A New Lego Store and a Real Master Builder

As you’ve probably noticed, via IG and our Lego Valentines, we love Lego’s at our house! So when I had the opportunity to attend our new Lego Store Grand Opening at SouthCenter Mall and meet a real live Master Builder, I said YEP!


But when I said yes, I had no idea that there are only 7 Master Builders in the whole world! Did you know that? My knowledge of Master Builders comes from the Lego Movie! So I got totally schooled! There are only 7! We got to meet one of the 7. And his son is another one!


Do you have a favorite brick? Well, one of mine is the piece that makes the hearts. My son loves the jewels that can either be jewels, or flames or Chi (if he’s playing Chima). But our Master Builder friend, Dan, has a different favorite! His is the 2×4 brick! I thought he would have had a super fancy favorite, but no, it’s the workhorse of Legos!


We asked how would one become a Master Builder. In his words he works with a nice group of ‘nutty, creative people’! Dan has a background in art and working in a model shop, but most of the ‘young guys’ coming up have computer backgrounds with 3D renderings. The studios render the new sets in Maya and then import the 3D model into a Lego Brick Builder software that slices and dices the 3D models into brick shapes.

The Master Builders do not actually design the Lego sets. That happens in Denmark. But they do lead a super busy life! Dan was in Seattle one weekend, then home to host the Lego Picnic, then off to Austin and Fort Worth, Texas, to do building projects with kids at the Children’s Hospital and Kids Fest! Then he gets to head to Mexico City for an event. And on and on!


We were also wondering what the day to day life of a Master Builder is like. Dan told us he does all sorts of events like I mentioned. He sees thousands of kids! When he’s not designing events worldwide, he also does real life things like expense reports and new employee orientation. And when designing the events and giant Lego sculptures, they have been known to use, shhhhh, Kragle!!! AHHHHH!!!! Ok, it’s not exactly like the Kragle in the movie, but it does have a similar effect.





The awesome event at Southcenter Mall had a fun set-up to help the Master Builder build an 8′ Hulk. All the kids, and adults, too, used 39 small bricks to make a super sized brick for the Hulk. We made 3 big bricks and handed them over for Dan to find a spot for!


Dan knows exactly how many blocks make up the Hulk, but he couldn’t tell us! They were having a giveaway to whoever guessed the right number. We haven’t heard from them, so I don’t think we guessed correctly!


And we got to meet this guy! I hope he works at the new store, because he was super fun! How can you not love someone in a Lego tie???


So then we headed to the new store! It seemed like a pretty typical store, but did you know all the activities that the stores have? So if you didn’t get to go to the Grand Opening, you’ve got plenty more opportunities to have fun at the store! Although the events fill up fast, so you’ll have to keep an eye out for when registrations open! They have a mini model event, Lego clubs also with a mini build activity, free sets with purchases, Lego passport events! Be sure to check out their calendar (or your own local store’s calendar)!


Back to our interview with Dan…


We asked what his all time favorite project was… It was a giant apple in NYC! I google it and you can see Dan, his son one of the other Lego Master Builders, and a couple of other Master Builders! Watch it here!

My big question that I wanted to know was whether or not a Master Builder plays with Legos at home once they are done with a long day of work. Dan said that he does have Legos at home, but if he’s going to build something, he usually stays at work where he has access to way more bricks! I think my kiddo would never come home if he worked as a Master Builder!


Thanks Dan for a fun event and to Lego for giving us the opportunity to meet a Master Builder!

I can’t wait to take advantage of more of the fun events at our new Lego Store! Be sure to check out your local store too!