More Pillowcases!

Like I mentioned in my last post, I love making pillowcases as Christmas presents… And since Christmas is coming up soon, I thought I’d share some I made last year.

I can’t post the pictures of gifts before Christmas then I forget to post them after, so here they are!


I just love this mix of fabrics! All Cotton and Steel. I even got to throw in some of my most favorite ‘sprinkles’!

I made these using the Burrito Method using The Seasoned Homemaker‘s tutorial. This is the same way I made the Harry Potter pillowcases a while back.


As I mentioned in that post, the burrito pillowcase tutorials don’t make their pillowcases using directional prints. Yet, once again, I chose a directional print. The burrito method uses one long piece of fabric for the edge of the pillow, one long piece for the trim and another piece for the main pillowcase. To use a directional print, you have to piece two pieces together to make the main fabric piece.

The tutorial I used uses a 27″ by 40″ piece for the main fabric. For directional fabric you need to cut (2) 27″ by 20 3/4″ pieces. Then sew these together using a French seam tutorial. I made mine with a 1/4 inch seam and then a 1/2″ seam. Then I have a 40″ long piece of fabric for the main fabric.


You can see that I now have penguins with their heads up on both sides of the pillow!


And they blend great with the kiddo’s sheets! These are a great way to use up large pieces of your stash. I found some fabric last night in my stash that I bought for pillowcases ages ago. This Christmas, it’s being used and removed from my stash!

What’s your favorite pillow case tutorial?

A Graduation Gift Set for a Drummer

I may have mentioned this, but I’m really bad about giving graduation gifts on time. It takes me a while to figure out just the right thing!

My cousin’s son graduated high school during the pandemic and started college at Troy University playing drums. I’m just a year late on this one!

Troy Graduation-StickBagInside-ImFeelinCrafty

I had the bright idea to make him a drum stick bag. My original idea was much more simple than I ended up making! I mentioned it and was introduced to the world of drum stick bags on Amazon. No drawstring bags here… But I was up for the challenge. Pockets and straps and handles, oh my!

Troy Graduation-StickBagMain-ImFeelinCrafty

I also took a while to figure out how I wanted to make it special. Then the idea of cork came to mind. I ended up ordering some black and grey cork from Sew Sweetness and it’s just perfect. The school colors are black, grey and burgundy, so I stitched the outline in burgundy thread.

Troy Graduation-StickBagMain2-ImFeelinCrafty
Troy Graduation-StickBagBack-ImFeelinCrafty
Troy Graduation-StickBagZipper-ImFeelinCrafty

The biggest detail on the outside is the T. I love how it turned out. But I also added handles and a key fob and a little cork detail to finish off the double zipper.

Troy Graduation-StickBagInside2-ImFeelinCrafty

The inside has 4 pockets and a long adjustable strap. The strap can hook onto the side of a drum and hang there for easy access to the drum sticks.

Troy Graduation-MainBucket-ImFeelinCrafty

I also made a bucket. For the drum stick bag, I just made up the pattern as I went. But for the bucket, I used the free Faithwell Storage Bin pattern by Sew Sweetness. I’ve used this pattern before with my cross stitch koala and love it. I have never included the handle, though.

Troy Graduation-BucketT-ImFeelinCrafty

The storage bin actually came out of a mistake I made on the drum stick bag. I originally sewed in the T in the wrong orientation. So then I was was like what do I do with this extra Troy T? I make a bucket! Perfect!

Troy Graduation-BucketSeam-ImFeelinCrafty
Troy Graduation-BucketInside-ImFeelinCrafty

I followed the directions, but changed it up some with the cork. The directions call to use fusible foam and fuse it to the exterior fabric. I was hesitant to add to the cork, so I flipped it and added the fusible foam to the lining. I was also concerned about the seams in the cork, but they turned out great!

Troy Graduation-Bucket-ImFeelinCrafty

I also made a key chain with the scraps from the cork pieces. I used my own tutorial for that!

Troy Graduation-Last-ImFeelinCrafty

Then I filled it with fun goodies. Seattle Chocolates, a WA state flag, a Troy pin, some Legos, and a stress ball thingy! I was super excited about how it turned out. and I’m pretty sure the kiddo liked it as well.

