Fabric Bunting Tutorial for Go To Sew

This month I thought I’d share a project that I made ealier this summer! A fabric bunting! Quick and easy! A sweet thing to hang in the house or give as a baby gift (or any sort of gift for that matter)!

Bunting-Main-ImFeelinCraftyBe sure to check out Go To Sew for the full tutorial!

A Mini Yarn Wreath

Yes, I’m actaully still making Christmas presents. There were some projects on my mind that I just didn’t quite get to. I still want to, so why not keep going? Everyone likes getting presents even if they are late, right???

My wedding was a beach wedding over 5 years ago. We bought a bunch of shells for the decorations, including a bunch of tiny red starfish…. Lately I’ve been trying to figure out what to do with these left over shells and starfish. I’ve given away a bunch of the shells, sand dollars and the large starfish, but keep finding them here and there around the house! But even with the ones I’ve given away, I’ve still got a bunch. What to do with the little red starfish???

And as you know, I love a good yarn wreath!

Pretty simple!

Step 1: Materials:


Small Stryofoam Wreath


Hot Glue Gun and Glue


Step 2: Wrap the yarn around the wreath form.

Step 3: Layout the starfish design.

Step 4: Rotate the wreath and glue the starfish down as close to the original design as possible. Then go back and add a few more!

Step 5: Pick your ribbon. I couldn’t decide… brown?? cream??? The husband had to make the final call for the cream!

That’s it, easy easy easy! And why couldn’t I get this done before Christmas??? hmmmmm….

Are you still making Christmas presents??? Or have you moved on, like most people?

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A Glitterific Holiday Season!

OK, back to crafting and no sewing again… More about some sewing projects after the holidays!

But this week, it’s all about glitter!!! I know I’ve mentioned my love for glitter at Christmas time, but I’m gonna say it again! I don’t know why, but I’m not a huge fan of glitter projects most of the year, but I look forward to the holidays so I can bust out the glitter projects I’ve done and I know I can do more!!

Soooo, about our wreath…

I got a huge fake wreath from Joann’s and my husband hated it! He thought it looked too fake. And he was right…. But I had grand plans for painting it white and hanging it on our dark green house….  Then we found the nicely priced real wreaths at Costco. We got two. One for the mantel and one for the front door. We came home and hung it and my grand wreath plans went fluttering away. Even the tag was still on it and we could see it from inside! Then I went to someone else’s house and they had the exact same wreath and I thought to myself, ‘This is a Costco wreath… I can’t have people coming to my front door thinking, ‘Oh, look, they got a Costco wreath as well!’

So out came the glitter, some ribbon, a little styrofoam wreath I had for a different project and some glitter glue.

I was soooo excited about the glitter glue, but I was not impressed how it worked with the styrofoam. It worked, but not as well as I wanted it too!!! as I was in the midst of making the glitter wreath, I had the idea to not remove the pinecones and fake berries, which I usually do, but to glitter them as well!

What do you think? I am still torn about the pinecones and fake berries. I like the hint of glitter on the pinecones, but I think it would look weird with one the pinecones… So I think it’s all staying!

I’ve put my glittery mark on the Costco wreath! (and if you look closely, you can see my glittery trees through the front door in the background….)


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Winter PaperCut Tutorial at Sugar Bee Crafts

Yes, I did it again… Another 3D papercut… If I do say so myself, I really loved how my Halloween one turned out so I just had to make another one!

One’s black and one’s white… Do you know the other difference between the two??? This one has a tutorial! Wanna make one for your family?

Check out the full tutorial over at Sugar Bee Crafts today.

I love the glitter once December rolls around and this papercut  is complete with glittery ornaments on a woodland tree!


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Spoooookkkkyyyy Decorating

Man, I’ve been having a scare with the cameras this week… My good camera keeps giving me an error message. So finally I go look in the manual and it that error message means it’s having an error different from all the other messages and take it to a service center or change the battery. Huh? I changed the battery, nothing. of course, neither of my batteries are fully charged… So then I pull out my little camera and start taking pictures, until…. The battery dies… So I change lenses on the good camera and so far so good… ergh! Frustrating… But enough of my ranting…

And on to my decorating! I just thought I’d share what I’ve been up to with my spooky Halloween decorating.

I showed you the art I hung the other day, but here’s the whole area. Finished with spider webs and bats and spiders and jack o lanterns….

The internet overfloweth with Halloween projects and some of those projects inspired me to actually get on it and craft them myself! Three of which I included in my Halloween link love a few weeks ago.

The big BOO was quite an interesting project! (Tutorial here)I look at it and think, ‘I’ll do that real quick…’ Um, no. It takes a while! Easy, but time-consuming! I got the B and the last O that the store had. I just assumed that they would get another one… Um, no. again. So I went to another store and they had a damaged O so I scooped it up! then I got home and was about to wrap it in yarn when I noticed that it wasn’t the same shape of the other O I had… So back to the store I went. No more O’s. And it ends up I had a damaged Q, not a damaged O. And plus the letters were now on sale, so I couldn’t use my 50% off coupon. Then it was one of those Ah Ha! moments… I knew that if I lined them up next to each other and they weren’t the same it would drive me INSANE. So then came the skeleton hanging on to the falling over O and the bats flying out… And it ends up working for me! What do you think?

