Woodsy Party Tutorial One- Favor Tags

Favors. ahhh… I love favors! I know, I’ve said it over and over, but I do!  Since this party was more than just an everyday party, this was my son’s baptism, I wanted something relevant to the event. A symbol of life.

I chose plants with a tag of my favorite phrase from our church, ‘May the Peace be with you.’  They were alive when the left party, so hopefully they are still thriving with all of our friends and family!

I’ve seen the tags and the little flags around the blogosphere, but I didn’t want to print something someone else had made. I wanted it hand written and on the brown kraft paper. Here’s a mini tutorial on how I made mine!


1. Materials:

Kraft Paper

White Pen

Double sided tape


Cutting Mat & Straight Edge

2. Cut strips of paper the same width as your tape.

3. Write your message.

4. Apply tape to one side of the tag.

5. Wrap the tag around the pail handle and tape to the other side. And Wahla!

Super simple!

What favors would you give for a woodsy party??? Let me know! I love woodsy parties (in case you haven’t noticed!) so I’d love some more great ideas.


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