Do you have a favorite Graduation Gift you like to make?

Quick and Easy Cord Tacos- a Super Simple Tutorial

Have you seen these cord tacos?? I’ve been seeing them in magazines and catalogs. And of course, I pull the ‘I can make that’ routine!


Everywhere I have seen them, they are about 5 dollars a piece. Granted, a lot of them are leather, but still…. If you’re like me, you have scraps of vinyl and or leather around from other projects and you have a pile of snaps. So it’s going to be way cheaper then what they are selling them for! And I don’t need mine to be leather anyway!


I do a lot of my blogging on my laptop in the living room with a table next to my chair. And on my table is this cool basket full of cords. It drives me nuts, because I go to grab a cord and they all come rolling out!


The fix? Cord Tacos! And I love that the ends stick out, so I can see exactly what I am looking for!



Seriously, these are SO easy to make. It took me about a half hour to make all 5. If that! You need a little bit of vinyl or leather. Scissors. Something to draw a circle with. I used my dollar store compass. And a snap set.

I used the marine grade vinyl because it doesn’t have the flannel backing on it.


Draw your circles. I made mine 3 and 5 inches in diameter. The smaller size is probably going ot get the most use. It’s perfect for the cell phone chargers, etc. I did make one smaller for my fitbit charger, about 2.5 inch diameter.


Cut out the circle.


Locate where you want the snap and mark it.


Punch a hole through both sides.


Install snaps.


And that’s it! You’re done! See why I didn’t want to pay 35 buckaroos?


I’m so excited that I finally sat down and made these. I tore the page out of the catalog and it’s been sitting on my sewing table since Christmas. And speaking of Christmas, wouldn’t these be perfect stocking stuffers? Um, YES! You can do them in leather for a more sophisticated look and vinyl for a more colorful, fun look!



An Easter Wreath Tutorial by Hugs Kisses and Snot!

I love the name of Stephanie’s blog! How true are those three things and how often do they all come along together for us mother’s out there??? Stephanie has some great tutorials on her blog, Hugs Kisses and Snot, and parenting thoughts! I recently read one about remembering how old your kiddos are and the expectations that go with that age and it really made me think about my three year old! Honestly, I think back to it quite often!

Today let’s welcome Stephanie to I’m Feelin’ Crafty!!! Yea!! Thanks for joining us!!

Hi there, I’m Stephanie from Hugs, Kisses and Snot. At Hugs, Kisses and Snot you will find inexpensive crafts for kids and the home, everyday food that is husband and kid approved and my faith journey. I’m also a veteran IVF mom as well as experienced in raising a child with Sensory Processing Disorder. You can find our IVF and SPD stories as well as SPD resources.

I’m really happy to be guest posting for Louise today. I’ve found lots of inspiration for crafts to do with my kids and I’m in awe of her quilting abilities. I don’t quilt myself and am amazed by people who do. To me, beautiful quilts are like a work of art that you create with a sewing machine.

Anyhoo – When quilters aren’t quilting, they knit. And those who don’t knit…make yarn wreaths. That’s me. I can’t quilt or knit but I seem to have an abundance of yarn. I’ve put that yarn to good use making yarn wreaths.

Spring has sprung so it’s time to update the front door with a fresh spring wreath. Felt rosettes are nice but I wanted something different this year. Felt calla lilies will do the trick. These are so easy to make you won’t believe it. Part of me wants to keep it a secret and make everybody think that I went to a lot of work to create this but I’ll be nice and share.


14 or 16 inch straw wreath
green yarn
1 sheet purple felt
1 sheet white felt
yellow, off white or oatmeal yarn (I used oatmeal)
2 inch wide wired ribbon (I used paper ribbon)
large decorative butterfly (the butterfly I used was made of paper and coordinated with
the ribbon. But a butterfly made of feather will work great too)
hot glue gun

all of these supplies can be found at the craft store (Michael’s, Hobby Lobby, etc.)

