Owl Party Tutorial Three- Photobooth Masks

I absolutely LOVE photobooths at parties!

I wanted ours to be perfect, but…. Seeing as how I live in Seattle, I forgot about one major detail in helping plan the photobooth for my friend’s party that took place on the Gulf Coast… And that would be the SUN!

So the backdrop didn’t turn out quite as planned. I already mentioned my one tip on that… Thick fabric or a solid wall to hang the backdrop in front of!

But the masks on the other hand… They turned out quite nice! And were a lot of fun! For your photobooth you can make any sort of props you want, but for this one I kept the props to owl masks and the cartoon word bubbles. Super easy to make!

Does this one really warrant a tutorial? I don’t know… Let’s call it a mini tutorial and call it good?? OK? Cool!

And here’s how….

1. Materials:

White Cardstock for Masks

Black Cardstock for Word Bubbles

Exacto Knife

Glue or Mod Podge

Paint Brush for the glue (I like the foamy kind)


Chalk for writing messages

2. Find artwork for masks. Enlarge. I use Photoshop elements.  It’s going to be no surprise to you as to where I got my artwork… The owls in the tutorial were not harmed in any way (except if you think cutting out their eyeballs… anyway, moving on…) and were downloaded from oohmoon.

3. Trim the mask.

4. Cut out the eyes.

5. Cut out the word bubbles. I just did it by hand, no template or anything…

6. Glue on the sticks.

7. And Walah!! The party is on!


Thanks for reading everyone. That concludes our owl party posting. But not to worry… A new party will be revealed next week with more party tips…

Anyone else planning a party?? Need help with a detail? Let me know, I’d love to help!