First Quarter Finish Along Goals

After looking back over 2014, it’s only fitting to look at my first goals for 2015!  And seeing as how last quarter I didn’t finish ANYTHING on my list… I’m hoping to finish more this quarter! Can’t do worse than nothing, now can we! Here’s to the 1st Quarter Finish-a-Long with On the Windy Side…

2015 FAL at On the Windy Side

This list might look familiar… Since I used it last year! But I did mix it up a little and added a couple of other projects!


I did start this gnome quilt right before my machine took it’s nosedive. This one has been on for the last two quarters. It wouldn’t take much to finish, so I’m hoping to get it done this time!


I really want to finish my husbands quilt…. And I’m still trying!


The other two at the top of my list are tree quilt I started about 4 years ago and a memory quilt… Oh, yeah and there’s the teacher totes…

What are you going to finish this time around? I think I’ll finish at least 3 on my list!

New Fabric!! Yea!!

I don’t order fabric online all that much. Mostly because I haven’t done it that much and I always get nervous about what’s it really going to look like when I get it…

But I’m liking it more and more these days!! I mean look at this batch. Whatd’ya think????

So these three, not real sure what I’m going to do with.. The elephants are a linen fabric, which I wasn’t actually expecting, but I like anyway. The rest are for the swaps I’m participating in…

The first swap I’m doing is another Round of Modernista Homemade. This round the room we’re making an item for is the kitchen. I’ve decided to do a mini quilt.

Using these fabrics….

And the second swap is another round of Modern She Made. Last time the piece had to have a circle, this time it’s a triangle. I’ve decided on the design (please ignore the horrible picture!). But I can’t decide if it’s going to be a mini quilt or a sewing machine cover. hmmmm….

Either way I’ll use these fabrics….

What do you think of these fabrics??? Love ’em? Hate ’em? Get rid of one or another??? Add anything?

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Modern Mini Challenge

I have been totally obsessed with two things the last couple of weeks…. The Lorax of course, with the mask and the Truffula Tree… And also Project Quilting. Then along came the Modern Mini Challenge!

Modern Mini Challenge

Jennifer at Ellison Lane Quilts is hosting The Modern Mini Challenge with a great blog hop last month and this month is the Reader Contest! Since I am a bit overwhelmed with all my obsessions and quilting a quilt every other week (which means I have to get the things done on my to do list that didn’t get done during the quilting week done on the in between quilting weeks!) I decided to submit a mini quilt that I have already done to the Modern Mini Challenge! Don’t worry, I emailed Jennifer and asked if this was ok. She gave me the go ahead… So I’m entering my Row Row Row Your Boat Mini Quilt!

I really love this one and hope that the judges do too! In case you missed the original posting of this quilt, or are here visiting from the Modern Mini Challenge Link-up (welcome to everyone!) here’s a bit about it…

The quilting challenge was to base the quilt design on Music. So I made it a piece of sheet music. well, kinda! My interpretation of sheet music anyway. Our family isn’t very musical, so most of the sheet music I’ve seen lately is color coded. You know, the sheet music that comes with the kids pianos and xylophones???

While writing this post I was curious if the definition of modern quilts was written anywhere.  I found this list of modern quilt characteristics on the Modern Quilt Guild blog:

Make primarily functional rather than decorative quilts

Use asymmetry in quilt design

Rely less on repetition and on the interaction of quilt block motifs

Contain reinterpreted traditional blocks

Embrace simplicity and minimalism

Utilize alternative block structures or lack of visible block structure

Incorporate increased use of negative space

Are inspired by modern art and architecture

Frequently use improvisational piecing

Contain bold colors, on trend color combinations and graphic prints

Often use gray and white as neutrals

Reflect an increased use of solid fabrics

Focus on finishing quilts on home sewing machines

Interesting, huh? I’ve always been drawn to the modern aesthetic of quilting, but was just curious if anyone had every written this down! I think this quilt meets most of the ‘requirements’ of modern!