First things first. Keeping the plastic on the wreath, wrap it with green yarn. The yarn does not have to wrap perfectly and line up exactly. That’s nearly impossible and imperfections make it more interesting. Just make sure you can’t see any of the straw
from the front.

Next, cut out 8 squares of purple felt and 8 squares of white felt. The squares are 3 X 3 inches. I used my scrapbooking cutting mat to measure but a ruler would work just fine.

Time to cut a stamen for the calla lily. Using another color of yarn (I used an oatmeal color because that is what I had in my basket) cut 16 pieces that are approximately 3 inches long. Position the yarn diagonally across the felt square and hot glue one half of the yarn down to the felt.

Here’s where it get’s tricky so pay attention…roll and glue. Did you catch that? Don’t let all this technical craft speak scare you. Just roll one corner in, glue. Then roll the other corner over and glue. Phew, nurse, dab my forehead please.

Continue the “roll & glue” method with all of the felt squares.

Now it’s time to attach them to the wreath. Start with a single layer of 4 flowers. I tried  to alternate the colors at random. Position 4 flowers and hot glue to the wreath. Once the first layer of flowers is in place, overlap another layer of flowers on top of the original 4. Always arrange and rearrange each layer of flowers before gluing them down. Continue adding layers until the bottom layer is only 2 or 3 flowers.

Cut a piece of wired ribbon long enough to wrap around the wreath. Hot glue at the base of the bouquet. This will hide the base of the bouquet as well as provide a smooth surface to glue the ribbon embellishment.

Cut another piece of ribbon about a yard long (there will be extra but that can be trimmed). Begin folding it accordion style.

Pinch the first fold together and hot glue in place. Don’t glue the top fold (loop). Pinch the next fold to the hot glued side and glue that in place. Continue folding and gluing until you have about 7 or 8 loops. Trim the excess ribbon and glue the tail end of the ribbon to the last fold.

Once the glue has dried you can gently bend so that it spoons up against the wreath. Position it on the ribbon that you have previously placed on the wreath at the base of your bouquet. Apply a generous amount of glue to the inside curve of your loop-d-loop and place it on the ribbon that is on the wreath.

The final step is to secure the butterfly. Most decorative butterflies have a wire sticking out of the underside of their body. It has been my experience that this little wire is not secure inside the butterfly and the smallest breeze will send your butterfly fluttering away. Secure the wire with a large dollop of hot glue where the wire enters the body of the butterfly. Now you can poke the wire into the wreath but you will still need to put hot glue on the underside of the body and secure that to the wreath.

Done and done!

Thanks for crafting with me!


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I Speak for the Trees, Truffula Trees That Is… A Mini Tutorial

My weekend posts are usually link love posts on something I’m obsessing about that other people have already done…. But this weekend, I’m still totally obsessing about The Lorax… I didn’t get to see it on Friday, but we’re going this Friday for our Mommie and Max Friday Movie Date!

ok, remember the poofs that I’m in love with? The ones I used the other day for the Lorax mask? Well, they make perfect mini Truffula Trees as well!

I got the orange poofs for the mask and, like I mentioned, went back to find more orange ones, but instead got all sorts of colors because the other thing I was when I look at these little poofs is Truffula Trees!

This is really just a mini tutorial. actually I don’t even know if it counts technically as a tutorial, but…

The materials I used were simple. Poofs, the wood sticks, or pencils, yellow, white and black paint and a paintbrush. First I painted the sticks yellow and then painted the little black lines. Next, just twist the poof around the top and Wahla, you have a mini little Truffula tree! I mean how easy is that??

You can make a little Truffula Tree scene decoration…

You can make Truffula Tree pencils for the sketcher or writer in your world….

Or they can be a beautiful bouquet!

What else would you do with your Truffula Trees? Cake Toppers! That would be cool…. What else?? My son loves them as Truffula Tree Wands…. hmmmm… anything else?

And if you’re looking to make more life-size Truffula Trees, don’t miss this other (real) tutorial I made! Yes, I do LOVE Dr Seuss and all his characters, but especially The Lorax!