And the bats (template via Country Living), I cut and cut and cut! Then got some double-sided tape because I didn’t want to use my good double-sided tape. The stuff I had has paper on one side that you have to peel off. But as I was using my ‘new’ tape, I’d put three up, then one would fall off, then I’d hang another and another would fall off… So, I realized the good tape is really good…. Funny!

And the framed piece is from Tatertots and Jello.

And the outside…

We’ve been putting up the sheer fabric with silhouettes and green lighting for the last three years. But this year we got it up and felt that something was missing! we thought that there was more and I though well, maybe the other image fell off somehow??? looking back, nope. It’s the same as it has been for the last three years. So i added more bats. Much better! I’m thinking next year I want more of a real ‘scene’. Any suggestions????

The dining room table….

And my son LOVES the mice we put up every year!

Have you gotten all your decorations up and ready for the big night?

Now it’s off to make the kiddo’s costume! My 3 year old has asked to be Curious George dressed up like a monster! Fun!!


T-shirt Art Guest Tutorial

So Monday I showed you the cape I made inspired by the reuse of a t-shirt. Today I have a guest that is going to share with us how to turn those very loved t-shirts that you just can’t bear to part with into works of art.

Welcome today, Rose from Pumpkin and Butterfly! We met a while back when we were both featured in an etsy treasury together. I just love Rose’s sweet and simple art prints. And you know I’m a sucker for the silhouettes!  She mentioned a great project she had done and I asked if she’d share how she did with us. So without further ado….

Welcome Rose!


I first came up with this project because I couldn’t part with some of my sons little onesies and t-shirts (and maybe the fact that he was growing up so fast. He is turning six)

Most of the shirts on his wall are from 9 months to 2T, but this project will work with any size t-shirts just make sure you adjust the canvas size for bigger t-shirts. My son still loves looking at the shirts and saying, ‘I used to wear these when I was a baby.’

1. Materials Needed. Favorite T-Shirt, Scissors, Canvas (I used 8×8), staple gun

2. Get Started. First, size up the shirt with the canvas. You want to eyeball how it will look and how it will fit on the canvas.

3. Wrap Around the Canvas. Try to center it on the canvas to get a good idea of the finished product.

4. Survey. If you are happy with how it looks, you’re ready to move on.

5. Ready to Cut. Start by cutting up the seams on the side of the shirt

6. Keep Cutting. Then I cut from the center part of the neck hole down the sleeves.

7. Still Cutting. Move on to opposite side

8. Cutting Finished. It should look as close to a rectangle as possible

9. Getting Ready to Put on Canvas. Now you want to center the picture and layout the shirt

10. Start Attaching. Make sure the picture is centered. This is a tricky part because most of the time on little shirts the picture is directly under the collar. Try to put the staple in as close as possible to the edge.

11. Centering the shirt. Once you start to put on the shirt it is kind of like upholstering a chair seat. You have to be careful that you are centered and are pulling tight enough so that the pattern is lined up but not too tight that it is stretching the pattern.

12. Check as you go. Make sure it is looking centered

13. Keep working around the canvas. Making sure to pull tight enough and keep staples close to each other

14. Trim off extra material. Once you have all the sides on I find it easier to do the corners with the excess material off

15. Corners. This can also be tricky if you haven’t done it before. Fold the corners down the same way you would if wrapping a gift. Staple down the flaps as you are tucking them

16. Finished Corner. Should be tucked and tight

17. Trim. Take any extra material off

18. Finished! You are ready to hang! This looks great in a grouping!

Thanks for sharing Rose!

My Easter Decorating Woes….

Now, I’m sure really why the easter bunny delivers eggs. And where did the whole easter bunny thing come from anyway??

Anyway…. I feel like just throwing my hands up with my decorating for this holiday… Everything turned out halfway. In the world of the cup half full, that’s great. In the world of the cup half empty, it got frustrating. With these projects I seem to be teetering right there in the middle of the cup! 

I’ve never really decorated much for Easter, or really many holidays other than Christmas. But having a kid around makes decorating for holidays so much fun.

Project 1- I’m sure everyone’s seen these eggshell flowerpots from Martha Stewart.

The Half Full Part- We put our spin on it with dying the egg shells before we planted some cute little flowers. My son was loving dying the eggs and then planting the flowers.

The Half Empty Part- Well, most of ours turned out like this…

Project 3- Another Martha idea… Silk dyed easter Eggs.

The Half Full Part- I got a few silk ties from Goodwill and off we started on another project. It was fun, but…. Most of them turned out, but not quite as perfect as they would for Martha…. We were excited though. My son loved unwrapping them after they boiled!

The Half Empty Part- Of course my son picked his favorite to be the red tie. Which although it said silk, must not have been since those eggs didn’t get dyed. And of course, those were the ones we unwrapped first. Luckily the other ones worked and it wasn’t a complete disappointment!