If you hadn’t already heard about the Modern Mini challenge, here was the line-up and there were some great quilters participating. Check out their blogs and I’m sure you’ll find at least one new favorite, if not all of them!

The only requirements for the challenge is that the quilt is to be modern and under 36 inches. Like I said, I’m pretty sure I meet the modern part. I barely squeaked by on the 36″ requirement! LUckily it’s only 34 inches wide by 22 inches high.
Check out all the entries in the challenge!
Which do you prefer? Modern or Traditional Quilting?

Bleaching and Dyeing Fabric- Quilting Progress Post

It’s been an interesting day of fabric today…. Did you see this post about bleaching fabric at The Modern Quilting Guild blog?? It totally inspired me and I wanted to try what she had done, which was to bleach her fabrics to make ‘coordinating’ fabrics out of the same pieces! It turned out great.

Then we got the new challenge for this week for Project Quilting Week 4. Barn Quilts! Which I’ve never heard of before….. So I started looking and all the Barn quilts are solids… So I found a design that I want to try, and to make it work the way I want, I wanted a series of blues that go from dark to light…. See where I’m going…

I had the blue I wanted, so I cut the pieces and was going to try to bleaching process! I was soooo excited. I found some inspiration and was going to be able to use it all in the same week. How productive of me!!!

So here I go. I got the bleach and water set up, plopped in the fabric and waited… and waited…. and waited… Nothing. Waited some more, nothing… Thinking back to the post on bleaching, she did say some fabrics didn’t change much… Then I started looking at my bottle of bleach while I was WAITING… Maybe it had something to tell me… Some secret to bleaching fabric that I had missed. Then I noticed it said to sanitize use Regular Bleach…

Regular bleach?? Who knew? I was under the impression that bleach was bleach. Little did I know that there was regular bleach and another kind of bleach. What that other bleach really is, I have no idea….. So off to the store I went to get REGULAR bleach…..

Once again… bleach and water ready! Fabric in… And I waited… This time my son was waiting with me… So we waited and waited some more…. again, NOTHING. My son said, ‘Mom, you said the fabric was going to change. When’s it’s going to change???’ hmmmmm, good question…. We even tried the fabric in straight up bleach. No water. Nothing. Everytime I’ve ever gotten bleach on fabric, nice big white spot, right away. Now I want to bleach fabric and nothing…

So, third times a charm right… But not with bleach. I changed to going the other way. The good ole staple, RIT dye! Now I have navy blue fingernails and a nice variety of shades of blue (some are kinda purple, but that’s ok) fabric for my Barn Quilt Mini Quilt!

Project Quilting- Challenge 3- Tool Time

Man, at first I was totally stumped on last week’s challenge! Since I’m an architect, my thoughts actually headed straight to construction tools. But that wasn’t getting me anywhere, so then I started thinking about a useful ‘tool’ to hold my kiddo’s tools, like crayons and markers and paint… But still nothing…

Then a couple of people commented on my blog about, hello, sewing tools!! Ah, ha! Yes! My first thought was to use magnets to make a working ‘tool rug’ (instead of a mug rug…) to put my pins on as I sew. But then that wasn’t really coming together either and then my husband looked at my idea and said, ‘NO.’ Sooooo….

The other thing I have been wanting to try out is the chevron pattern and of course, scissors came to mind for this piece. So that’s where I started. The red chevron represents the scissors. And, um, the chevron’s aren’t all that easy to get lined up…. Just a little side note there for ya for future projects…. My husband was a lot of help on this one, actually. He helped with composition and color, which isn’t actually a surprise to anyone that knows him. And with his help the pin idea went from being a big black (and ugly, so I found out) circle to being translated in little rectangles at the bottom.

Part of the challenge was to incorporate 4 tools into the design. So I’ve already got the pins and scissors. Then came the circle shapes for the rotary knife and the ruler along the side.