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Update: The poofs! I’ve had a lot of questions asking about the poofs for the mini trees. I got mine in the floral deptartment at JoAnn’s. I’ve found this link to buy poofs on etsy. These aren’t exactly what I used. The ones I used had elastic in them. These could be used with a little hot glue and the poofs, wrapped around. You can also just google Feather Poofs and you’ll find other options for purchase.

I’m the Lorax And I Have a Tutorial!

And I speak for the trees!

I’m super excited about the movie coming out TOMORROW! Yea!! If you’ve been reading for a little while, you’ve probably noticed I LOVE DR SEUSS stories! I think my son’s birthday party might have given you a hint!

Did anyone go to the story time at Target last week?? I really wanted to because I know they give away things too… But of course, I forgot. But my best pal back home didn’t forget! She was telling me about all the cool things they got and one of the many fun things they got was a Lorax mask. I asked her to send a picture, but she never did… (hint hint…. in case you’re reading this….) Anyway, ever since she told me about the mask I haven’t been able to get the idea out of my head. But how would I make it? I had no idea what to make it out of….

That is until I found these great little poofs! I was actually looking for feathers for this little hat I’m making. But with the bright and perfect find of feathers I found, there were these little poofs! And there just happened to be 2 orange ones! I thought that they were little hair ties or something, but the receipt called them wine glass charms. Who knew??

I even went back to the store the next day thinking that maybe I had missed some orange ones. I needed more for eyebrows, you know! But nope…. So there’s no eyebrows…

Ok, I have to say, I’m totally in love with my Lorax mask!! Even the Gak (I think we have the only one in town you know) is smiling about it!

If you can get to JoAnn’s and find some orange poofs (or wine glass charms, if you’re feeling too sophisticated to call them poofs…. I actually like saying Poof! Say it with me, poof poof poof! You kinda just start smiling if you say poof too many times! I digress). Ok, I’ll start over… If you get to JoAnn’s, that’s where I found mine,  and find some poofs you can make your own as well! or what else would you use if you don’t have poofs? I’d love to know!

And here’s how I made mine!

Step 1: Materials:

2 orangey yellowish poofs

heavy cardstock. I used orange, but you can’t really see it in the end, so it doesn’t really matter what color it is.


hot glue gun

orange fleece

a stick. Could be a popsicle stick, but I just happened to have some fancy fan sticks left over from my wedding (yes, that was almost 6 years ago and I still have them. I don’t get rid of craft supplies very often!).

Step 2: Cut out the back. You can download my template by clicking here.

Step 3: Cut out the little fleecy nose. I did mine the orange. My husband thinks it should be black. The movie, it’s orange. THe book, it’s both. SOme pictures orange, some black…. It’s up to you, of course. Notice the shape I cut my fleece… So it’s round on the bottom, but will fit and wrap around the circle nose.

Step 4: Hot glue the fleece to the back.

Step 5: Hot glue the fleece down on the back of the nose.

Step 6: This is how the nose looks!

Step 7: Hot glue on the poofs.

Step 8: Hot glue on the handle stick.

And wahla….  A 15 minute, no sew, Lorax mask!

And while I was making the poof mask, my son was making his own version of the Lorax mask. Ahhhh… another way to go.. Layers of fleece will work if you can’t find the poofs!

Have fun! I’m about to buy my tickets to the movie now….

And of course, Happy Birthday to You, Dr Seuss!

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The Magnetic Bookmark, again….

This might look familiar to some of you… The magnetic bookmark is actually a tutorial I did to share with my pal Jenny at The Southern Institute. Today I am reposting it here on my blog as well.

And….  Oh, my!! I’m so excited! I was just looking over at The Long Thread for something and ended up re-reading her post on the Top 100 Tutorials of 2011… And my bookmark made the cut! I’m so honored! I love The Long Thread! Wow! I don’t know how I missed it the first time I read the list. But I was just looking and noticed she listed a magnetic bookmark so I went to look closer and noticed that she was linking to Jenny’s blog and I knew it was my tutorial!! ahhh… LOVE IT!

Today I wanted to share my tutorial on a magnetic bookmark. I saw something similar and in good Feelin’ Crafty fashion, I said, ‘I can make that.’ So here it goes!

