Haley’s Seahorse- A Kid Designed, Momma Made Project

One thing I love to do, besides quilting, is make stuffies from kid’s drawings. One of my best friends daughters loves seahorses, so when we found out we’d be in town for her birthday, I knew I wanted to make her something. And she just happened to have a drawing she had made of a seahorse!


So I made a stuffie!




This one was a little easier than some of the others I’ve made, but still fun. I just happened to have the seahorse fabric is my stash. And, I also just happened to have the fleece that matched the seahorse fabric. (Is that a sign that I may have too much in my stash?



I really wanted to get the eyes right and the baby. I don’t understand the eyes really, but she drew them that way for a reason. Even her parents commented that I had done the eyes right. So the shape meant something to her.




It’s a rough life for baby seahorses out there. As cute as this one was, it had a rough life and didn’t last long in this world. Unfortunately, she disappeared within a couple of days. In hindsight, I should have attached the baby with a ribbon or something. Lessons learned!


When I gave Haley the present, I included the picture of it that she had drawn in the bag. The first thing she pulled out was this bad computer print of her drawing. She was kinda confused as to why I was giving her her drawing for her birthday. She realized there was more in the bag,  and I wish I had a picture of her face when she pulled this guy out of the bag. Her eyes were huge, her mouth fell open and she exclaimed, This is my drawing! that made it all worth it!


Weekend Whims- Dolls, Baby, Dolls!

I’m not exactly sure why, but I’m all about dolls right now. There are a couple of my to-do list. And I mean soon! I’ve been designing some in my head… I just need to get them on paper. I mean in fabric!!!

Here’s some great inspiration I’ve found lately…

1. I recently found Jodie’s blog Ric-Rac and I’m in love! She makes amazing pieces! I could have actually just done a whole weekend whim full of her pieces…. But instead of that, I picked one. I love Little Red! I had a little red riding hood doll that switched to Grandmother and that’s totally what’s been on my mind lately. Little Red Riding Hood and reversible dolls…

2. I was recently introduced to Hazel Village via My Owl Barn. I totally adore the cute woodland creatures and their outfits!

3. The Purl Bee has some great patterns/tutorials! Including this penguin project! I love it!

4. I love this sailor by Julie Adore! The other doll making piece that I’ve been thinking about it, is making dolls based on kids drawings or ideas (there’s something cute coming, stay tuned for that….) and I love what Julie came up with from the drawing!


Do you have a favorite doll maker???