Pinterest Try Tuesdays (or Wednesday..)- Homemade Sand Art

Well, I guess it’s Pinterest Try Wednesday this week! And sorry I missed last week’s Pinterest Try Tuesday!


This week we tried to make Homemade Sand for a Sand Art project! Did you make these as kids? I loved making sand art! When my son decided to have an art party birthday party this year, I knew we had to make sand art, but he had no idea what I was talking about.

I just happened to have a little sand art kit from the Dollar Tree that I had been holding onto for a Stocking stuffer. So I pulled that out and he fell in love too! Yea! I knew he’d love it!

So this week’s Try isn’t from one particular blog pinned to Pinterest. I read a bunch of How-To’s here and there. I need to make ALOT, so I decided I didn’t want to try the using food coloring and drying it out. I wanted more instant results.


There are a lot of tutorials out there that say to use sand and sidewalk chalk.


Well, I got what looks like sand and sidewalk chalk…. Not the colored sand look I was going for…


But most tutorials online seem to think that grating the sidewalk chalk into salt is the best idea. So we did that! The results were actually pretty good! I grated it using the fine side of the grater. And the day we did it, it looked great.


After it sat while you can see the two different textures between the salt and the ground sidewalk chalk.


You can see how after a few days the salt/chalk starts to separate a bit.

I even found a box of 52 pieces of chalk for 4 bucks! I was ready to go with it! I was ready to grind a bunch of chalk with salt for hours on end to prepare for the birthday party activity. But in the end, we’re buying colored sand for the sand art birthday party activity!


The bought sand is, of course, easier. But it’s brighter and the right texture for the project!

The homemade sand would be perfect on a day were the kiddos are bored, you have bottles, sidewalk chalk and salt! You whip some up and there you go!

Crafting With the Kids Recap

Friday I mentioned that we were going out of town with friends and I was in charge of the crafting projects for the kids.

Well…. I got box ready with all sorts of crafty things…

Baby Oil, bottles, food coloring for making wave bottles

Paper plates, paint and the salad spinner for salad spinner art

Clear cups and Glow in the Dark bracelets for the Glow in the Dark cups

Seashells and paints for Seashell Painting

Cork, paint and glue for the Cork Boats

Paper, paint and all sorts of things to glue to make Self Portraits

Pie tins, paint, straws and bubbles for Bubble Art

All that and did we make them??? Well, not exactly! The beach was calling, as was the football, bikes and giant bubbles… So, no, we didn’t really make too many projects…

We started the self portraits. But then that just turned in to a glue and paint project. Which was totally cool, but the portraits kinda went to the wayside.

But the boats… They were a hit! I made the boats but they didn’t really get painted before we headed down to the beach.

On another trip we made the boats and did paint them. Only that trip was just the opposite. We painted the boats, but they never saw the water!

I’ll share a funny story about the time we did paint them. We were camping with other friends and I have to say that the funniest quote of the weekend came from the boat painting activity. My son was still painting with his friend’s sister and she tells my son, ‘I like pink best because I am very girlie.’ My two year old son responded, ‘I’m manly. I’m a man. I’m mannnnly.’ Hilarious! I had to turn around to make sure I was hearing everything correctly!

Back to this weekend… After our boating adventure, we left the boat in the neighborhood Gnome Village at this little ladies home….. Ms. Gnome and her friend Mr. Googly Eye Rock seemed grateful for the new mode of transportation!

Did yall make anything fun with the kiddos this weekend?

Salad Spinner Art

How exciting! This project is such a great idea. A few months ago, I saw the salad spinner art idea on The Artful Parent’s blog. I was super excited about it then. Almost ran right out to buy a salad spinner. But I didn’t have my Bed Bath and Beyond coupons (and I don’t go there without one) so I just told all my friends about the idea. One of them mentioned that the spinner shown had a flat bottom and the newer ones are roundier, so an older one would work best. Great observation, Jayde!

Then when I didn’t buy one instantaneously, I kinda forgot about it… That is until yesterday… We were on the search for a baseball bat for kiddo and went to Goodwill. I did a quick scan of the house wares and I found the one and only salad spinner. And it was the old flat bottom kind! Perfect! (And kinda dirty looking. My sweet husband didn’t say anything until I mentioned it was for an art project! Then he sighed a deep sigh of relief! He didn’t want a salad out of that spinner.)

We had a great time making spinny art or circle paintings as my son calls them! The 2.5 year old doesn’t really understand the ‘Don’t squeeze too hard’ idea, so we ended up with some thick globs of paint! But hey, that’s ok! My son loved spinning the spinner and opening it to see what had happened.

My favorite part was when he opened the lid, was super excited about the painting and then decided to add more paint. For some reason it hadn’t dawned on me to add more paint once we had already spun one… And he picked out the paint colors for each one. I’m pretty impressed….

My son usually wakes up and asks, ‘Where’s Daddy?’ and then ‘Can I watch TV?’ But this morning the conversation went a little bit differently… ‘Where’s Daddy?’ and then ‘Can we make more circle paintings?’ Then he said, ‘I know! We’ll make one circle painting, eat muffins, go to school, come home and make more circle paintings!’ Ahhh…. So excited that he loves making art!

Did you have any family art projects this weekend???

Since this project cost less than 5 buckaroos, I've linked it to the CSI weekly project link party!