Let the Games Begin!!!

We started our Olympic excitement with a Melted Bead Ring Wind chime and Medals! As I was hanging the pieces to make our little wind chimes the other day, it came to me… Olympic Rings!! My son is really into gymnastics right now, so we’ve been watching the USA Team Trials on OnDemand and are really excited to see the team in action!

So using the same technique we used to make the sun catchers, we made the Olympic Rings and medals. Put the beads in a muffin tin, cook at 400 degrees for 25 minutes (with the fan on), pop out of the tin and drill holes. Yep, easy as that!

The wind chimes make a great little tinkling sound as they bounce around in the wind. And trust me… I heard a lot of it as I tried to take these pictures on a beautiful, yet windy, day

And then the medals!!! What kid doesn’t want their own medal? And the are fun to make!! Ok, I think I’m having more fun making the melted bead projects than my 3-year-old. He loves playing with them, but making them… He kinda looses interest. Like he ditched me and my bead craft for a water balloon battle with Dad… hmmm….

The Gold, Silver and Bronze! Ok, so the silver is actually clear, but I didn’t have any clear grey or silver beads…

The kiss of Gold! Sweet Victory! What’s your favorite sport??? We’re so excited about gymnastics… Did I mention that already?? Go USA!

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