A Little Auction Creature- Kid Designed, Momma Made

One thing I love to make are stuffies (what we call stuffed animals) and dolls from kids drawings! And every year I also offer this as a thing at the kiddo’s school auctions. Rarely, do the people who buy them actually cash them in to get made. So I was really excited when the parent who got it last year, actually took me up on the offer! You can see some of the Kid designed, momma made creatures here and here.

This guy doesn’t have a name, but he’s pretty cute!


These are the directions I received. He had to be pink, skin color, you know! He comes with a top hat with a purple band and a white crystal on top! So that’s what I did!


oh, and don’t forget the tail!


So my kiddo didn’t design this one, but I felt like it needed a kid for scale! He’s kinda big!


And how did I make it?? Well, it took a few trials. I started with the pattern from Ikat Bag that I used for my Pikachu. But then altered a bit here and there. I added the tail and altered the front and head to get the right shape.




I used a good bit of heavy interfacing for the hat and ears. I did have to cut my sample a few times and contact the designer to make sure I was getting the correct orientation of the ears!


And I added a little pouch of the bean bag fill to give it enough stability to stand up straight.



I think my favorite part of the design was the ‘white crystal’ in his hat.


You can look back up at the original drawing to see the picture without the stuffie in it and then look back at this picture. What do you think? Do you think he matches what the designer drew?


The weird thing is… I love making these, but I’ve never made one for my son. I need to look through his drawings and find a good one to make one for him! I wonder what this years auction will bring!




Kid Designed, Momma Made

Hmmmm…. That almost sounds like a good name for a new business venture… hmmmm….

I’m so excited about this project! I love the little flower fairy doll I just finished up for a little girl from my son’s preschool. Honestly, it was kinda hard to give away!!

Our preschool auction came up not longer after I (I mean Santa and the Easter Bunny) made my son’s Bear and His Best Friend Pear duo. Remember, this was a project I did based on an idea he had. I had a great time putting his ideas together in stuffie dolls. The project turned out so cool that I donated a stuffie project as an auction item for the Preschool auction. It sold and this was the image I got to go on. Drawn/designed by a Pre-K’er.

And this is what came from the drawing. Made by a Momma!

It was pretty fun! I’m usually pretty good at sewing and getting everything right the first time. But I had a few struggles with getting some pieces just right. I made the feet a couple of times before I got them right. and one of them is still a little off, but I feel like it’s pretty close.

I did take one creative liberty…. The original design didn’t have hair on the front of the fairy’s face. I made the face without the hair and it just seemed to be missing something with the crown there and hair in the back… I hope that’s ok…

So what do you think? Add Design Your Stuffies to my Etsy shop??? hmmmm….


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