A Handmade Christmas- Pot Holders

And another thing marked off the to do list!


This Christmas there are a bit more handmade items than in years past. Which is fantastic! I’m actually doing them! But the one problem is my procrastination…. Staying up late the last few days! The good part is, I’m loving the pieces I’m making. I can’t show you too many of them since the gifts are going to people who see the blog… So most of January I’ll be showing what I made for my handmade Christmas!


These pot holders were a lot of fun to make. I don’t think I measured a single thing! Oh, that’s not true. I did measure to make sure that they are square. Otherwise, I just kinda cut until they fit.

Remember the Curtain Are So Easy Tutorial I did this summer? Those curtains were for my Stepmother’s kitchen and I had extra pieces left over. And I knew that they needed to be potholders to go in her kitchen!


The first one I made was the elephant one. The elephant is a recurring theme in their home… Roll Tide! TYpically he’s not yellow, but…I loved this Premier Prints elephant fabric.


Then I made this one with just a simple little quilting design.


And lastly, I made the ice cream bowl one! I was totally inspired by this one from Pink Penquin, which she sells here. I admit, I didn’t buy the pattern. But… I’d recommend buying the pattern so that your’s looks as perfect as hers do and so that you don’t end up with a lop sided bowl like I did. With all that ice cream in my bowl, if it was real, it wouldn’t stand up!


My Dad has a little addiction to ice cream. He has a bowl every night before bed. My Step Mom said that if the ice cream wasn’t in the kitchen, he probably wouldn’t even realize that they had a kitchen! So I thought the ice cream one would be fun!


So, like the magnets, I’m kinda addicted to the pot holders now!

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