do Good Stitches Swap

As you know, I’m a quilter in the Nurture Circle of do Good Stitches quilting bee. We make quilts all year and then take off the months on November and December. So this year, I thought a fun way to thank ourselves for all of our hard work and get to know each other a little bit better was to have a little swap!


So we did! We could tell our partner if we wanted a holiday themed gift or not!


My partner said she’d like something other than holiday and a mug rug seemed to be of interest to her. So…. That’s what I did!


And I tried out the quilt as you go technique from Stitched in Time’s blog (fitting since she runs the do Good Stitches bee!, huh?). Loved it! It’s a great technique for small quilts or mug rugs! And I guess it is for big quilts too, but I haven’t tried that yet. Oh! But I just had an idea of when I’m going to try it on a big quilt!!! OK, I got off track there! So you start with the your block size batting. I quilted down my middle piece by stitching around the buildings and then you sew on a piece, fold over iron and then quilt it. Then repeat with one piece after another! Love it! Did I say that already?


And I had another success with machine binding! Yeah! It can be hit or miss with this and I was pretty happy with it this time!


I didn’t have a preference for holiday or not, but I did mention that my holiday colors were more of the bright green, pink and blue. and I received this adorable wall hanging from my partner, Debbie of Tweety-Bee Stitches.


The shutters actually open and close! It’s too cute! We have it hanging with the other Christmas art!

A Sweet Holiday Hostess Candle Gift

I hope you had a chance to make it out to the Greens and Gifts Galore this weekend! As guests to the sneak preview there was another craft that we got to make that I want to share with you…

Kristin Price from KristinPotPie had this great project set up for us all to make. It could be a great gift to take as a hostess gift to your next party or just to keep (like I’m doing). A bunch of them grouped together would be a beautiful centerpiece as well. (I just thought about that as I was writing this or I would have set it up and taken pictures…)


It’s super simple!

First let’s decorate the top. I cut a circle, but my first one was too small… So I cut again. This time I made the circle larger than I needed, then set it up on the jar and trimmed it down. Cut some greens, grab some floating candles and add water. (If you are giving this as a hostess gift, you might want to wait to add the water. Just in case… You don’t want it to spill on the way to the party!) Then add some ribbon embellishments to the top and Voila!


I don’t remember exactly what the clippings we used were, but I’ll let you know when I find out!


What would you do? Keep it or give it away? Or make more than one and do both???


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An Easter Wreath Tutorial by Hugs Kisses and Snot!

I love the name of Stephanie’s blog! How true are those three things and how often do they all come along together for us mother’s out there??? Stephanie has some great tutorials on her blog, Hugs Kisses and Snot, and parenting thoughts! I recently read one about remembering how old your kiddos are and the expectations that go with that age and it really made me think about my three year old! Honestly, I think back to it quite often!

Today let’s welcome Stephanie to I’m Feelin’ Crafty!!! Yea!! Thanks for joining us!!

Hi there, I’m Stephanie from Hugs, Kisses and Snot. At Hugs, Kisses and Snot you will find inexpensive crafts for kids and the home, everyday food that is husband and kid approved and my faith journey. I’m also a veteran IVF mom as well as experienced in raising a child with Sensory Processing Disorder. You can find our IVF and SPD stories as well as SPD resources.

I’m really happy to be guest posting for Louise today. I’ve found lots of inspiration for crafts to do with my kids and I’m in awe of her quilting abilities. I don’t quilt myself and am amazed by people who do. To me, beautiful quilts are like a work of art that you create with a sewing machine.

Anyhoo – When quilters aren’t quilting, they knit. And those who don’t knit…make yarn wreaths. That’s me. I can’t quilt or knit but I seem to have an abundance of yarn. I’ve put that yarn to good use making yarn wreaths.

Spring has sprung so it’s time to update the front door with a fresh spring wreath. Felt rosettes are nice but I wanted something different this year. Felt calla lilies will do the trick. These are so easy to make you won’t believe it. Part of me wants to keep it a secret and make everybody think that I went to a lot of work to create this but I’ll be nice and share.


14 or 16 inch straw wreath
green yarn
1 sheet purple felt
1 sheet white felt
yellow, off white or oatmeal yarn (I used oatmeal)
2 inch wide wired ribbon (I used paper ribbon)
large decorative butterfly (the butterfly I used was made of paper and coordinated with
the ribbon. But a butterfly made of feather will work great too)
hot glue gun

all of these supplies can be found at the craft store (Michael’s, Hobby Lobby, etc.)

First things first. Keeping the plastic on the wreath, wrap it with green yarn. The yarn does not have to wrap perfectly and line up exactly. That’s nearly impossible and imperfections make it more interesting. Just make sure you can’t see any of the straw
from the front.

Next, cut out 8 squares of purple felt and 8 squares of white felt. The squares are 3 X 3 inches. I used my scrapbooking cutting mat to measure but a ruler would work just fine.

Time to cut a stamen for the calla lily. Using another color of yarn (I used an oatmeal color because that is what I had in my basket) cut 16 pieces that are approximately 3 inches long. Position the yarn diagonally across the felt square and hot glue one half of the yarn down to the felt.

