QuiltCon 2017 Favorites

OK, you might be bored with QuiltCon pictures by now, but I’m going to post more anyway. Sorry! I’m headed off for a quilting retreat this weekend and I thought to look back at the inspiring quilts from QuiltCon would be a good way to start off the weekend!

Hyperbolic Hexagon Tessellation by Jennifer Kloke

I was about to write, This is one of my favorite…. But they are all my favorites! So I’ll just get that out right now so I don’t start each paragraph with that same sentence! I took a million pictures of my ‘favorites’, but the ones I’m showing today are the ones that I keep coming back to in my head, the ones that really left an impression on me!


As you probably know, this was my first year to go to QC and the first year to have a quilt (or two) in the show! So imagine my surprise as I rounded the corner, looked up and saw my quilt at the end of the line of AMAZING quilts! It felt awesome!




And I got closer and closer and super close!


And technically, I didn’t make this quilt all on my own! This was one of the do.Good Stitches quilts that I designed and made with blocks from my group!


This is my friend Matt! He’s amazing! He’s the only guy in our guild and did I say amazing? It was great to spend a lot of the day with him wandering around looking at quilts. Maybe a couple of critiques… This is the quilt he designed for our guild’s charity quilt. He also talked me into spending way too much at the BlocLoc booth! And yes, I’m glad he did!


left: The Kiss by Kay-Anna McCalla and right: Lilianna Kehnle

These two were both from the youth category. Love seeing the youth quilts. I didn’t realize that there was a youth category. I came home and told my son about the category and he got excited. Just the other day he told me we needed to get started on his quilt for the show! We’ll see if it happens!


Serenity by Stephanie Skardal

Ok, this totally grabbed my attention for a couple of reasons. One, it totally reminded me of seersucker, which I love. And two, after doing my striped quilt using striped fabric, I was in awe of the time it took her to make this one of tiny pieced strips!


Big Island Blossoms by Sheri Cifaldi-Morrill

oh, yes, please! I’m learning applique now through our guild’s BOM so this is what I am aspiring to!


Go North by Maritza Soto

When you walked in the show, the Best in Show was right there, but it was surrounded by people so this is technically the first quilt I saw when I walked in and, boom, I was drawn right to it! Love the colors, the solids and the quilting!


left: Lincoln by Kim Soper and right: Still With Her by Liz Harvatine

Now the juxtaposition of these two was thoughtful, in my opinion. I had been warned about overhearing people’s conversations around quilts. Let’s just say I loved it and I overheard someone else who didn’t…. I won’t go in the politics of it, but I could go on….


Fireworks by Jeannie Jenkins


Made in GDR 26 by Emily Doane



Double Irish Divergence by Debra Jalbert

Another few where the bright color placement is now seared into my brain!


I Know The Stars Are There Beyond The Clouds 2 by Heidi Parkes

I have no idea how to hand stitch a quilt. None. But this lady does! Amazing! This quilt was huge! And complete with yards of hand stitching. Maybe once I get this applique thing down, maybe I’ll learn to hand quilt. It’s a such a beautiful technique.


Square Count Game by Debra Jalbert

This might just be my most favorite… Love the white. Love the bright. the quilting is awesome. Love the little pops of color. I want this quilt! Very inspiring to me…. And I just realized that two of my favorites are by Debra! I think we could be quilty friends!


Yay or Nay by Debbie Jeske

I also loved seeing my friend’s quilts at the show too. That’s just awesome in it’s own right. But I also love this one by Debbie! I really love the story of the name. Check it out here.


Half Circle Mirror by Cheryl Brickey

I was drawn to this one because it reminds me of the quilt design a day project that I like to do! I don’t think it is inspired by that, but that’s what drew me in. A lot of my designs and QDAD designs can be pretty minimal and I start to doubt the design, but seeing this one hanging there reminded how beautiful minimal can be.


Autumn is Wistful by Chawne Kimber

Loved this for reminding me of home and growing up. But the technique is awesome too. I’ve seen the technique used with knits in clothing, but hadn’t thought about it for quilting. Why not???


Bling by Kat Jones

And last but least, Best In Show! No words. Awesomeness is all I have to say about this one!


2014 Favorites!

I started a little tradition a couple of years ago looking back at my favorite posts from each month! You can see 2013 and 2012…. I love just seeing how the kiddo has changed too!



In January I had a great time sewing for Project Run and Play despite the fact I was voted off the island first! I made this outfit for the kiddo and we had such a fun time doing the photoshoot, that it makes it to my all time favorite post of the year!

In February I made this huge tote for carrying my quilts around while I’m sewing on the binding and I just love it!

In March I did a tutorial on making sandwich/snack bags. We use them all the time and it sounds like yall have enjoyed making them too!

In April I did a tutorial on the little bow tie that I made the kiddo! I really loved his whole Easter outfit that this came from!

In May I blogged about this fun little dog cape that ‘Santa’ had brought to the pup.

In June I published my first quilt pattern, The ‘Gator Quilt! It was a long process with a bunch of wonderful pattern reviewers, but worth it!

In July I showed you our preschool auction that I helped with the decorations. I just love decorating for a party!

In August I made a really cool dry erase notebook (with a tutorial)! I’m still totally in love with this one! If you haven’t made one, you should! Nice, simple, inexpensive!

In September, as part of the yearly Sew Ready to Play series (which I now have links for all in one place), I made a boom box pillow to plug your iphone into! I think this might be my favorite project all year!

In October I released my second quilting pattern, The Bat Block. And made these bat pillows with it. I didn’t really want to pack them away after Halloween, but they didn’t quite go with the Christmas decorations!

In November, I shared how I re-upholstered our dining room chairs (yep, with tutorial). They are SOOOO much nicer now then they were. I’m still not sold they will be with us forever, but I gave them some more time with us.

And lastly, in December, I made a Ice Castle Kit, AKA a fort kit made of icey looking fabric. There’s also a printable if you want to make your own! I think it’s pretty cool!


Stay tuned, I have a couple more ‘look backs’ coming up! Do you have a favorite project I made this year? Is there something you’d like to see this year?