No Cut Cuff Hem Tutorial

Does that title make any sense to you??? My husband had a pair of pants that he needed hemmed. I was soooo excited to try this tutorial for hemming pants legs and keeping the original hem stitching by Just Something I Made. We have a bunch of pants hemmed in our house and the new hem line always bugs me. No matter what thread I use, I still can’t make it look like the original!

As I was pinning my husbands pants he told me that he wanted them hemmed, but long enough to wear them turned up with the cuff. But he also didn’t want them turned up the 4 or 5 inches that he was wearing them!

Soooo…. I couldn’t use the tutorial I wanted to try out, but then it hit me… I could take her idea and use it with a cuff and this is how I did it!

Materials: Too long Jeans, sliding gauge ruler, pins and clear thread and a navy tread (I used the darker thread in the bobbin)

Step 1: Iron the cuff at the length you want the finished pants to be.

Step 2: Fold the extra fabric down into the cuff.

Step 3: Adjust the folded over fabric so that it is the same height all the way around and pin. Align the fold directly beneath the original hem.

Step 4: Sew! Sew as closely to the top of the fold as you can.

Step 5: Iron again and Wah-la!! A folded over cuff look, but no worries that it’s going to fall out! My husband isn’t growing anymore, but if you do this with kids pants, you can let it out as the kiddo grows.

When my husband tried them on, I think I heard him say, ‘They fit perfect. Just how I wanted them.’  Something like that, anyway… Yea!


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