Sewing Room Updates!

I don’t have a beautiful bright, airy, white sewing room like I see all over the internet… But I have a great space despite not having windows!! And now it’s even better!


A couple of weeks ago a friend posted her ironing board set-up on IG. I knew immediately that I had to copy her idea! So as genius as this is, I can’t take credit for it!

When I saw it I knew it was the perfect Mother’s Day present for me! So I asked my husband if he had gotten me anything…. Luckily, he hadn’t! So I told him what I wanted. He was fine with it until it registered that what I wanted came from Ikea! That’s part of the present, I told him! Taking me to Ikea! hehehe! And he must love me, becuase he went there with me. First time I’ve ever seen him even drive near an Ikea, much less venture in the front door!


I hated my ironing board and all the stuff that would pile up on it and under it! And then to get to my shelves behind it, I had to move everything, then slide the ironing board and hope the iron didn’t fall on my head. I guess I could have moved the iron, but hey, we all need a little risk, right?

And the bookshelf we used is basically the same size as the ironing board! A few inches longer, but not much! So it doesn’t take up much more space at all!


It all starts with an Ikea book shelf…. I’m in love with this one, becuase I like all the different sized holes. We have 2 others for the playroom already! My friend used the one with 8 holes. The other thing about this one, is that it’s a little wider, or taller once you turn it on it’s side. I like a tall ironing board!


Then the dear husband made a trip to the hardware store for a piece of wood. We got a shelf that was the exact same depth of the bookshelf. He cut it to the right length. I got the ironing board cover fabric and cut it down to size. and a piece of fabric. This fabric is actually a lovely sheet fabric that I happened to be hoarding! Then he helped me staple the ironing board fabric and the cover fabric around the board.


We added locking wheels. 6. Maybe could have used 8, but I think the six work fine.


I just dropped the top right on top. So far I haven’t secured the top to the shelf. But it’s pretty heavy that I don’t think it will move around too much. I haven’t had a problem yet. I was also thinking that I might add cutting boards under the ironing board for a really long cutting surface…. But I haven’t done that yet!


And it’s just an inch or two higher than the counter, but it’s at a height that I can actually sew standing up. That will be really nice when I’m doing a lot of little pieces that need sewing, ironing, sewing, ironing, sewing, ironing….


Now, I don’t have all the piles under the ironing board. I have a spot for all the stuff that used to sit on top of the ironing board, so I have a full length ironing board again. I can easily roll it out to get to the fabric behind it. I can roll it out to let the large fabrics slide over each side as I iron! And when it’s in it’s spot, the room actually feels much bigger! Nice!

Thank you very much, golddogmom, for the inspiration! And to the family for helping get it and put it all together!



A Portable Ironing Board Tutorial

Another super simple tutorial! A portable ironing board! With the weather (finally) turning nice around here, I like to take my sewing machine outside and sew in the sun! The problem is, I hate carrying up the ironing board… So I thought, why don’t I make a tiny ironing board to take outside with me???

And I needed it to take to my in-laws ‘summer house’ as my son calls their little getaway cabin…

It’s so simple, it’s getting a simple tutorial to go along with the simplicity of the project!

Step 1: Gather your materials, A round piece of plywood (from Lowe’s), batting, fabric, stapler or staple gun, scissors.

Step 2: Cut out the batting about 2 or 3 inches larger than the circle.

Step 3: Pull the batting tight and staple it to the plywood as you go around the circle.

Step 4: Cut the fabric about 4 to 6 inches larger than the circle.

Step 5: Pull the fabric tight around the circle and staple as you go.

I totally recommend a staple gun if you want to do this by yourself! Or if you’re super strong and don’t need someone stronger than yourself, you might not need a staple gun. My sweet husband had to help me with the staple part. Since we were out-of-town we didn’t have our staple gun, so I had to enlist the help of my husband to do the stapling with the plain ‘ole stapler.

And WAH-LA!! You now have you’re very own portable ironing board!

What are you going to take outside to sew and iron??

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