Charley Harper Inspired Cardinal Mini Quilt

I think I threw this image out as a teaser sometime back. I actually made it last year, but never showed it off! I was waiting until I had the pattern to go with it. But I never made a pattern. And honestly, I doubt I’ll ever get to it! I just made this one up as I went along and I don’t have it and I haven’t taken the time to recreate it yet!


I made this for a swap that our Seattle Modern Quilt Guild did last year! We did a secret mini swap! And I knew my partner loved Charley Harper, so I decided to take a piece of his awesome art and make it into a quilt!


Since it was a secret swap I had to be careful of the pictures I posted! I just loved this one! I started making it with 2×2 squares and was getting HUGE! So I switched gears and ended up with this guy!


image via Charley Harper Art Studio

If you don’t know Charley Harper, you should check him out! I love the art! I’ve actually wanted to make quilts out of his designs for quite some time. I just noticed a beagle that might have to be a quilt sometime soon…. Quite a bit of the art has been turned into mosaics, which then just calls out to be made into a quilt!


I decided to do the matchstick, skinny, stitching for the background. And faned out the tail. I didn’t want to applique the little eyes and knees so I used buttons!


And I used a super skinny ribbon for the legs. I could have done super skinny patchwork, but since I had the ribbon, I thought it might be easier! And it was!


I also always love checkin’ out the back of quilts and seeing how the stitching makes the patterns of the front.



Do you have a favorite piece of art that you want to make into a quilt?

Paint Chip Challenge

We seem to like challenges in our Modern Quilt Guild! This time we decided to tackle a paint ship challenge. You are given a paint chip and all your fabric has to match the colors on the paint chip.


The ones in charge of the challenge picked grey, teal, light blue and dark blue. Some lucky ducks got a yellow chip too, which meant they got to add in accent pieces of yellow. I stood in line for my envelope hoping ‘not grey, not grey, not grey…’


I got grey….


And it wasn’t easy to find the grey’s either. Everytime I’d go to a fabric store I’d pull out my chip and nope… Or I’d buy grey thinking it had to be right and I’d get home and it wasn’t. Then I finally raided my stash and found just the right pieces!


I’ve been really wanting to do one of these triangulated pieces. First I used a triangulation app on my phone. Then I just assumed I’d make it into a paper piecing pattern. But, um, no. My assumption was wrong! Paper piecing a triangulated piece, didn’t work so well for me! I ended up just piecing as I went.


I just couldn’t get snow out of my head when it came to this paint chip. So a snowy mountain top it is. I considered a white bunny in a snowstorm, but…..


I did get some yellow in the back! I’m loving that almost all of this was actually from my stash in the end.


How do you do labels? I just use a sharpie and make a had written label. Maybe I should a more professional looking label…


So, I am totally over my wanting to quilt a triangulated anything! It was a good exercise in inside corners… Not a big fan, I learned! But I’m happy with it. Glad it’s done.

If you want to see them all, check back in the first part of June. Or come out to the show at Drygoods Design on June 4th! That’s opening night, but the show will be up for a month. And they are for sale!! Yea! We’ve never done a for sale show before!

And I can mark this off as 1 of my Q2 Finish Along finishes!
2015 FAL at On the Windy Side


Project Quilting- Challenge 5- It’s Where I Live Castoff

Last week I showed you the Project Quilting Its Where I Live Challenge postage stamp quilt that I did. I called it ‘Rain’. This week, I made another one that I’m calling ‘Showers’. hehehe… get it? Rain Showers??? ha, I crack myself up!

Well, When I came up with that design, I also came up with this other design… My sidekicks (the husband and son) chose the umbrella one that I went with.

But I also really liked this other design…..

Then I saw Stitched In Color’s Scrap Attack Sew Along and my pile of scraps from the Rain quilt. And I thought about it and thought about it… And decided to make another little mini quilt from my scraps. I kinda miscalculated some of the colors for the rain quilt and cut a few extras…

Since I had some scraps and another design in mind, I thought why not?

Which one is your favorite? Rain or Showers?

Project Quilting- Challenge 4- Barn Quilts

Ahhh, Barn Quilts…. You probably saw on Saturday my weekend whims post was about some really cool Barn Quilts that I had found. today is about the Barn Quilt I made… Ok, I didn’t actually make a barn Quilt, but a quilt inspired by a Barn Quilt.

I’m not a very traditional quilter and as I was looking at all the Barn Quilt photos online I was drawn to the fact that the overall majority of them are based on very traditional quilt patterns. I thought to myself that maybe this week, I wouldn’t think outside the box so much, but experiment with a traditional pattern. Then I remembered this book that my husband brought home from a yard sale one day after I started my quilting obsession. It was sweet and I kept it, but at the same time wondered why… I’m never going to make one of these quilts…. Well, I’m glad I did keep it!

I found this circle pattern that I love. Each week I keep telling myself I’m going to make a quick and easy mini quilt. And for some reason this pattern seemed to be the way to a  quick and easy  one this week. UM. No. Not quite sure why I thought that… Once I got into and realized I again, hadn’t made it easy on myself and was lamenting this with my husband. He even agreed and was like, ‘uh, yeah, it didn’t look easy to me!’ hmmmmm…..

So I’ve got my pattern picked out. now to choose the fabrics…. Again, I have this issue of always making things more complicated! I decided to make the middle pieces a ombre selection of fabrics, which meant dying my own fabric

I pieced it all together and, yep, doing the circle pieces was harder than I thought… The very last piece I did was the middle, appliqued circle. First off I did it in red…. I liked it, but there was something still not setting well with the red… Then my husband agreed. We couldn’t put our finger on it, but there was just something about the red that we weren’t loving!

So I changed the middle circle to the green and, wahla, I love it!

This is the first Project Quilting quilt that I have done anything sepcial to the back. I guess I’ve been seeing these as more of wall hangings and haven’t put thought into the backs, but this one I wanted to do a little bit more to the back (again, can’t make it easy). I used the rest of the ombre scraps on the back. The back is completely done from scraps of the front background color and ombre scraps.  Again, at first I wasn’t loving it, but then once I cut all the threads and cleaned it up a bit, I like it!

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