Featured in Modern In Denver

I’m baaaaaaaacckkkk!! I’ve had a wonderful holiday! And a wonderful holiday away from the computer! Yep! But at the same time, I’ve missed blogging and am excited for a new year and more fun things! Like….

Having my photography featured in Modern In Denver’s Winter Issue!


They wrote a great piece on Modern quilting and Gee’s Bend. For the article on Gee’s Bend they used my trip photos of the The Gee’s Bend Quilt Mural Trail.



The magazine is pretty cool. I actulaly found some images in the magazine that are inspiring some quilt design ideas….

The Gee’s Bend Quilt Mural Trail

I’ve talked about barn quilts, which I just learned about this year, and a new trend that I am seeing starting are barn quilt trails. These are noted ‘trails’ that take people from one barn quilt to the next, typically as a way to promote agricultural tourism.

Quilt 1- ‘Medallion with Checker Board Center’

Patty Ann Williams, 1898-1972

And I’ve talked about Gee’s Bend. There aren’t many barns in Gee’s Bend, but there is a Quilt Trail! This quilt trail was established in 2007-2008. The quilts are painted by Tyree McCloud on wood and they are about the size of a traditional barn quilt. But instead of being hung on a barn, these are placed around Gee’s Bend close by the homes or home sites where the quilts were made.

Quilt 2- ‘Blocks and Stripes’

Annie Mae Young, 1928-

Yesterday, You might have noticed the stamp poster that I was standing in front of with Mary Ann Pettway at the Quilt Collective. This commerative stamp set was issued in 2006 and these stamps are the inspiration for the Gee’s Bend Quilt Trail!

Quilt 3- ‘Pig in a Pen’ Medallion

Minnie Sue Coleman, 1926-

Quilt 4- ‘Housetop- Four- Blocks. Half Log Cabin’ variation

Lottie Mooney, 1908-1992 

Quilt 5- ‘Medallion’

Loretta Pettway, 1942-

Quilt 6- ‘Housetop’

Mary Lee Bendolph, 1935- 

Quilt 7- ‘Nine Patch’

Ruthy Mosely, 1926- 

Quilt 8- ‘Roman Stripes’ variation or Crazy Quilt

Loretta Pettway, 1942-

Quilt 9- ‘Bars and String- Pieced Columns’

Jessie T. Pettway, 1929- 

Ok, I have to be honest… I was super excited to visit Gee’s Bend, but there’s really nothing else there except the Collective. I mean people live there, so there are homes, but in the way of anything else to do… Nothing… Except driving around finding each and every one of the  wooden quilts on the trail!

They arent’ that easy to find. Most of them are, but there’s a few down different little streets. And I kept turning us around, go this way, go that way, let’s try this road… There were a couple of people hanging out on this one corner and I think we drove by them about 5 times! They probably thought we were crazy! So I kept trying to find roads we could take so we wouldn’t have to keep driving by them while we were exploring, but despite my best efforts, we kept ending up right back at that corner!

Quilt 10- ‘Chinese Coins’ variation

Alonzia Pettway, 1923-