Curious George Dressed Up Like a Monster

I have this thing about making Halloween Costumes! not sure exactly where it came from… But it’s there, so I’m going with it until my son protests the Momma made costumes. The first one was Max from Where the Wild Things Are and last year was a Fireman.

I can’t remember if I mentioned this before or not, but of all things my 3 year old could have wanted to be for Halloween he chose Curious George Dressed Up Like a Monster! Once I asked, before the Curious George idea, he wanted to be the ‘Yes Man and the No Man.’ And then it was the ‘Guy Who Holds Up Signs’…. Ummmmm… No idea what those were, so I was super excited when the Curious George Dressed Up LIke a Monster came around. And he’s stuck with it for a few months now.

Some friends tried to make it easier for me by saying why not just a monkey or why not just a monster. But no, I was totally excited about his creativity in coming up with such a fun costume idea. So that’s what he got!

First I made the monkey costume. Nothing too creative. Basic pattern. Easy. Well, except for the hat… This is the fourth rendition. I just couldn’t get it to fit him… I wanted to get that perfect shape of brown around the face that makes Curious George recognizable as Curious George. The first one was nothing like what I wanted, but then as I started altering the pattern it kinda got bigger. Anyway… It’s cute none the less….

Second. The monster. How to make the monster part?? I kept trying to figure out how to make it part of the monkey costume. But then it hit me… He wanted to be Curious George Dressed Up Like a Monster. So why wouldn’t Curious George be wearing a costume! So, then came the hooded cape idea! Then once that came, the rest of it just fell together as I was going along. Including the scaley monster skin, AKA yarn pom-poms (recycled Dr. Seuss party decorations!).

And together we were The Man with The Yellow Hat and Curious George Dressed Up Like a Monster.

One of my favorite parts of the evening…. We had such a blast, there were many memories that made an impression, but this one… As the evening wore on the kiddos started slowing down. His buddy took a little snack break, so my son decided to take a little break as well. Right in the middle of the sidewalk. He just needed ‘a little rest’ while he waited on his ballerina buddy!

I hope everyone else had as much fun as we did!!

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Happy Halloween!

I’m somewhat of a procrastinator…. I just finished our costumes! My husband hasn’t yet decided what to be (hmmmm… does that make him a procrastinator too???). Anyway, the ‘Curious George Dressed Up Like A Monster’ costume, requested by my son, is done as is the Man with the Yellow Hat costume. Just in the nick of time!

We had a good time carving pumpkins last night. My son sooooo wanted a green pumpkin this year, so if you look closely, the little one in the middle is green!

Pictures of the costumes…. Tomorrow….

Off for some Halloween Fun! Enjoy your night!

Spoooookkkkyyyy Decorating

Man, I’ve been having a scare with the cameras this week… My good camera keeps giving me an error message. So finally I go look in the manual and it that error message means it’s having an error different from all the other messages and take it to a service center or change the battery. Huh? I changed the battery, nothing. of course, neither of my batteries are fully charged… So then I pull out my little camera and start taking pictures, until…. The battery dies… So I change lenses on the good camera and so far so good… ergh! Frustrating… But enough of my ranting…

And on to my decorating! I just thought I’d share what I’ve been up to with my spooky Halloween decorating.

I showed you the art I hung the other day, but here’s the whole area. Finished with spider webs and bats and spiders and jack o lanterns….

The internet overfloweth with Halloween projects and some of those projects inspired me to actually get on it and craft them myself! Three of which I included in my Halloween link love a few weeks ago.

The big BOO was quite an interesting project! (Tutorial here)I look at it and think, ‘I’ll do that real quick…’ Um, no. It takes a while! Easy, but time-consuming! I got the B and the last O that the store had. I just assumed that they would get another one… Um, no. again. So I went to another store and they had a damaged O so I scooped it up! then I got home and was about to wrap it in yarn when I noticed that it wasn’t the same shape of the other O I had… So back to the store I went. No more O’s. And it ends up I had a damaged Q, not a damaged O. And plus the letters were now on sale, so I couldn’t use my 50% off coupon. Then it was one of those Ah Ha! moments… I knew that if I lined them up next to each other and they weren’t the same it would drive me INSANE. So then came the skeleton hanging on to the falling over O and the bats flying out… And it ends up working for me! What do you think?

