KCWC- Day 6 and I think I’m done

Back again! Another sweatshirt.

Not as excited about it as the other one I made, but I’m pretty content with it.

We picked out the colors from our stash. Probably about a year ago I was going to make the kiddo some sweatpants, so we went to the store to get some sweat shirt material and this orange was the color he picked out! Just a little bright, huh?? Then we used the rest of the Daddy’s sweatshirt, the arms and the pocket on front. And for the trim we used some more from those teal sweatpants that I had and never wore.

This one I made using the Pauley’s Pullover pattern from Sewing For Boys. The pattern was actually supposed to have a drawstring waist, but I didn’t really like it. So I took the ribbing from the sweatpants and finished the bottom. And honestly, it was just a bit too bulky, so I went back in and narrowed down the body a few inches.

When my husband saw the book laying open to the directions, he looked at the picture of the little boy and said, ‘That’s a cute kid, but I don’t like that sweatshirt!’ I then informed him that is what I was making… But then this morning when I showed him mine, he lit up and smiled and said, ‘That’s cute, really cute!’ And I know he was telling the truth!

So yesterday, the kiddo and I were chatting about the sweatshirt I was going to make and I asked if he wanted any image on it and he said yes, ‘A Harmonica!’ It was late last night when I finished it, so I gave up on the harmonica. Then this morning he saw it and his first comment was, ‘But where’s the harmonica?’ So back to the sewing machine for me… And I came up with this applique and stitching. I think it turned out kinda cute. Apppliqueing with fleece isn’t the easiest thing to do. It could have been a little longer, but… And it’s off-center. On purpose. But I wish I had centered it…. Oh, well, I’m pretty content! and the Kiddo likes it!

I had a couple more projects that I wanted to do, but most of them have been stuffed back on the shelf, except for one… It probably won’t get done for KCWC, but soon. Now it’s off to Halloween crafting!