Project 3- If you’ve read other posts, you probably already know I am a spray paint lovin’ kind of gal! And if you’ve read any of my other posts, you already know that I also love to upcycle and recycle anything I can. Yes, I love to buy new, too, but I really try to find things used first and make them exactly what I want.

That was a long introduction for my third Easter project I have to tell you about. Spray painted bunnies….

Here they are before.

Starting with the Half Empty Part-  And after…. From a distance they look nice, right.

Well, let’s take a closer look! Lesson Learned- When the spray paint says to sand glossy surfaces, they mean, sand glossy surfaces….

The Half Full Part- The ones that weren’t glossy turned out pretty cute!

All in all our table decoration turned out quite nice and probably a better size than I had originally planned…. I think it’s perfect despite our ups and downs of decorating.

So I’ve shared my blunders and my successes. Have you had any funny decorating mishaps that have turned out to just the right design? I’d love to hear!

BunnyBaRoo- An Easter Bunny Tutorial

I have been making plushie dolls that I call ‘ghosties’ for years now and selling them around town. I wanted to make an Easter bunny and couldn’t come up with the design I wanted. Then a friend called one a bunny and I had another one of those ah-ha moments.

Does anyone remember Leo the Lop Eared Bunny??? It was one of my favorite books as a kiddo. I’d forgotten about him, until the other day. The picture in my head of the bunny I wanted to make had nice long droopy ears, just like Leo….

Here’s my version of Leo, also known as BunnyBaRoo by my son!


Fabric for the bunny

Contrasting fabric for the underside of the ear

Scissors of Rotary Blade


Pom Pom for tail

Buttons for eyes

Download the pattern here, Easter Bunny Plushie Tutorial

Step 1: Cut each piece. See pattern for more details.

Step 2: Sew together ears, right sides together. Trim corners at the tip of the ear. Turn right side out and iron.

Step 3: Sew together the head, right sides together. Don’t sew all the way around, about ¾ of the way around. Mark the ear opening. Cut in ¾” in from the seam and cut.

Step 4: Time to sew in the ears! The ears are meant to be folded over, fold the outer edges in so that they touch. Then insert into the holes you just cut. The underside of the ear will face out. I did a mock up in random colors because it was hard to see with the white on white. In the other picture, brown is the head, pink the outside of the ear and the blue represents the underside of the ear.

Step 5: Finish sewing the body. Sew from head to bottom of each side. Don’t sew the bottom. Leave a hole on one side. Ok, so I’m taking the picture and look at the bunny, but doesn’t it look like a Barbie Winter Evening Gown??? Maybe it’s just me….

Step 6: Turn the bunny right side out and sew on the eyes and tail.

Step 7: Turn the bunny back inside itself a bit. Pin on the bottom and sew pieces together.

Step 8: Turn bunny right side out, one more time. Pull it thru the hole you left on the side. Stuff the bunny and hand sew the opening closed.

BunnyBaRoo is a quick little guy to make. I think he took me a little over an hour, which includes the photo takin’ time…

And check the basket ‘grass’. Yep, fabric strips. Fabric strips from fabric I have, which is an upcycled sheet….  Just another simple idea.

I hope you enjoy the tutorial and enjoy making your very own BunnyBaRoo!

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Another Yarn Wreath

Happy Monday! This week I have two goals. One is to start studying for my Structural ARE exam and the other is to get back on a regular blogging schedule! Oh, and maybe I should add sleep more to my goal list… And, I’m hoping that by the end of this month I will have blogged about all my Christmas presents that I made!!

 Did I mention I LOVE the yarn wreaths??? I made another one a while back for my mom with the University of Alabama theme.

Here’s another Christmas present I made… Yep, you guessed it, another yarn wreath. And again with the University of Alabama theme…

I have also had a distant relative and close friend’s wife on bed rest in the last few months. I didn’t know if either of them were really crafty, but I sent all the fixin’s for a yarn wreath to them… Hopefully they enjoyed making them as much as I do.

I’m going to try to make one for myself very soon. And as much as I like ‘The’ university, I think I’m going to branch out with a different theme!

Have you made a yarn wreath recently??? Any theme or occasion suggestions? Valentine’s Day maybe????

Happy New Year!!!

Our New Year’s Eve is far from the glitz and glamour you see on TV, the internet and the movies. The brightest lights we’ll see will probably be the zoo lights in Tacoma! And I am perfectly content with that… Excited even!

But I have enjoyed seeing all the sparkle and glitter of the upcoming celebrations. Since I have done absolutely nothing for New Years, I’m living vicariously through these lovely pieces.


1. I love this photo of sparklers by Leslie Williams Art. That reminds me, I need to get some sparklers for this evening!

2. 2011 here we come! Glitter numbers by Mandie Candy.

3. I first saw this glitter star headband from Giant Dwarf on Design*Sponge and it would be great fun for a night out on the town!

4. Love the DIY glitter party hats! Check out Design*Sponge for the how to.

5. mmmm, mmm, mmm! Now if I was having a New Year’s Eve party, I’d want this set-up for sure. This might even inspire a party for next year…. Design by Chris Nease with Celebrations at Home.

6. And Happy New Year!

More fun to come in 2011…