.


and Scissors

2. Start the wreath by tying off the yarn.

3. And then you go around and around and around and around and around and ….. Ok, you get the point! It’s actually kind of a workout for the arms going around and around and…. But here’s where the tutorial deviates from the original tutorial. Do the around and around for a few inches and then start over in another section across from the first section. Then go a few inches and switch sides again! The problem with this is that you get the web going , your big ball of yarn won’t fit through the center anymore. At this point I started cutting shorter lengths of yarn are just knotted the pieces together as needed. The knot just gets covered up by yarn as it wraps around and around and around and…. Once you get to the end, leave a longer piece of yarn to tie your spider on.

4. Knot all the pieces in the middle together.

5. start in the center and move around the inside pieces knotting the web yarn as you go. I spaced mine about an inch apart from one another.

6. Wahla!

This weekend we’re going to get the rest of the decorations up! I’ll show more of our holiday decor next week. My son is itchin’ to get in the boxes of decorations! Have you decorated yet???

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I’m Sew Ready to Play!

Welcome back to Sew Ready To Play!! Today it’s me and my project! A Mini Hullabaloo Messenger Bag!

(yes, that’s our dead grass in the backyard… Although it may appear to be a yard full of straw, it’s our grassy backyard… Please don’t judge on our lack of watering…)

Have you played Hullabaloo???  It’s a great game that teaches colors, shapes and words on little pads that the kids (and adults) move around to based on the where the ‘voice in the box’ tells you to go! It’s a Cranium game… We LOVE Cranium games, but this post is just about Hullabaloo.

We were first introduced to it at a friend’s birthday party. My son just hung back and watched, so I didn’t think he was interested AT ALL. That was until one day, not too long after the party, we were scanning the toy aisle at Goodwill. He eyed it and got really excited! I decided, for a whooping $2.50 we could give  it a try. It was well worth the $2.50! He loves that game and takes it with us to almost all of our playdates, camping and has even wanted to take it to school. But since it came from Goodwill, it didn’t have a box. I found a little bag for the pieces, but to fit, they had to be folded, which ended up not being a good thing. Then we’d throw that bag and the voice box into a grocery bag and hit the road, headed out to be the life of the party with our Hullabaloo game. Here’s a little before and after…

Well, I had a few ideas for the series, but nothing seemed just right… Then it hit me, a bag that our game would actually fit it and my son could carry it with him all over the place, wherever he wants to take it!

So, my project for the Sew Ready to Play series, A Hullabaloo Messenger Bag!

Step 1: Materials:


Fabrics, the outside fabric, the lining fabric and the pocket fabric.

An extra Hullabaloo set of game pieces (optional)

(Here’s the optional part… I was first going to scan the Hullabaloo pieces and print them on printable fabric. So that is one option. The second option would be any other fabric that you might have. And the third option, which is what I used, is using Hullabaloo pieces. Cut up a perfectly good game you ask?? Well, the day after I decided to make the bag I found myself back in the toy aisle at Goodwill and what do you know??? There just happened to be another Hullabaloo game sitting on the shelf. Only this time, it was only 99 cents! 99 cents!! That’s way cheaper than buying the printable fabric…)




Step 2: Cut the fabric

1. Flap Pieces: 2 pieces of fabric 9 3/4″ x 12 1/2″, 1 with the outside fabric and 1 with the lining.

2. Pocket Pieces: The pocket fabric is 9 1/2″ x 18″. The interfacing is 9 1/2″ x 9″. And for the pocket flap, I used a square Hullabaloo piece and cut it 4″ long

3. Lining Pieces: Cut two pieces of lining fabric, 13 1/4″ x 12″.

4. Strap Pieces: One piece of the outside fabric and one piece of the lining fabric. Each one is 3″ x 24″.

5. Front and Back of the Bag: 2 of the outside fabric and 2 of the interfacing. Each piece is 10″ x 10″.

6. Sides and Bottom of the Bag: For this piece I again used Hullabaloo pieces. I cut 5 pieces into 4″ strips. Then stitched these pieces together, so that it makes a 4″ x 31″. This will be too long, but I like for it to be a little long nad then trim it once it’s sewn together.

Step 3: Make the Flap.

1. Cut out an applique from a Hullaballoo piece..

2. Sew the applique on to the outside of flap fabric.

3. Put the lining and outside fabric right sides together and cut rounded edges at the two lower corners.

4. Clip corners at the rounded edges. Stitch together the sides and bottom of the flap.

5. Turn right side out, iron flat and topstitch.

Step 4: Pocket

1. Fold pocket fabric over, right sides together. Place the interfacing on top.

2. Sew side and clip top corners

3. Iron seams flat. Turn right side out.

4. Iron flat and iron the bottom edge over.

5. Pin the pocket onto one side of the lining. Center the pocket and locate it about 1 1/2″ from the top of the lining piece.

