More Tree Pillows!

Looking for a pretty quick holiday project to fill your next few days? I mean who has anything to really do between now and Christmas, right? Ha!


I’m so excited to have my own tree pillows! Do you remember the ones I made last year? You can see them here


I made these from the scraps from last years pillows. Yes, it did take me all year…. Moving on… So last year I used the tutorial from the Quick Curve Ruler ladies over at Sew Kind of Wonderful. I used it pretty right on. With a long piece down the middle to make the trunk of the tree. This year I did a little bit of experimenting. For one thing, I wanted a pointy top!


For each tree, I started with by following the tutorial. Then I sewed the left and right sides of the tree together. For the little pillow, I cut off the top of the bottom two blocks. And the bottom off the top block. I wanted more thickness to the tree, but with a pointy top!


And for the bigger pillow, I cut the bottom off of each block. For the top one, I think I took off 1.5″ and down at the bottom blocks, I only cut off about .5″ of the block. And then varied the dimension between the others. This way I got a more skinny tree and a still had my pointy top!


I really need to start adding zippers… I know it’s not hard. I more or less have a problem with planning ahead and getting the right size and color! So I stuck with the envelope back. I’m also usually not a fabric line kinda person… But you can probably tell that I have a little obsession with Cotton and Steel going on right about now!


I’m building up my holiday pillow collection! I had a little collection of CB2 knock off pillows, but I wasn’t feeling it this year and gave them away… I’m going more with the quilted look for the next few years….


And even if I should have been sewing for others, I needed to finish these! And I’m glad I did…. Have you made any quick curve ruler projects?

Envelope Pillow Tutorial

Like I mentioned in my post last week for the Stay Put Scarf, I’m bring home some of my Go to Sew posts from the last year. And I’m starting with some that I think would make great last minutes gifts. So today, I’m sharing the envelope pillow tutorial!


I made quite a few of these in the last week for holiday gifts! (more will be coming on the random pot holder in the picture)


The A is an antique mall find that I remade into a ‘Bama gift pillow! I made a grey and red striped background and then sew-ed the A on top!


I was doing a little shopping at CB2 and I saw these pillows with white and silver and red. I loved them! And I knew I just happened to have some fluffy white fleece and some silver vinyl. So I went to town making the pillows. I made three for myself and then I made four others for a handmade FB swap I said I would do in January! Their $30 ones look fabulous! But I am also pretty proud of how my ‘from my stash’ ones turned out as well!

So here’s the easy peasy tutorial!


You can do anything with it! You can make your kid one out of one of their favorite shirts that they’ve outgrown… Or did you find some fancy fabric, but if was so fancy you really know you should only buy a half yard… Perfect for a pillow! Or you can do a quick little quilting job and have a baseball inspired pillow!


So what you’ll need is easy… A Pillow! Fabric, thread, cutting implements, and some batting if you want to do a little quilting.


First you cut! Cut out the front roughly a half inch larger than you pillow. For the back you’ll cut two pieces. I cut them to overlap by about three inches. For instance, if you pillow is 14 inches wide, I’ll cut two pieces 10 inches wide. If you’re going to be quilting, cut a piece of batting and a cover for the batting, both the same size as the front piece.


Hem the edges on the back two pieces.


If you’re going to do quilting on the front, go for it! Then cover the back of the quilting with you extra piece.



Stack them all together! Back of the quilted piece, right side down. Front of the pillow, right side up. Then stack the two back pieces, right sides down.



Hem the edges on all four sides. I like to back stitch over the overlapped back pieces. You’re going to be pulling at it here when you stuff the pillow in, so a little extra stitching helps!


Then trim the corners.


I like to trim the edges with a pinking shear. Or you could use a serger.


Turn it right side out. (yes, my back is not even, like I mentioned above, but it is overlapped like I mentioned.)


Then stuff that pillow in and enjoy!

See? Super simple! Quick and a sweet gift! I made mine for a friend that wanted a St Louis Cardinal pillow…


I’m not much for using fabrics with team logos and such, so I took their colors and logo and made mine.



