Fabric Pin Wheel Tutorial

Yes, it’s another bright colored post about pin wheels! I need them! I don’t know about you, but we are still having more gloomy days than bright sunny days here in the Pacific Northwest….

Remember that pin wheel I made for the Modern She Made Swap? The one I made for the swap, was a bit delicate and more for looks than to spin. I’ve been thinking about it and thinking about it. And I figured out how I wanted to make it spin! Here’s how….

Step 1: Materials:

8 pieces of fabric, about 6 inches tall by 3 inches wide

Fusible Bond Adhesive

Iron-on Vinyl


Wire Cutter

Rotary Cutter

Hole Puncher, I used a 1/8″ punch


Sticks, or pencils


Step 2: Cut Pieces. For the triangles, you’ll need 8 triangles. For the fusible adhesive, you’ll need a 6 inch square. I oversized the iron-on vinyl and cut 2 7.5 inch squares.

Step 3: Fuse the Pieces together. First, iron on the solids to the fusible adhesive. Be sure to leave a fraction of a space between the pieces. Remove the paper backing and layout the coordinating pieces on the fusible adhesive. I iron mine on another piece of fabric to avoid any bits of the adhesive getting on my ironing board! As you iron the second layer, they will separate into the four triangles! Then you’ll have four triangles with two different sides!

Step 4: Laminate the pieces. I deviate from the package directions slightly here… Remove the paper backing. Adhere the four triangles to the sticky side of the vinyl, then smooth on the second piece of vinyl to the other side of the triangles. I sized these pieces large, so you don’t have to be to specific when you are adhering them all together. Trim the vinyl down about a 1/2 inch larger than the triangles. When ironing, put the paper backing over it and iron. Careful with your timing! If you iron too much, the pieces can separate from the fusible adhesive. If that happens, no worries, it still will work fine, or you can add a bit of fabric glue between the pieces. Once it’s all put together, I trim the vinyl down again to about an 1/8 inch larger than the fabric pieces and cut between the pieces per the pattern.

Step 5: Punch the holes in the corners of the triangle as shown in the pattern. They don’t punch very easily, but enough to then cut out the holes! Also cut a hole in the very center. I did it by folding the pieces and cutting a tiny slit in the center.

Step 6: Cut the wire about a foot long.

Step 7:  Pull the wire through the bead and secure.

Step 8: Secure the Pin wheel. First, pull all the pieces together towards the middle. Insert the wire and bead into the center of the pin wheel and pull it through. Then add another bead to the back.

Step 9: Wrap the wire around the stick! Cut off the ends of the wire and….

Wahla! A laminated fabric pin wheel!

So about now you’re probably wondering why I’d go to this trouble when I could just make a pin wheel out of paper and call it good! Well, there are a lot of steps here, but it’s pretty quick and easy. Also, you never know when you might want a pin wheel to match, exactly, your sewing machine cover! Or anything else you’ve sewn!

What will you make your pin wheel to match???

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Weekend Whims- Laminated Cotton!

Sorry for a bit of a quiet week last week…. My computer crashed and I freaked, thinking I’d lost everything! I took it in and found out that it was a really bad virus. They were able to back up all my data!! Yeah!! And then they had to wipe the computer and start over. I finally got it back today…

In the meantime, I’ve been obsessing over laminated fabric! Have you ever used it? I want to make a purse out of it. And a rain coat for my son so he doesn’t have to keep wearing his winter raincoat. He’s also requested on for his stuffed dog…   here are some of my favorites!

I love this Nicey Jane Lindy Leaf. It comes in both the blue version and the pink. But for my new purse, I wanted a coordinating fabric and the blue one has this Nicey Jane Hop Dot Cream.

What do you think of this set? I love them all, but together? I was thinking the one in the middle, the Timeless Treasures Sunny Daze Flowers Blue would be the main fabric, with pockets or side panels out of the green,  Greenhouse ButtonWood Grass and the trim would be the yellow, Sunny Happy Skies Cotton Lace Yellow.

I also like this set, but does it look too much like a diaper bag?? I love the Logan Cotton Blossoms Pink with the Michael Miller Dumb Dot in black and white.

But I think this one is my favorite set….  The main fabric would be the floral, Heather Bailey Freshcut Cotton Groovy Olive. The pockets and trim prices would be the others. The green is Greenhouse Buttonwood Grass. The yellow is the same as in the set above, Sunny Happy Skies Lace Yellow. And the pink is Michael Miller Lush Happy Dot Pink.

Ok, one more… I like this one a lot too…. Like the one above, the main fabric would be the funky floral, Anna Maria Horner LouLouthi Summer Totem Tart. The pink and the yellow are the same pattern, just different colors, Sunny Happy Skies Lace. And the awesome blue on  is by Amy Butler, Soul Blossoms Temple Doors Deep Water.

And for the kiddo… I love love love the Dr Seuss ones! But he wasn’t interested… Hmmm… Is he really my kid? Dr Seuss isn’t his first choice?? The Urban Zoologie is awesome! I love all their characters, especially the owls. But the kiddo picked the monkeys for his rain coat.

Ok, I need your help! The new bag is going to be a kinda messenger bag, but I don’t want it to look like a diaper bag… So which fabric collection would you pick? I’m horrible at making decisions, so I’d love to hear which one you’d pick!!

all the fabrics I picked are avaialable at Fabric.com

More next week. So glad to have the computer back and running!!