Owl Party Tutorial Two- Stuffed Owl Favors

These little guys are just adorable! And they are perfect for little hands to take home from the party!

I had really grand plans for these guys. Originally, the design in my head was all fabric,  there was no felt, four separate piece for the wings, much bigger and buttons for the eyes! Then we realized how many we needed. And the grandness of these little stuffies came down a notch! In my opinion, their cuteness was not sacrificed for the need for a little more speed!

Growing up there were three of us friends. We grew apart for a few years, but reconnected and it’s like we never missed a beat. Two of the three of us live in Florida, but I was the one that really went far from home… The funny thing about us is there are two of us who are crafty and one who claims not to be… (I have a feeling that she’s got a little crafty in there…) But we were all sitting around the table thinking about the owl favors and I drew the pattern and started cutting and before long had the first one made. It was so funny to see the amazement in  my friend’s face when the owl was done. It seemed like I had just come up with the idea and poof it was done, but I’d been thinking about these little owls for quite some time!!

Here’s how I made them…

1. Materials:

Fabric, for these I used an old sheet and an old men’s shirt





Pattern- Click here for the pattern!

2. Cut all the pieces.

3. Sew on the white of the eyes.

4. Glue on the blue eyes. Or you could sew them on.

5. 5a- Layout the pieces.  5b- Layer the wings right sides together with the front. 5c- Add the back layer. Again, right sides together with the front.

6. Sew around the edge leaving a small opening at the bottom.

7. Pull the owl through the hole so it’s right side is out.

8. Stuff.

9. Handstitch the bottom.

And as I usually say… WaLah! One owl favor down… How many more should we make??

Party Favors are a big deal to me. I don’t know why I love them so, but I do! And I try, try, try to come up with favors that come from the heart, are handmade and that will bring smiles for a long time, not just for a day…

What was the favorite party favor that you or your child has ever received?? Let me know, I’m always looking for new ideas!

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