Little Dresses for Africa

Yes, another post not about Celebrate The Boy, even though I have a long, long list of projects for CTB… But this one, has been on my mind and I needed to get it done….


Little Dresses for Africa is a non-profit organization that provides girls in African orphanages, churches and schools to let them know that people care and to tell these ‘little girls that they are worthy!’

And how did I find out about this??? My quilting guild, of course!  I haven’t been able to make it to the guild meetings lately, but there was a post of a different sort of meeting. A pillowcase dress meeting. Kathy from Pink Chalk Studio let us know about a girl Emily who’s Senior service project is to make 100 pillowcase dresses for the young girls in Africa.

Ok, so I didn’t actually use a pillowcase. I had a shirt that got a hole in it under the arm, but the rest is still cute. My plan was always to turn it into a ‘pillowcase’ dress, it was just initially intended for someone else. Once I read about the Little Dresses project I knew that this is where the dress will go. The pattern (and part of the tutorial) I used is from Prudent Baby and is very simple to follow. (I also just realized we both photographed our finished pieces in front of a fence… )

Here’s the before and after….

 And I love the flower…. 

Yep, a tutorial is on it’s way.

 And, another thing to add to my list of things to do is the Britches for Boys project. The same as the Little Dresses Project, but for Boys….  And as those of us participating in Celebrate the Boy, we know the boys sometimes get the shaft…  Yep, there will more about that too!

Right about the time I read about the Little Dresses project, I also read this quote. I hope it speaks to you as it did to me.

‘I have learned that life is not about me, and it’s not about you either. You cannot live a full life if you cannot share and give to others.’ 

– Behr Champana-Gagneron, architect


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