6. Sew on pocket flap.

7. Center the pocket flap on the pocket and stitch about 3/4″ above the top of the pocket.

Step 5: Sew lining together.

1. Stack the lining pieces right side together and cut 1″ squares from the bottom two corners.

2. Sew together the three sides. Leave a hole on one side.

3. Sew the bottom corners together. Fold the bottom against the side and align the seams and stitch the corners together.

Step 6: Make the strap.

1. Place the pieces right sides together and stitch together the long sides.

2. Pull it through so the right sides are out.

3. Iron flat and topstitch. (forgot the picture for this one, but I have faith in you that you can do it without a picture!)

Step 7: Sew together the body of the bag.

1. Cut another applique for the back, if you so desire! Then sew it on.

2. Sew the Hullabaloo pieces together. I also topstitched the seam allowance down at each piece.

3.Stack the pieces, interfacing to wrong side of outside fabric and outside fabric to the side and bottom strip, this time with right side facing . Pin and sew.

4. Sew on the back side the same way as you did the front.

5. Turn right side out.

Step 8: Sew it all together.

1. Pin the flap to the bag, with outside fabric to outside fabric.

2. Pin on the strap. Again, with outside fabric to outside fabric.

3. Put the bag, flap and strap inside the lining and pin.

4. Sew together along the top edge.

5. Pull it all through that hole in the lining.

6. Sew the hole in the lining closed.

7. Push the lining inside the bag.

8. And topstitch the bag along the top edge.

Step 9:

Load ‘er up! You’re done! Now you just have to find a party to take the game to!!

Enjoy! What’s your favorite game? Which one would you carry in your Mini Messenger Bag?

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Sew Ready to Play with The Southern Institute

Introducing once again, the fabulous Jenny from The Southern Institute! If you’ve been following this blog for a little while now, you know that  Jenny and I have become pretty good pals and have enjoyed sharing on each other’s blogs. We met over comments about washing detergents and the rest is history! She shared her Indoor Herb Garden here and I’ve shared my Magnetic Bookmark tutorial there.

And I’m honored to have her here again! Welcome Jenny!

Red Rover Tote Bag
from The Southern Institute

Hi everyone, Jenny here from The Southern Institute!  I was so excited when Louise asked me to be a part of this series.  What a fun idea!  I had a hard time choosing a game to go with.  It came down to Heads Up 7Up or Red Rover for me.  I loved both of those games as a kid, but when I mentioned Heads Up 7Up to friends, there were a few who looked at me with blank stares.  Everyone seems to be familiar with Red Rover, however, and so was born the idea for the Red Rover Tote Bag!  Here’s a little tutorial for you.

Supplies needed:

  • tote bag (you can buy one or make one using this tutorial)
  • freezer paper
  • exacto knife
  • cutting mat
  • fabric paint
  • fabric paint brush
  • brown paper shopping bag
  • a large scrap of fabric, about 14″ x 7″
  • Pellon Wonder-Under (found with the interfacing at Joann’s and other fabric stores), cut to the same size as the fabric.
  • iron
  • scissors
First a little freezer paper stenciling.Using the freezer paper stenciling technique, paint “RED ROVER” onto the top half of the front of the tote bag. (Detailed Freezer Paper Stencil Tutorial found here).

Print out your stencil onto the dull side of the freezer paper (you can download it here).
Cut it out with the exacto knife.
Iron it on to the tote bag, shiny side down…
Apply two coats of paint, allowing about 10 minutes between coats, and peel the stencil away when it’s dry.

Now for the applique.

Press your fabric nice and smooth.  
In retrospect, madras was not the ideal fabric choice, but I love the way it looks.
Following the directions (they come with the Wonder-Under), attach the fabric to the Wonder-Under.
I cut out a paper people chain by drawing a little man (find him here) and drawing him over and over.  
Trace around the template onto the back side of the fabric.  
It doesn’t have to be perfect, as you can see.  
Cut the little guys out!
Attach the Madras Men to the front of the tote bag, according to the Wonder-Under directions.
This is going to be a book bag for our library trips.  It would also make a great gift!
Thanks so much for having me at I’m Feelin’ Crafty!  
It was “SEW” much fun!
See you all at The Southern Institute!

