A Little Bit of Crafty Decorating???

Does crafty also mean decorating? Decorating for houses? Decorating for parties??? I’m thinking it does. To me decorating for both of those, for me, involves a lot of hands on making and crafting.

Why am I questioning this? I read a blog the other day about blog content. Her post was more about accepting products for blog reviews that didn’t have to much to do with her blog content. Well, I’m not quite to the point where people are offering me products for review, but I the article did make me think about my blog’s content. 

What’s going on in my world? Well, I’m studying for an exam. Hopefully my last, of 8, ARE (Architectural Registration Exam) exams. Which means, this month, I have STUDY instead of being crafty… I might not be being crafty, but I can’t stop thinking about it!

So, coming up in my world is a trip to our beach house and we always seem to get a bit of decorating in there. Also, a guest room into a play room remodel. And a party! So when I can sneak in a few minutes online, I’m searching for inspiration…

Today’s inspiration are some thoughts I’m having on this playroom remodel!!

Here’s the before picture… with a little photoshop panorama action… You get the idea!


And of course, the after will be coming soon (relatively soon anyway….)

The thoughts on the inspiration….

1 & 2. I am a sucker for window seats! I think these might be a doable option for our space…

Image 1 designed by Feldman Architecture via Nursery Notations  Image 2 by Pure Home Style via Nursery Notations

3. I love this wall of bookshelves. Practical for my space, um, no. But I love it still! Image

4, 5 & 6 So the space theme is not so far out… (no pun intended) My son loves outer space and has a big spaceship ‘fort’ toy… I don’t think I’d go all out with murals and all. But I saw the room of ‘rocks’ (image 5) and knew my son would love that. Plus, doesn’t it just look like some outer space plant landscape???

Image 4 is by Studio Aandacht via bloesem kids Image 5 via Amazon Image 6 Smarin via HomeinFurniture

Also, do you see the trend with the glass light fixtures??

and 7. My color inspiration…. I can’t find the original image online, but here’s the similar link with additional color schemes from Trendbible