KCWC- Day 5- Upcycled Sweatshirt

ok, I’m so excited again! So, you know the other day I made my own pattern for the comfy pants, right? Well, I’ve always been scared to make my own shirt pattern. But I did it anyway last night.

I traced a bigg-ish t-shirt. Then added the seam allowances… And I cut the fabric and pinned on the sleeves and it fit together perfectly!!! I was soooo excited!

I started with an old sweatshirt of my husband’s. The one on top there. It’s a little nubby and has a little paint stain, but I love the tree and birds so much that I couldn’t let it go! And these sweatpants. Ya know what else makes me super excited? Ok, this might be kinda silly to some people, but…. When I have a spur of the moment idea and I just happen to have everything on hand to make it work! Like this sweatshirt. I really love the image on it, but I didn’t want a full on black sweatshirt. So I looked at the hidden shelf under my ironing board where I have some of my ‘to-up-cycle’ stash and there they were! The sweatpants that I think match perfectly! YEAH!!!

I cut the the shirt and the hoodie out of the middle of the old sweatshirt. Luckily my son has a big head! Always has. His daycare teacher told us that in her country big heads are a sign of brilliance. So not only is he brilliant, but his head doesn’t look too out-of-place in an adult size hoodie! I cut the arms out of the legs of the sweatpants, so I didn’t need to hem the arms. Sewed those three pieces together. Then I trimmed out the ribbing at the bottom of the sweatshirt and sewed that onto the bottom of my new little sweatshirt.

And Wah-la! A cute little hoodie!! Once I got it all sewed together I was worried that the arms ended up too small, so I took a break and waited til morning to try it on the kiddo. IT FIT!! I’m so excited about it.

I think next time, I will make the arms a little bit roomier. But for this one, it fits perfectly! This was so easy, I’ll have to do a quick tutorial for you soon. SOOOO EASY!

And what about you? Have you made anything this week that you’re super excited about???

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