Collections and a Printable

Do you collect things? My husband and I collect art. Not real fancy art, just art we can afford and pieces we like. We lean towards the outsider art world… My husband also collects old radios. Me? As a kid I collected fairies and dragons. And I love to collect old and first edition books. Although I haven’t gotten any in quite some time now. Now… I haven’t been ‘collecting’ too much these days. I have a stash of old cameras. I was going to start collecting old wooden thread spools. I got one. That’s a far as that collection has gone.

My son on the other hand…. rocks, sticks, sand, shells, grass, flowers….. 

When my son was tiny, I decided I wanted to collect things from our travels for him. And it was just about this time that we were into baby food and baby food jars. I guess you could say I was collecting the jars! I rarely recycled a single one….

I think I have enough to last us for at least a few years of collecting! ha!

That was about two years ago! Did I put the plan in action? Noooooo. Well, partly… I have been collecting, but noting what the pieces are and where they are from, well…. um, no. So we have little jars around the house and I have no idea why the jars have particular things in them….

Then last weekend we were out at the beach and my son yells, ‘Wait, Wait, (imagine hand waving for everyone to stop what they are doing and come see what he’s doing) I need some sand for my collection!’ HUH? I stopped dead in my tracks! Does he know about my plan? I don’t know that I have ever really told him about my grand scheme of collecting for him or not. I grabbed a zip lock bag I just happened to have in my bag and helped him fill it up with his baggie with sand!! Totally giddy that he was excited about his ‘collection’! Hearing him saying that, got me in gear to finally follow through with my collection plan!

So this weekend, I got out the supplies and here’s a quick photo tutorial of how I made our collection.

And click here for the printable labels. These are sized for the baby food jars. And I recommend printing on a full sheet clear label.

What do you think? Black text on the labels? Or should they be a different color? Maybe I should match the lid? I don’t know. I wanted the black so it didn’t take away from the contents, but…. 

So far we just have sand… But I need to try to remember where the special shells and rocks came from. Oh, and I forgot about our collection of teeny tiny sand dollars from Max’s first trip Orange Beach! Ohhhh… So excited I just remembered that collection!

So what are you going to collect??? And will it fit in a baby food jar?

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Crafting With the Kids Recap

Friday I mentioned that we were going out of town with friends and I was in charge of the crafting projects for the kids.

Well…. I got box ready with all sorts of crafty things…

Baby Oil, bottles, food coloring for making wave bottles

Paper plates, paint and the salad spinner for salad spinner art

Clear cups and Glow in the Dark bracelets for the Glow in the Dark cups

Seashells and paints for Seashell Painting

Cork, paint and glue for the Cork Boats

Paper, paint and all sorts of things to glue to make Self Portraits

Pie tins, paint, straws and bubbles for Bubble Art

All that and did we make them??? Well, not exactly! The beach was calling, as was the football, bikes and giant bubbles… So, no, we didn’t really make too many projects…

We started the self portraits. But then that just turned in to a glue and paint project. Which was totally cool, but the portraits kinda went to the wayside.

But the boats… They were a hit! I made the boats but they didn’t really get painted before we headed down to the beach.

On another trip we made the boats and did paint them. Only that trip was just the opposite. We painted the boats, but they never saw the water!

I’ll share a funny story about the time we did paint them. We were camping with other friends and I have to say that the funniest quote of the weekend came from the boat painting activity. My son was still painting with his friend’s sister and she tells my son, ‘I like pink best because I am very girlie.’ My two year old son responded, ‘I’m manly. I’m a man. I’m mannnnly.’ Hilarious! I had to turn around to make sure I was hearing everything correctly!

Back to this weekend… After our boating adventure, we left the boat in the neighborhood Gnome Village at this little ladies home….. Ms. Gnome and her friend Mr. Googly Eye Rock seemed grateful for the new mode of transportation!

Did yall make anything fun with the kiddos this weekend?

Crafting With Kids Link Love

We’re spending time with friends and their kids this weekend and I was put in charge of the kids projects! So I thought I’d share a few of my Pinterest favorites that we might try out!

1. I love love love these boats from Ohdeedoh! We did this project before on a camping trip, but the boats still haven’t seen the water. we might have to try it again this weekend and float the boats!

2. And a wave in a bottle! How fun is this wave project from Babble for the little ones!

3. What little kid doesn’t love bubbles???? So if the kids love bubbles and they loving making things, won’t they want to make art out of bubbles?? I think so! Check out the how to at Disney Family Fun.

and 4. As you might know, my son loves glow in the dark… So if the kids are up late enough to be drinking anything outside in the dark, these glow in the dark cups from Making Memories with Your Kids will be fun. If not, the adults can partake!

Do you have a fun art projects that your family enjoys doing together?

I’ll be back with an update about which projects we tried out!