And the bats (template via Country Living), I cut and cut and cut! Then got some double-sided tape because I didn’t want to use my good double-sided tape. The stuff I had has paper on one side that you have to peel off. But as I was using my ‘new’ tape, I’d put three up, then one would fall off, then I’d hang another and another would fall off… So, I realized the good tape is really good…. Funny!

And the framed piece is from Tatertots and Jello.

And the outside…

We’ve been putting up the sheer fabric with silhouettes and green lighting for the last three years. But this year we got it up and felt that something was missing! we thought that there was more and I though well, maybe the other image fell off somehow??? looking back, nope. It’s the same as it has been for the last three years. So i added more bats. Much better! I’m thinking next year I want more of a real ‘scene’. Any suggestions????

The dining room table….

And my son LOVES the mice we put up every year!

Have you gotten all your decorations up and ready for the big night?

Now it’s off to make the kiddo’s costume! My 3 year old has asked to be Curious George dressed up like a monster! Fun!!


A Bit of Easter Sewing- Link Love

It seems like this holiday brings out the sewing in quite a few crafty people! Here are some of my favorite things I’ve seen online….

1. I’ve been seeing more bunnies this Easter, but how cute is this adorable little bird from Moo said the Mama.

2. How funny are these EggIE’s from Fiona Carter. They totally made me laugh out loud and anything makes you laugh out loud is a good thing!

3. I love the easter bunny easter basket from disdressed!  I was just thinking about a party I’m helping with, the theme is owls. You could take this Easter bunny basket idea and make it any animal!

4. I’ve seen this project done a few times around the blogosphere. These bunny pillows from Wolf and Willow are a great seasonal addition or even an all year pillow!

5. These cashmere bunnies from Betz White are super cute and just imagine how soft they are too!

6. I just found the Aesthetic Nest blog not long ago and am just blown away by the beautiful clothing she makes for her girls. I’m so inspired by her piping details that I’m going to have to ask my Aunt to teach me the tricks. I know how, but mine would not turn out anything like the piping on this exquisite easter dress! I’ve also been thinking of where to use this detail in boys clothing since there are no little girls in my house….

Hippity Hoppity Here Comes Another Friday Link Love

oh yeah…. I guess it really goes, Hippity Hoppity here comes the EASTER bunny!! Yep, You can tell it’s spring and Easter is on it’s way all over the blogosphere! Eggs and bunnies are everywhere! Here’s a few that I’ve fallen in love with so far, and April only started today…

1. Yep, I said the eggs and bunnies are everywhere. But don’t forget the Easter owl from My Owl Barn and Jinjerup! I”m totally in love with how adorable and well though out this easter owl gift box/bag is. And I sooo need a new bookmark, so I’m going to download some of those as well!

2. Love the fabric eggs from Retro Mama! Wouldn’t these make great keepsake decorations to pull out year after year???

3. And I feel the same about these fabric eggs as I do about the others… But these have a little surprise inside! These are super special secret pocket eggs from Sew, Mama, Sew.

4. Typically I’m not a huge fan of paint chip crafts… I love the paint chip commercials where everything is a paint chip, but typically I don’t feel the same way about the paint chip craft projects I’ve seen. But I’m making an exception with this project, the paint chip egg garland from Modern Parents Messy Kids. The paint chips are perfect for this!!!

5. These cupcakes decorations by One Charming Party just brought a smile to my face as soon as I saw them! She has the ears all ready for downloading.

If only I had more time to craft and sew this month… I’m supposed to be studying for my last exam… Gotta get it done before I go insane. (sorry, I just had to vent there for s second!)

And stayed tuned…. I’ve got a great giveaway coming soon. I can’t wait to share it!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

So far I haven’t posted projects that my son has done. But that’s all about to change! He’s a little crafty guy and is loving being a part of crafting activites at our house.

He’s two and loves making things! We’ve had such a good time making Valentines that I just had to share. Inspired by the Owl Valentines by Live, Learn, Love we made some for the whole family and even some friends!

For each person, my son picked the colors. Momma cut them and glued them. While Bobo (my son’s nickname) was coloring the ‘feathers’, Momma cut and glued the eyes. Then Bobo put on the eyeballs, beak and feet. And wah-la a precious owl valentine!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

An Astro-Ordinary Valentine Printable

Another Valentine’s Day post! This time it’s my own printable! My very first… Hope you like it! Actually there are two, cards and a CD envelope, so I should probably say my very first printable’S’..

