Happy Earth Day- Link Love

I’m super excited about the Kid’s Clothes Week Challenge coming up next month. So excited that I was going to do a link love of some of my favorites from the last challenge. That was until I realized that today is Earth Day!

WooooHoooo! Earth Day!

And as you know, I’m all about the whole recycling and upcycling thing, so here are a few of my favorite recent upcycled finds in honor of Earth Day.


1. Some close friends brought me a beautiful pin cushion back from China. Unfortunately, I dropped it on my concrete floor. I glued it back together and it worked for a while. Until… I dropped it again. This only shows how much I loved it and used it. Ok,and yes, and that I must be a bit clumsy. Just a little bit though… Anyway, I found this pincushion project from The Fainting Goat made from an upcyced little brass pot. I think I’m going to have to try it!

2. This is a lovely little clutch, or makeup bag, or anything bag by A Very Purple Person. The secret is that this bag is made from an upcycled place mat!

3. OK, so this isn’t made from upcycled anything. But it’s the WHOLE WIDE WORLD! This pillow and all the ones in the background are printed on organic cotton and sewn by hand by My Bearded Pigeon. Yep, more maps! I LOVE MAPS!!! And I absolutely love these pillows. Fantastic!

4. And in the spirit of Easter, I love this upcycled bunny necklace by Andrea Rodgers.

5. Check out this great owl costume and mask by April and Her Bright Ideas! Check out her blog for the upcycled tutorial.

6. I never realized how perfect all the pockets in cargo pants would be for making a messenger bag! Check out Noodleheads tutorial to make your own.