Owl Miss You!

Is school out in your town?? Wednesday was my son’s last day of pre-school for the summer.

He has about 6 teachers and then there’s the other class teachers, too. He LOVES them all. But there is one that he’s bonded with pretty well and she’s going home to Mongolia this summer. Yesterday was her last day, so we wanted to make her something special.

I had a great idea.. I wanted to make a big owl with wings that open up like a card and the message appliqued onto the owl’s belly. And the wings were going to be great, with reverse applique feathered wings… And then I realized I was EXHAUSTED… So I got stumped and just kinda stood around looking at my fabric….. Yes, I said I was exhausted, so why didn’t I go to bed??? Beats me!

Then I remembered the little owl party favors I had done! Then it all came together. Well, the next day anyway! It made sense. She’s moving to Mongolia, why would she want a big stuffed owl when she’s flying who knows how far away… The little guy was perfect!

With this one I did a few things differently. I added a 1/4 seam allowance to the wings in the pattern and made them out of fabric fabric instead of felt. I didn’t use felt for the eyes either. This time I used two different sizes of fabric for the eyes and then the little felt piece for the eyeball. And I tacked the ribbon to the wings, tied some bows and then tied the other end to the sign!

The party favor found a new life as a good-bye card! And if you cut out all the time I spent standing around in a daze, it only took about an hour to make and get the little sign sewn on the wings. I’m a little late on the end of year teacher gift blogging post, but if you’re still looking for an idea… Try out this one!

You can download the pattern here!


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