Step 1: Materials:Scrap Fabric Sew-In Magnets (or any magnets will work really, but I like the sew-in ones) Scissors and/or Rotary Cutter Thread

Step 2:Make the front and/or back. For mine, I did a patchwork side and a one piece side. So Step 2 is to set up the patchwork side. Lay it out and sew it together. So if you want to do the patchwork piece, this step is for you. If not, it’s kinda like the choose your own adventure books (remember those as a kid??) move on to Step 3.

Step 3:Cut the front and back sides to both be 2.5” by 6”.

Step 4:Sew pieces together, right sides together, leaving about a 1” hole.

Step 5:Trim the corners and pull the ends through.
Step 6: Now that it’s right side out, iron the seams flat.
Step 7: Insert the magnet. I try to keep it on one side of the stitch allowance so that it fits down at the bottom just right. Also, don’t forget to make sure that you have your magnets facing right before you sew it closed! You don’t want the magnets to repel each other, because that won’t help you save that special page you were reading.

Step 8:Topstitch. Another tip… The magnets liked to attach themselves to my sewing machine and not let the ‘teeth’ pull the fabric through. So I try to remember to hold the magnet up a little bit as it gets close to the metal teeth on my machine. So, if you are using the sew-in magnets, the magnet will be sewn in while you are topstitching. If you have a regular round craft magnet, you’ll want to also topstitch just above the magnet to keep it in place.

Step 9: Wahlah! You’re done! Turn off the sewing machine and pick up a book. You will no longer have to try to remember where you left off!
Has anyone else made one of these bookmarks?? A group of local moms in my neighborhood have formed a book club, so I’m frantically trying to actually finish one of the books on time! But even if I don’t finish the book, I always know where I am since I have my handy bookmark!
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Bunting? Garland? Bunting? Garland? Both!

Remember yesterday how I said I had been punching A LOT??? I wasn’t kidding! I think I punched more hearts than anyone needs, including myself… But I made a garland for our Valentine tree and a little bunting for our little heart-shaped cakes.

OK, yes, here’s another Valentine’s story that goes all the way back to Christmas! Our Valentine’s day tree is, yes, you probably guessed it, a Christmas tree! I got it on super clearance after Christmas with the intention of using it for Valentine’s day. Added a few pink and white sequins, plus a hand-made heart garland and wahla, it’s a Valentine’s day decoration!

And what’s more perfect for Valentine’s Day than a mini red velvet heart-shaped cake with cream cheese icing and a cute little bunting!

The uses for paper heart shaped punches is endless!!!


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Color Your Valentine’s Day Out of This World!

Have you noticed that Valentine’s day is coming??? If you’ve read any other crafty or sewing blog, you’ve probably figured it out by now… The Valentine’s Day posts are in full force! I love a good reason to be seasonally crafting, so here I go… I’m jumping in and sharing my Valentine’s Day crafts and sewing projects this week.

To kick off the week, I thought I’d do a little repost…. This year my son’s school doesn’t share Valentine’s, so I thought I’d re-share the ones we did last year. We?? Um, oh yeah, actually that was me! But he did have fun with the finished project!

I made recycled heart crayons, printable cards and printable envelopes for the crayons.

Jump on over here for the tutorial for the crayons!

The envelope you ask??? You can print it by clicking here. And not quite sure how to put it together? It’s pretty simple, but click here for the mini tutorial!

Oh, and if you like the envelope images, check out the cute little coordinating cards! You can print these by clicking here!

Check back each day this week for more Valentine’s Inspiration! What are you making this year? Do you even do Valentine’s day?

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Winter Papercut Tutorial over at Sugar Bee Crafts

I don’t know if you remember, but wayyyyyyy back in 2011 I did a tutorial on how I do my 3D papercuts…. I made the tutorial to share with a great blog, Sugar Bee Crafts, but today I wanted to post it right here on my blog! It is a little Christmas-y… the decorated tree kinda gives that away, huh??? But it’s still hanging in our dining room, we just had a nice little winter snow storm last week (that kept us at home for a week looking at the walls…. yes, my husband started painting the walls again today… see??? we really have been staring at the walls around here!) and I’m thinking about doing a springy or Valentine’s day one too… So I guess what I’m trying to say is, I’ve been thinking about it for a while, so I thought I’d share it again!

