Buildings of Fabric- Friday Inspiration

A bit link love, a LOT inspiration….

Either way, I found these projects online and haven’t stopped thinking about them! I think I’ve mentioned that by day I”m an architect and work in the field getting buildings built on a daily basis. These are not the kinds I build, but man, do I want to!

This one started my obsession! Slipcover for a Schoolhouse by Judith Hoffman

image by GRAFT LLC; Ricky Ridecos. via specialyfabricsreview

ahhh… New Orleans. Where my architectural journey began! What fun times I had while at school at Tulane. What hard times the city has gone through since. The Pink Project was a collaborative art installation to bring awareness about the devastation of New Orleans 9th Ward and it did! It raised over 12 million dollars to help rebuild this neighborhood. Each pink house marked the spot of where a home once stood and where another one will be rebuilt.

And last, but not least, the work of Do-Ho Suh

Suh is was born in Korea and later moved to the US, studied art here and has exhibited internationally.  There is a great interview with Suh over at designboom.

Insane! (and I mean that in the most magnificent way) Meticulous. The details are amazing! All of his work is amazing, but I am blown away by his fabric architecture pieces. In these pieces he creates architectural space out of translucent fabric. These architectural elements he recreates with his fabric vary from the very personal gateway to the mundane of everyday life, but either way, each piece draws you in to become a part of it, to want to walk right in and make it your place. Exactly what every architect strives for.

This installation, Staircase, is the one that first grabbed my attention and introduced me to Suh’s work.

image via artnet
image courtesy gallery lehmann maupin via designboom

This week I’ve spent way to much time discussing mechanical ducts and pipes and yes, sink carriers (those pesky legs and arms hidden in the walls and sinks that actually hold up the sinks). So I found myself drawn to this sink and toilet in The Perfect Home II!

image courtesy hermes japon co via designboom

Check out the article on this particular piece, Reflection, at designboom.

And this last one, Paratrooper 1, is not about architecture per se, but the stitching is amazing!

image courtesy gallery lehmann maupin via designboom