Hopscotch with The Shaffer Sisters

Can you believe the series is almost over again!!? Where does the time go? Our last guest is Al, from the Shaffer Sisters! If I had a sister, I hope we’d do as many fun things together as the ladies behind the Shaffer Sisters blog!  They seem like so much fun and I love how they all craft together! They have been guests before and always make the sweetest dresses! So happy to have them back this year! Welcome Al!

This year when I considered the possibility of games I could choose from, I found myself daydreaming of simpler days. I remember spending hours upon hours outside with my cousins pretending with our red wagon and stick horses, playing hide and go seek, and kick the can at grandma’s house. As I reflected, I realized that this year I wanted my theme for Sew Ready to Play to be more timeless than the projects I’ve done in the past.


Hopscotch is one of those outside games that can be played anywhere with very little effort. A few weeks ago we were sitting on the sidewalk waiting for the local parade to begin when the kids found chalk in the stroller. Before we knew it, there were a few hop scotch designs down and the kids were contently playing instead of impatiently waiting.


I had started out this project with the intent to make another dress for my very girly daughter, but unfortunately the printer was set to fit and not to actual size. I ended up with a dress in which the finished bodice fit my 1 year old daughter instead of my 6 year old. I didn’t realize this until I was practically done and had spent hours embroidering the hop scotch design on the skirt. The simplest thing would have been to just have my baby wear it, but it didn’t seem fitting since there’s no way a baby can hopscotch.

I wanted to recreate the bodice the right size and stick with my original design, but I lacked the emotional energy to invest that much more time into it. So when life gives you lemons make lemonade, right!?

And on that same day her little brother cut some of her hair an inch long

I seam ripped the skirt off the bodice and attached it to some elastic that I’ve been saving for just the right project.

Ty in her hopscotch skirt and Sally in her butterfly tunic and polka-dot leggings

The detail on the skirt was done by lightly sketching the hopscotch design and then going back and adding embroidery thread of different colors.

Skirts that fly are the only way to go for a 5 year old

She is happy because it’s a skirt that flies when she spins and has plenty of room for movement to navigate the playground.

With love,



The Rose Skirt by Filles a Maman

I’ve been having fun sewing for my nieces! For an only child (me) I sure to have a bunch of nieces! Ok, they technically aren’t, but by love they are! I can’t wait to show you the adorable little Rose Skirt I made for one of my Florida girls!


I loved this little pattern and it was so easy! I mean like probably an hour easy!


I though it was cute when I saw it online, but then when I saw the pattern I got a bit scared… The pleats threw fear in my face! But I went ahead and decided to go for it. And boy was I wrong! Um… super simple!


And it seemed to be super comfy on the little lady as well! The knit I used is super soft on the inside! I forget know where I got the popsiclie fabric, which was also well received. The top and bottom bands were an old shirt.



The pattern has instruction for both with pockets and without. I originally planned for pockets. Here’s the deal. Before we went on vacation I was working away and trying to deny that there was something wrong with my sewing machine. When I finally gave into the truth I stopped sewing. Then I decided to cut all my projects that I wanted to sew and I’d take the fabric with me. So for this one I cut it for without pockets just in case. But I also cut the pockets out too. But I had them the contrast color. Then when I set to putting it together, I didn’t think I’d like the pockets the contrast color so I left them out!


The little lady had a good time in this skirt! We played super heros, went to the beach and made sand cupcakes and even taught her to fish in it! She was pretty good at the whole casting thing!!


I loved seeing the skirt get worn and enjoyed! Now if we could only all go back to the beach together!

If you have a little girl and want an adorable skirt that is super easy to make… The Rose Skirt is your answer! It’s even adorable just hanging on the hanger! Thanks Mel for letting me try it out!



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Sew Ready to Play Hopscotch with The Southern Institute

Yeah! Another day of playing!! Today it’s hopscotch! Who doesn’t love hopscotch?? I’m sure everyone who’s been reading my blog remembers my friend Jenny from The Southern Institute! We’ve shared on each other’s blogs a few times here and there. I just noticed that my magnetic bookmark is one of her top ten posts! Very cool! Thank you Southern Institute readers! I have to say, one of the cutest and easiest projects on her blog is the super hero cape project. I made one for my son and he still wears it. And wears it around town. It’s brought many fine memories to our family and I’m sure there will be more!

And without further ado…. Welcome Jenny!!

Hi there! This is Jenny from The Southern Institute and I’m so excited to be a part of Sew Ready to Play. I had a lot of fun coming up with something for last year’s series, and this year was no exception. I really love to sew, and I wanted to incorporate a little bit of practicality in this year’s project. My mind immediately went to Hopscotch, a game that I LOVED when I was younger, and still love to play (although it has been awhile). I cruised the internet a bit looking for some Hopscotch “Pin-spiration” and came across this rug, which I thought was soooo much fun!

It seems to me that kids need storage, places to keep their special things. Storage in a child’s room needs to be fun, so I decided to make this hopscotch hanging pocket organizer! Here’s how I made it.

You will need:
  • canvas background (20″x48″)
  • 7 canvas squares (8″x8″) for the pockets
  • 7 strips of canvas (8″x1-1/2″) for the pocket edges
  • thread
  • webbing or some kind of strap (1-2 yards, depending on how long you want the hanger to be)
  • one dowel rod
The Steps:

Repeat the above steps for all seven pockets.

Isn’t that fun? Let your little ones have fun putting their special things into the pockets. They can practice their numbers while they put their things away! This is such an easily customizable project… make it with any designs that you want and make it your own. Thanks for letting me share with you today! If you haven’t already, come on by The Southern Institute and follow along. You’ll find tons of inspiration there, and a community waiting to welcome you.


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