Weekend Whims- Other Doo Nanny Artists

We were having such a good time at the Doo Nanny finding all sorts of fun things to look at. But today I want to share with you a little of what we got and a couple of things we didn’t!

1. John Henry Toney has become a very well-known Southern Folk Artist. He’s a farmer from a town just a little bit further down the road from Seale, AL. The story goes that he pulled up a turnip one day with e human face. From that day on, he’s been drawing every day. It’s this turnip that inspired the image for this years Doo Nanny. We got to meet him and say hello. Unfortunately, his work was a bit out of our price range right now, so we didn’t get to purchase one on this trip…. He had a sweet giggle watching my son take pictures with the big camera, but he didn’t want him to take his picture. Hence all pictures of Toney and his art are via The Museum of Wonder.

2. As we were wandering around, my husband found these scary prints of Frankenstein and Dracula and a few other horror film characters by Krek Prints.  Through chatting with the artist, Jason Krekel, we found out that the pieces were all hand cut linocuts and letterpressed by the artist. The detail is just amazing! My husband and one of his brothers love these horror film characters! Me, not so much. Don’t get me wrong, I do appreciate the detail, but the characters, um…. But I do love the Flying Saucers piece I got! So we came home with a few pieces by Jason! Check out more scary prints in Jason’s etsy shop!

3. We also both loved the work of Last Days Press. This is the piece that we brought home, titled, ‘No Turning Back Now!’. I didn’t get anything from Jason, but I think I’m going to have to get one or both of his owls!!! There are some really cool sea creature illustrations on his blog that I’m also in love with! I almost got this Dreams piece

4. I love love love these paintings by Joe of Big Woods Art! It was really hard to decide which piece to get! I love his owls. The bears are awesome. I also love the big eyed flying creature. We narrowed it down to a few smaller pieces and my son made the final decision. I love the green bear we brought home!

5. And then there’s Buddy Snipes! We didn’t meet him here, but we did get to see a lot of his work. The Museum of Wonder is not only full of Butch Anthony’s pieces, but there is also a great selection of Buddy’s work. A few years back we got my brother-in-law one of his pieces, but we didn’t get one on this trip. I loved this one with the two people hanging on the couch! Picture of Buddy Snipes is via the Garde Rail Gallery.

The Doo Nanny Through the Eyes of a 3 Year Old

While we were at the Doo Nanny, for some reason I let my 3-year-old carry around my BIG camera and take pictures! He was loving it! As were everyone that saw him with this camera as big as his head wandering around taking pictures.

Here’s a another view of the festival from his eyes! Well, it’s not actually the art show part of the festival, but more up by the Museum of Wonder and the house. Again, in hindsight, why didn’t I give him the camera while we were walking through the art booths?? Those would have been cool shots! 🙂 Next time. See it looks like we have to go back! I have a photo opportunity!

ok, so here’s the funny part! Butch Anthony wears overalls, pretty much exclusively. (from what I can tell… He didn’t tell he that personally or anything, but…) When we got up to the house there was a line of overalls hanging out. Since Max had the camera, I asked him to take a picture of them. He proceeded to do closeups of each pair. One shot for each pair! Too funny! But the pictures are actually kinda cool!


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The Doo Nanny!

Oh yeah! Have you been to the Doo-Nanny? Do you know where Seale, AL is??? If you answered no to both of those questions, it’s understandable. So did I a month or so ago! Even both of my parents, who grew up in AL, had no idea where Seale is!!

I’ve kinda mentioned that my husband and I collect Outsider and Southern Folk Art. We love it! When we had to change our yearly trip to Bama from May to April, at first we were kinda bummed. But as it got closer , of course, we got excited. We had realized that Butch Anthony’s Museum of Wonder wasn’t all that far away from my Dad’s house (ok, about an hour and half away. Not too far, right??). So we decided that we’d stop in and say hello and check it out! Yea!!

And then we realized we were headed there the same time as the Doo Nanny! So we rescheduled a few things to make sure we were there for the DooNanny.

So what is the Doo Nanny?? Well, it’s a little bit of everything we found out! Music, Art, art cars, fun people, fun people dressed funny, food, bonfires, camping, quilts… A little bit of everything!

The art is why we went, but we enjoyed the day just taking it all in!

The girl with the wig.. I believe she’s Jen from Jen and the Juice. for some reason my son was convinced she was a boy. I, on the other hand, am convinced she is a girl! So we played a little game of ‘She’s a Girl, He’s a Boy!’ the game goes a little like this, I say, ‘She’s a girl.’ He says, ‘He’s a boy.’ and back and forth and back and forth and back and forth… You get the idea!

The bottom picture is my son in front of the Emerge-N-See Mobile Visionary Unit by Robert Seven aka Mister Doctor Professor!

That’s me and my son in front of Miz Thang’s trailer. And I think that might be her guitar as well.

I loved this Heaven and Hell car by Chris Hubbard!

And of course the cute boys in my life in front of more art!

I wasn’t completely on the ball and writing down everyone and everything I saw, so I might be missing some links. If there is anything you see here that needs a link or there’s a better link to it, please let me know!

More on this, tomorrow!