Here’s where it get’s tricky so pay attention…roll and glue. Did you catch that? Don’t let all this technical craft speak scare you. Just roll one corner in, glue. Then roll the other corner over and glue. Phew, nurse, dab my forehead please.

Continue the “roll & glue” method with all of the felt squares.

Now it’s time to attach them to the wreath. Start with a single layer of 4 flowers. I tried  to alternate the colors at random. Position 4 flowers and hot glue to the wreath. Once the first layer of flowers is in place, overlap another layer of flowers on top of the original 4. Always arrange and rearrange each layer of flowers before gluing them down. Continue adding layers until the bottom layer is only 2 or 3 flowers.

Cut a piece of wired ribbon long enough to wrap around the wreath. Hot glue at the base of the bouquet. This will hide the base of the bouquet as well as provide a smooth surface to glue the ribbon embellishment.

Cut another piece of ribbon about a yard long (there will be extra but that can be trimmed). Begin folding it accordion style.

Pinch the first fold together and hot glue in place. Don’t glue the top fold (loop). Pinch the next fold to the hot glued side and glue that in place. Continue folding and gluing until you have about 7 or 8 loops. Trim the excess ribbon and glue the tail end of the ribbon to the last fold.

Once the glue has dried you can gently bend so that it spoons up against the wreath. Position it on the ribbon that you have previously placed on the wreath at the base of your bouquet. Apply a generous amount of glue to the inside curve of your loop-d-loop and place it on the ribbon that is on the wreath.

The final step is to secure the butterfly. Most decorative butterflies have a wire sticking out of the underside of their body. It has been my experience that this little wire is not secure inside the butterfly and the smallest breeze will send your butterfly fluttering away. Secure the wire with a large dollop of hot glue where the wire enters the body of the butterfly. Now you can poke the wire into the wreath but you will still need to put hot glue on the underside of the body and secure that to the wreath.

Done and done!

Thanks for crafting with me!


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Bunting? Garland? Bunting? Garland? Both!

Remember yesterday how I said I had been punching A LOT??? I wasn’t kidding! I think I punched more hearts than anyone needs, including myself… But I made a garland for our Valentine tree and a little bunting for our little heart-shaped cakes.

OK, yes, here’s another Valentine’s story that goes all the way back to Christmas! Our Valentine’s day tree is, yes, you probably guessed it, a Christmas tree! I got it on super clearance after Christmas with the intention of using it for Valentine’s day. Added a few pink and white sequins, plus a hand-made heart garland and wahla, it’s a Valentine’s day decoration!

And what’s more perfect for Valentine’s Day than a mini red velvet heart-shaped cake with cream cheese icing and a cute little bunting!

The uses for paper heart shaped punches is endless!!!


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Our Elf On The Shelf

I’m sure everyone knows about the Elf on the Shelf! If you’re into the ‘Santa’s watching’ kind of discipline that is at your fingertips during the holidays, the Elf on the Shelf is for you!

Yes, there was a lot of, ‘Santa is watching… So you want to be on the naughty or nice list???’ at our house this year.

The story of the Elf is:

‘Excellent listeners and even better observers, these scout elves are the eyes and ears of Santa Claus. Although they cannot be touched, or else they may lose their magic, the elf will always listen and relay messages back to Santa. Taking in all the day-to-day activities around the house, no good deed goes unnoticed; these scout elves take their job seriously.

Each night, after the family goes to bed, the scout elf uses his magical Christmas powers to fly back to the North Pole. Once there, the elf will make his or her daily report to Santa and visit with elf friends where they will tell stories about their beloved families, play with the reindeer, and of course, sneak some of Mrs. Claus’ cookies!

Before the family awakes each morning, their special scout elf will fly back to their home from the North Pole. However, since these elves like to play games, don’t expect to find them in the same spot!  While some like to hide in the freezer (probably because it reminds them of the North Pole) and others prefer to sit on the fireplace mantle or hang from the chandelier, these elves love to play hide-and-seek with their families.’

I’ve loved the Elf on the Shelf for a long time, but have never actually bought one. Then my son wanted one…. But red is not actually part of my holiday decor. And as much as I love felt, neither is felt… So I knew I had to make my own….

Everyone that has seen it so far says it looks like my son!

Instead of the red felt elf, we now have a bright green satin elf with raw silk hands, feet, ears and face! I did use felt here and there on our little guy, but to glam up the felt a little, I added some pearls. Which is what led me to learning about the beading backstitch! (more on that later this week!) I also actually forgot the ears when I sewed him together. I debated on whether to add the ears or not… I knew it would bug me with no ears, so he got elf ears! And please ignore the stitching for the mouth, I’m not exactly sure what happened there….

Despite the fact that I didn’t want to purchase one of the mass-produced elfs, I do love the story behind the family that did write the book. I considered doing a tutorial, but for some reason it just felt wrong to publish a tutorial on this one. I’m not sure why! Not that my tutorial could really put a dent in the money-making machine of the Elf on the Shelf… Anyway…..

As I was making ours, my son asked how he was going to be magic… I told him that we’d have to find some Christmas magic dust. So I’m on the lookout for that!