What do you think? Does it say St Louis Cardinals without literally saying St Louis Cardinals? I hope so! I didn’t do a bird. But I did baseballs (don’t look at the basballs too closely, it’s my first time doing little bitty circles!), the yellow bat and the blue outline…. Crossing my fingers that she likes it!

A Tinsel Tree Mini Tutorial

I can’t believe the holidays are almost here! But my son and I have been loving unpacking all the decorations and getting everything festive!


If you’ve been reading for a while or follow me on Instagram, you know I have a collection of pointy and shiny trees! Last year I made some cute little glittery pointy tree ornaments, and I showed off my jars with little mini trees surrounded by my pointy trees.


Here it is all in one place (pre-decorating)! And I’m always on the lookout for more. I’ve made some glitter ones, so then I thought…. ‘What about tinsel trees??’ Perfect!


All you need is some mini tinsel, a cardboard cone and a glue gun!


First I glued the tinsel over the top of the tree.


Then just keep gluing and wrapping the tinsel,


gluing and wrapping,


And more gluing and wrapping until you get to the end!


Then you have another tree to add to your collection!


Do you have a Christmas or Holiday collection? I just ordered two more trees from CB2 for my collection! I just couldn’t help myself!

A Tree Topper Tutorial

So why am I not sewing right now?? I’m kinda wondering the same thing! So many things left to sew and make!

Anyway, do you have a favorite tree topper? Growing up we had an angel. A beautiful angel that my Uncle brought home from Germany. (I think it was my Uncle… I’ll have to find out about that!) But since I’ve left home, I still haven’t found that special piece.

We have this star that was really a really big ornament that we cut a hole in the bottom so it would stay on the tree. And it’s pretty and it works… But, it’s just not it… I came up with something new today!

I’m going to digress… Usually I do this on accident, but this time I’m digressing on purpose! I love huge trees! One year my Mom and I got one that was SOOOO big we had to cut part of the tree off. It was the first year in this new house and we were so excited that we kinda overestimated the height of the ceiling!!! My husband loves little bitty trees… So when we first got together we made a deal. Each year we’d switch. One year is the big tree year and the next is the little tree year. This year was supposed to be a big tree year, but before going out looking I agreed to a little tree. With the little guy running around our little house, it seemed to make sense. So I ran out to Goodwill and found a little tiny table to put our tiny tree on. Then we ended up getting a big tree!! So back went the table to Goodwill. And of course, I couldn’t help but look at their Christmas things. I fond a few tree toppers and I grabbed them. Then put them back. They weren’t what I wanted.. Actually not at all! But as I was leaving, empty-handed, I caught a glimpse of their tree topper and thought to myself, that’s kinda cute…

Then at home I walked by a bag of things in my sewing room that hadn’t been put away… Including the glittery paper I used in my Winter Paper Cut piece. The sparkle caught my eye and in no time I was making a new tree topper!

Here’s how I did it:

1. Materials

4 colors of paper, glittery or not

Exacto knife

Glue (I forgot to put it in the picture)


Wire Cutters


2. Cut the strips.

(7) 1 1/2 or 2 inch by 12 inch strips

(7)  1 inch by 9 inch strips

(8) 1/2 inch by 5 inch strips

3. Fold over each strip

4. Staple each folded piece.

5. Staple all the strips together.

6. Repeat for each color.

7. Cut the wire.

8. Secure the wire to the largest star.

9. Cut the center star.

10. Staple the small star to the middle star and glue the center star to the smallest star.

11. Secure the stars together. I used the wire to secure the smaller stars to the biggest star. My glitter paper was heavy heavy cardstock for the big and middle stars. So by the time they were all stapled together, they were to thick to staple to each other. If your paper isn’t so think  you can just staple them all together!

And then hang on the tree!

I hung mine in front of some lights and I love the way it lights up the loops as the lights twinkle!

Is this the tree topper that will be the ONE for all the years, I don’t know… But for now, I’m happy!


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