Animal Hoodies

Yet another Christmas present that I haven’t written about yet! And I think there is one more to come…

A monkey and a dragonfly walked into a bar… I mean flew to Pensacola…. Sorry, as I was writing I reminded myself of one of those silly jokes….

I’m loving making cool things for my two new ‘nieces’ in Pensacola. (‘nieces’, as in best friends kids) Since I have a son and don’t have a need to make dresses for him, I now have two little ladies in Florida that I get to sew for! So much fun! (These aren’t dresses, but they are for them….)

I also have  a stash of fleece baby hoodies… A few years back I bought a bunch when I was on an embrodiery kick and never did anything with them, until NOW! I got them out again and made a pink monkey and a green dragonfly.

For the dragonly, I used scrap fleece for the wings, body and big bug eyes on top!

For the pink monkey, I again used scrap fleece for the ears and tummy and made a long pink tail. Unfortunately, the monkey looks a bit like a mouse. I think the ears are a little high. If they were lower it would look more monkey like!

Luckily the banana helps say, ‘I’m no mouse, I’m a monkey!’