French Seams and Blind Hems

So, you know I rarely post on Tuesdays. So since I am, I must be excited about something! And boy am I! French seams and blind hems… ahhh, yes, the little things in life.

So this weekend I finally started working on a couple of pillowcase dresses that I haven’t been doing that needed to be done… More on the pillowcase dresses tomorrow… So I’m reading this tutorial about pillowcase dresses at Aesthetic Nest and she says to use a french seam. I’m thinking to myself, ‘why?, skip this step. what else does she say??’ errrrrrr…. Wait a minute, back it up, let’s just check it out. Then I remembered that my pal Jenny at The Southern Institute had a tutorial on french seams too…

I’m in love…. (hear the birds tweeting and the sweet sound of surf and imagine a very skinny me twirling around with butterflies)… ahhhh…..

It’s so simple! Why had I been ignoring these all this time? Typically the outside of my seams have looked fine. but the inside has always left something to be desired. I don’t have a serger (and at this point don’t want one, but one day I’ll probably post a post very similar to this one about why didn’t I get one of these sooner??) and I rarely go back and stitch the seams. I like my pinking shears….

But now look at how beautifully finished the seam is!

All it is is a straight stitch with wrong sides together, trim the seam, fold the fabric over and stitch again. There’s more detailed directions in the tutorials I mentioned above, but still, that’s it!

And the blind hem… Ummmm… again, where have I been??? Back to the tutorial on the pillow case dress, she recommends a blind stitch. Again, I’m like, um, whatever, a plain hem is fine… Then I start looking and realize that with the detail I already have going on, the regular hem would take away from the beautiful edge of the pillowcase. Then came the aha moment. I jumped up, broke out the handy dandy users manual to my sewing machine and had a blind hem done in no time!

It’s just like a folding a regular hem, but with one extra fold and a change in the sewing machine foot… I ironed down the 2″ bottom hemmed, folded it over (into the hem) 1″, ironed that down, then rolled the fabric back about 1/4″ from the top. It didn’t even need pinning! (if you remember, I try to avoid that pinning step as often as possible!) Then adjusted the machine per the instructions. Lined up the fabric and stepped on the gas! And Wah La…

How awesome does this look? And how bad would it have looked with a straight stitch hem??

OMGoodness! I was so excited I had to show my husband (who wasn’t nearly as excited, surprise, surprise) and I took it to a friend’s house for dinner to show it off. She was much more excited for me than my husband! 🙂

I do love it when I try something new and it turns out almost perfect the first time. That totally added to the excitement! Not even a thought about that mean ‘ole seam ripper!

I can’t wait to show you the finished dresses! They are going to be beautiful!!