The other projects I’ve become obsessed with lately are paper cut art pieces! I made one for Halloween and absolutely loved it, so thought I’d make another winter one. That idea grew into a tutorial that I want to share with you today!

Step 1- Gather the materials!

Frame- I actually used a wooden painting panel (1 1/2″ depth) turned backwards!

Paper! The blue background paper, the white paper, gold glitter paper for the star, and glitter paper for the tree ornaments.

Images- If you’d like to use mine, download them here.

Foam Core

Spray Paint- If you want to paint your canvas

Cutting Materials- cutting mat, straight edge, exacto knife and extra blades

Hole Punches- I used a regular hole punch and two smaller ones, 1/8″ and 1/16″ hole punches

Picture Hanging Materials- Eye Screws and Wire

And miscellaneous tools that didn’t fit in the picture!- Double sided tape and Glue

Step 2- Spray Paint the frame. This is going to be Step 2 and a few in-between steps throughout. I started with this step. Then moved on to the next steps and between steps would go add my second and third coats of paint.

I got my panels at Artist and Craftsman Supply here in Seattle. Actually I got mine out of our cabinet that stores our art supplies and my lovely husband pointed out that the panels I used on this and the Halloween one was actually not mine at all, but his! It was nice of him to donate them to the cause! I know what’s going in his stocking this year…

Step 3- Cut the background paper.

Step 4- The Papercuts- Part 1! This step is kinda long and tedious. I kinda hate to say that, but I don’t want you to get into and wonder why it’s taking so long…. If it is, you’re doing it right! I taped my image onto the white paper and then start cutting. Don’t try to get it perfect in this step. This one you’re just making the lines, but not worrying if they actually connect… (this will make more sense in the next step)

Step 5- The Papercuts- Part 2! Yep, another long step… Remove the image from Step 4. This is where you replace your knife blade and go in and actually connect all the lines for nice sharp corners. Also, don’t forget to cut the moon.

Step 6- Cut the Foam Core. Outline the ground-line of the paper cut on the foam core and then cut the foam core about a 1/4″ shorter than the actual paper cut for each layer.

Step 7- Tape the Foam Core. Tape the foam core to the papercuts with double-sided tape. I love this Scotch tape! It says it’s removable, but it holds really well!!

Step 8- Punch out the snow. I used both of the smaller hole punches for the snow and primarily the 1/16th inch punch.

Step 9- Glue on the moon and the snow. First I laid out where the moon was going to be and then glued it down. I sprinkled all the snow on, then adjusted if there were any clumps of areas with too much snow. Then I glued it down. I was planning on just using regular glue, but imagine my surprise when I found this WONDERFUL ball point glue pen. LOVE IT!

Step 10- Punch tree ornaments. I used all three hole punches for the ornaments.

Step 11- Cut out the star!

Step 12- Glue on the ornaments. I was a little skeptical about the ornaments… I loved it with just the star being the only color, but at the same time, I loved the ornaments…

So I did a little mock-up with and without the ornaments. Obviously I went with the ornaments! Actually, this idea didn’t hit me until I was done… But I actually liked the idea of making one or two extra layers of the tree… Hmmmmm…. Next time…

Step 12- Take a break from the actual art piece and add the picture hanging wire.

Step 13- Assemble all the pieces! Start by adding the double-sided tape to the back of the frame. Then continue by adding the tape to each layer and building up the piece.

And lastly, add the star to the top of the tree! Just like in our house, the star (or angel, depending on the year) is always the last ornament!

Step 14- Hang it up and enjoy!

I’m so excited about my new paper cut obsession! What do you think? I’m thinking art shows, my name in lights, world acclaim…. Ok, Maybe I’ll just stick to making them for my home….

ahhhh… that felt good to get this posted yet again! Hope you don’t mind the repost… I’ve been working hard on some fun stuff, so of course, there’s good stuff coming the next couple of weeks!!!  I can’t wait to show ya some of the other things I’ve been working on.

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