My son is all about the planets, spaceships and the solar system, so while I was trying to decide on a theme for his valentine to the class, of course, a space theme was in order.

Printable #1- Classmate Cards, click here to download the cards.


Printable #2- The matching CD Cover, click here to download the Valentine Envelope.

And a mini tutorial on the envelope..


Printed envelopes

Scissors and/or Exacto Knife

Glue (I used the glue dots. They work fine, but am not a fan of  the waste they produce.)

Straight Edge

Contents of the envelope



Step 1: Cut the printed envelope.

Step 2: Optional. Depending on whats going inside the envelope, you can cut out the heart (that doesn’t sound very Valentine’s Dayish does it…). CD, maybe. Heart Shaped Crayon, possibly, Cookie, probably not…

Step 3: Fold. Fold back over first, then sides, then top flap.

Step 4: Glue the sides to the back.

Step 5: Ta da…. You just made an envelope.

 Step 6: Fill with whatever your Valentine will love! We’re giving heart shaped crayons (tutorial coming this week). Close with a sticker.


More Valentine’s Fun to come. Stay Tuned! What treat do your kids give thier classmates?


Oh, Christmas Card, Oh, Christmas Card

Whatever am I to do with you???

Well, typically I’ve fallen into a Friday link love schedule, but this week I’m changing things a bit. Last weekend we cleaned and put away Christmas. Well, except for my Christmas Card scrapbook and my new pile of Christmas cards. I knew that there are cool projects out there to do with the old cards, so this week, I thought a project link love was in order today (hopefully before you have thrown away all your cards).

Last year I emailed all my friends about the St. Jude card recycling program, but then never mailed mine in… It’s a great idea, especially if you aren’t interested in making anything with your old cards…

But if you’re looking for another crafty project, I found some good ones to use with those cards you can’t bear to throw into that recycling can….

1. Holiday Card Gift Boxes from Martha Stewart. I’d like to get a package wrapped like these. And could be a good idea for an advent calendar!

2. I’m loving this garland by Bobbi from Bobbi’s Art

3. How cool is this star ornament from Jennifer Priest???

4. I’ve always loved blocks. But I never thought about making Christmas blocks….These, from Recaptured Charm, are great and you could substitute Christmas cards for scrapbooking paper…

5. And last but not least. My absolutely favorite idea!!! I am totally in love with these houses. Last year, Michelle, from Michelle Made Me, hosted a Tissue Box Challenge Project inspired by her tiny houses. If only I had found this then… But in addition to tissue boxes, these could also be made from…. yep, Christmas Cards!

I also mentioned my Christmas Card Scrapbook… I’ve always hated to throw away photo cards! So I had this pile that I’d ben saving. Then about three years ago I had another ah, ha moment and started a scrapbook of all my friends and family photo cards. This has been so much fun pulling it out each year and then looking back over the years of how my family has grown and my friends kids have grown. I have to start a new book for next year…

And off the subject, but on the same subject of photos…. I joined another group project! Azzari, of The Sweet Light, started a winter photo swap – an exchange beautiful images of winter. I discovered it late, or else I would have shared earlier so more could join in. I also signed up late…. Luckily she needed one more person! I am pretty sure I got my image to share already… More about this later!

Happy New Year!!!

Our New Year’s Eve is far from the glitz and glamour you see on TV, the internet and the movies. The brightest lights we’ll see will probably be the zoo lights in Tacoma! And I am perfectly content with that… Excited even!

But I have enjoyed seeing all the sparkle and glitter of the upcoming celebrations. Since I have done absolutely nothing for New Years, I’m living vicariously through these lovely pieces.


1. I love this photo of sparklers by Leslie Williams Art. That reminds me, I need to get some sparklers for this evening!

2. 2011 here we come! Glitter numbers by Mandie Candy.

3. I first saw this glitter star headband from Giant Dwarf on Design*Sponge and it would be great fun for a night out on the town!

4. Love the DIY glitter party hats! Check out Design*Sponge for the how to.

5. mmmm, mmm, mmm! Now if I was having a New Year’s Eve party, I’d want this set-up for sure. This might even inspire a party for next year…. Design by Chris Nease with Celebrations at Home.

6. And Happy New Year!

More fun to come in 2011…

She Likes It!

Ahhhhh… I sent Katie from oohmoon pictures of my Advent Calendar and she likes it! I’m honored to be the first reader project featured on her blog!

And my son loved it too!


Happy Holidays!