Pretty Little Pouch Swap

Yep, I’ve caught the bug! Not just the horrible cold going around the country, but also the swap bug!


I was explaining the swap process to some friends the other day and they just had this look of, why??? You are given a partner that you can’t talk to, but you have to ‘stalk’. You follow along and comment on tons of pictures, giving your partner an idea of what you like and if also, just in case it’s something for you, you want the person to know how to make it just right for you. It can actually be a lot of time. But in the end, you get this package with a wonderful hand made piece inside! And usually a couple of extra goodies to go along with it! So I’m addicted!


This swap is called the Pretty Little Pouch Swap. My main pouch didn’t end up being very little… But I think it worked.


My partner didn’t comment on photos too much, but she did comment on one other person’s photo of a red, teal and blue process photo. And I jumped on it! I knew right then the color scheme! With a little white, grey and some hand stitching.


Then it was decided on the pattern and the pouch. I had just done a Herringbone Quilt Block from Stitched in Color and it’s just really cool. But it’s also really big! So I made everything 1/2 the size and ended up with two herringbone blocks, one for the front and one for the back.

Then I decided to use Noodlehead’s Open Wide Zipper Pouch, the large version! She has a lot of great pouch tutorials on her blog. very easy!


And of course, swaps always seem to have a little goodie to go with the main thing. And I knew exactly what I wanted to do! I’d been eyeballing this teeny tiny little pouch from Me Sew Crazy. It’s actually a Mini Moo Card holder, but I made it a little lotion holder. I love it, but I think I want to make it just a little bit bigger next time!


I also added a few fabric scraps from the fabrics used and a couple of tasty treats! I love how it looks like a swimming pool on the inside!


And of course, then I got mine!!! My secret partner was the wonderfully talented Suvarna. I was so excited! I’d been in love with this pleated pouch as I saw it popping up in the flickr pool.



And I got an open wide zipper pouch too! With a little pin cushion attached. And a needle book! I’ve always said I was going to make myself one and never have. I’ve already used them to cart my things back and forth to work at the quilt shop!



Soooo…. What do you think? Is the swap thing for you? Do you love them or hate them?


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