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Merry Christmas!!

I hope y’all are having a great holiday season and if Christmas is your special day, Merry Christmas! And Happy Holidays to everyone!!

I’ve been talking a lot about my glitter and sparkle decorations so I thought today I’d take a moment to welcome you to my home for a little glimpse into our holiday…

Almost all of the presents were wrapped in the gift bags that I love to make!

The advent calendar was well loved once again this year!

One of my favorite pieces to set up is our little North Pole! And the glitter angel flies above… (I did add more silver and am much happier!)

I did my holiday art wall again. But it’s really bland this year if you ask me… Not sure what else it needs… I’ll work on that for next year!

And the dining room with the star tree!

The house was beautiful this morning piled with presents for everyone… Now it’s a mess with presents opened and spread out everywhere!!!

Happy Holidays to everyone and I’ll write again in the new year! (I’m taking a little family break from blogging for the next week) Thank you all for reading!!!

Hark the Herald Angels Sing of Glitter

This is not my last glitter project, but it is the last one I will bore you with!! I just can’t help sharing the love of the glitter!

Remember the trip I took to Goodwill to look for the stand for my little Christmas tree??? Well on that trip I found this great metal angel… I forgot to take the truly before picture as she was when she came home, but originally she was holding a watering can. I didn’t want the watering can! So my husband cut that off for me and now have a wonderful little angel ornament!

Well, almost perfect…. Nothing a little glitter can’t make perfect!

Again, the spray glue, the glitter and the angel… Just like I did with the reindeer!

First I did a layer of silver to mask out the brown and then about 3 layers of the white glitter, but I”m not sure I’m in love with the white. She just doesn’t sparkle like I want… I’m debating whether to cover her with one more thin layer of silver… Or another color??? Thoughts? Yes, it is almost (two days until) Christmas and I’m still decorating!

Anyway, I think she’s just heavenly and will fill the blank spot that my three-year old son told me needed a ribbon and bow!

Have a beautiful Holiday weekend!! I’ll be back this weekend to show off all the decorations put together!

On Donner, On Vixen, Onto the Glitter We Go!

My husband decided to change my name to Sparkle!

Last year I found some awesome wooden reindeer at the local drugstore. And they were priced just right for me! So I grabbed some. And then went back and got some more, which I had forgotten about until we unpacked the decorations this year.

Last year I painted three of them silver and I just loved them. But of course (as you are probably expecting), this year, glitter… Not surprised??? Yeah, you’ve got me figured out!!

Again, out came the glitter and the glitter glue for the reindeer. And I have to same, I’m such happier with the glitter glue after doing this project! I think the hard surface seems to hold the glue better than the porous surface of the styrofoam. I did it in stages. Sprayed the glue on the head, antlers and neck, then glittered, let dry and do the body. Repeat with the glue, glitter and dry. Then the legs. Repeat with the glue, glitter and dry. Lastly,  then the touch-ups where needed.

I’m still marveling at how beautiful these turned out!


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A Glitterific Holiday Season!

OK, back to crafting and no sewing again… More about some sewing projects after the holidays!

But this week, it’s all about glitter!!! I know I’ve mentioned my love for glitter at Christmas time, but I’m gonna say it again! I don’t know why, but I’m not a huge fan of glitter projects most of the year, but I look forward to the holidays so I can bust out the glitter projects I’ve done and I know I can do more!!

Soooo, about our wreath…

I got a huge fake wreath from Joann’s and my husband hated it! He thought it looked too fake. And he was right…. But I had grand plans for painting it white and hanging it on our dark green house….  Then we found the nicely priced real wreaths at Costco. We got two. One for the mantel and one for the front door. We came home and hung it and my grand wreath plans went fluttering away. Even the tag was still on it and we could see it from inside! Then I went to someone else’s house and they had the exact same wreath and I thought to myself, ‘This is a Costco wreath… I can’t have people coming to my front door thinking, ‘Oh, look, they got a Costco wreath as well!’

So out came the glitter, some ribbon, a little styrofoam wreath I had for a different project and some glitter glue.

I was soooo excited about the glitter glue, but I was not impressed how it worked with the styrofoam. It worked, but not as well as I wanted it too!!! as I was in the midst of making the glitter wreath, I had the idea to not remove the pinecones and fake berries, which I usually do, but to glitter them as well!

What do you think? I am still torn about the pinecones and fake berries. I like the hint of glitter on the pinecones, but I think it would look weird with one the pinecones… So I think it’s all staying!

I’ve put my glittery mark on the Costco wreath! (and if you look closely, you can see my glittery trees through the front door in the background….)


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Winter PaperCut Tutorial at Sugar Bee Crafts

Yes, I did it again… Another 3D papercut… If I do say so myself, I really loved how my Halloween one turned out so I just had to make another one!

One’s black and one’s white… Do you know the other difference between the two??? This one has a tutorial! Wanna make one for your family?

Check out the full tutorial over at Sugar Bee Crafts today.

I love the glitter once December rolls around and this papercut  is complete with glittery ornaments on a woodland tree!


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