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Yep, pretty much all I’ve thought about this week, well besides family and work, were my pillowcase dresses! So in the spirit of that, here’s some other pillowcase ideas to try from around the internet!

1. How adorable is this pumpkin from Martha Stewart??

2. So I used to be skinny. And I plan on being closer to skinny one day soon… So right now I can only dream about fitting into a pillowcase, but one day I’m going to be able to make this really cool pencil skirt featured on DIY Fashion for myself (and fit in it too!)

3. When you think of well loved pillowcases do you think of that very soft feeling they have? I do! Which is why I so want to make these pillowcase pj’s by Elsie Marley, not only for my son, but also for me!

4. And on the subject of costumes, I fell in love with this ghost pillowcase dress by Sugar Bee Crafts! She also has other ideas, like another pumpkin and even a snowman!

5. I love for my son to create… But I don’t love for my son to ruin clothes in the process of creating…. hence the reason he loves his smock! And I love this pillowcase smock featured on Family Fun.

6. And this little t-shirt dress by Make It-Love It doesn’t really have anything to do with pillowcases, except the shape reminded me of a pillowcase dress and I thought it was just too cute to not include. So there!

The Pillowcase Dresses are Done! Check!

Yep, that’s right. Finally! My poor friend sent them to me ages ago! But I kept thinking that they need something special. Not just turn over the top, add a ribbon and be done. Nope, these pillowcases are beautiful and they deserved more than that!

My friend (my mother’s friend first) saw a pillowcase style dress, it was actually a table runner turned dress dress, I had done before and remembered some beautiful hand crocheted pillowcases that she had and asked if I would make them in to dresses for her grand daughters. Of course I said yes. But little did she know how long it would take me….

Well, I had an idea. Put a nice big ruffle collar. But then, wouldn’t that take away from the crochet?? Yes…. So what to do??? I thought about it and thought about it…. Until the other day Aesthetic Nest posted this beautiful 2 layer pillowcase dress she had made.

When I saw that, I knew that was exactly why I had put off making the dresses. I was waiting for this inspiration. This idea was exactly what the crocheted pillowcases needed!

So I got to sewing!

I’m not going to do a full tutorial, but I will narrate you through my process.

The materials I gathered were the pillowcases, 1.5 yards of each color fabric for the inside layers, thread, scissors and the machine! I started by making the inside layers. Basically I just made two ‘tubes’ of fabric the same width as the pillowcases with one end hemmed. Here’s where I tried out my new loves, the french seam and blind hem.  Ahhhh….  And for the length, that’s up to you.

I was a bit worried about the size, since these are for a 3T and 5T and I’ve never made dresses for those sizes before. But luckily for me my friend sent me a nice big full size drawing of each of the girls! They laid down and my friend traced them and then both of the girls told her how long they wanted their dresses to be. Too cute!

Back to the process… Then I cut the armholes. I laid out the two pieces of fabric, folded them over and on top of each other. One cut, four armholes!

Here’s where I went out on a limb and had to figure it for myself… At this point you turn both the inside layer and the pillowcase inside out. Then insert the inside layer inside the pillowcase.

Next sew a straight stitch across the top, down around an arm, across the back top, down around the other arm and back to the starting point. Turn them right side out and get the inside layer inside the pillowcase! Topstitch the arms. Turn the tops over 1.5 inches, stitch it down.

Next I went back to the fabric store, because I had only gotten 1 yard of fabric, but I needed more for the ribbon. Or you could just use ribbon… Hopefully you can skip the back to the fabric store step! I used Aesthetic Nest’s suggestions on the fabric ribbon and went with 6″ by about 60 to 70″ or so. I folded the fabric in half, cut the ends at an angle, sewed it together with a hole to pull it through, turned it right side out, ironed it flat and Wah La, a nice big ribbon for a bow.

The girls are in Texas. The dresses are in the mail. And I can’t wait to see the girls in the dresses!

Hope they fit just right….
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