But I actually have 5 tools represented. The fifth is the Bobbin Bloom. Have you seen these??? They are really cool! I don’t actually have them, but I think they are a fantastic tool. Stayed tuned for a giveaway this week!!

I tried again with the machine stitched binding and was not impressed once again. I did it correctly this time, unlike last time. The only binding I had, in a color I liked, was a thin single fold tape. I should have stopped and just made my own binding, but it was late saturday night and it’s due Sunday morning… So I went with what I had and what I thought would be quick and easy… I’m going to give it another try with better binding and let you know how it goes. Third times a charm, right???


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Another Process Post for Quilt #4

A little update on Quilt #4…..  I’m sooooo ready to just sit down and finish it. The front and back are complete, I just have to quilt it together…. That’s all. Just quilt it together. Oh, and add the binding….

Here’s another little sneak peek….

I’ve gotten the dragonflies on with their puffy eyes (wasn’t as easy to do as I had planned on it being…)

And an H on the back for Little Miss Haley. And do you notice that the H fabric also has dragonflies???

Ok, Next week… Finished!

Has anyone else taken the Process Pledge?

Process Pledge- Quilt #4

Today is the last day of vacation and we’re headed home… Back to the real world… So I’m keeping it brief today.

Just wanted to share a little of the process of Quilt #3. I brought it all on vacation with me and was going to get it done and give it to the recipient in person. But…. That didn’t quite work out! I had it all cut, but none of it put together as we packed for our vacation. Then once we were here, time passed quickly and it didn’t even get started.

Then one day, I said, ‘Why not start?? I won’t finish, but I can start…’ And that’s just what I did. The front is done! Well, the background. I still have to add the appliques….

Process- Quilt #4

I am absolutely horrible with giving baby and wedding presents on time!

So… I’m back to some quilting… I”m not done with Quilt #3, the one for the wedding that was last June. (in my defense, I did decide the weekend of the wedding that was what I wanted to give them… I guess I could have planned a little better. I also could have decided to make an easier design…) But…

I have to move on to Quilt #4. Another baby quilt. For a baby that will be one next month. Ok, so this is another one of those bad planning on my part things! But…  The baby shower took place when she was 4 months old… So, technically I’m only 8 months behind! This is another quit where baby shower guests brought fabric swatches for the quilt.

So the quilt design is going to be green grass along the bottom with a purple sky and dragonflies flitting along. I think I figured out the grass part… Here’s my sample. Imagine the brown part green and the blue part a purple sky.

The colors are from the baby’s room. I just happened upon the polka dot sheet with the exactly right colors so I snatched that up for the back! Then found the green and purple to go with it.

The dragonflies will be from the fabric the guests brought.

I can’t wait to share more!!

Is it horrible that I am so late on these things? Or is it the thought that counts? Or does it make it ok to be so late since it’s a handmade gift of love??

12, 13, 14… Advent Calendar = Check!

OH MY! That only took two weeks longer than it was supposed to! Finally finished on Day 14…

I checked out all sorts of Advent calendars and designed one made of 4 or 5 different houses… Well, I made one and hated it. I just really disliked it.  Here is Plan A:

So, Plan B. Technically I didn’t have a plan B, but I was determined that I was making an Advent calendar this year! So, Plan B actually included coming up with a new design…. I didn’t really have a clue what Plan B was going to be and I was already behind schedule…

I came up with the idea of all the pocket being presents. Maybe under a tree?  Maybe just presents? Or another house theme?? Then I started following this awesome blog, oohmoon. Katie, from oohmoon is making an art piece everyday and then giving it away for free for 24 hours. (If you haven’t already seen this, you should.) She was working on a series of animals and I had fallen in love with the owl. Then she made the owl in the tree with the fox. When I saw that, the design just popped into my head instantly!!

That was the design process. Then I made all the present pockets, positioned the tree pieces and Katie’s art, sewed on the pockets, layered the quilt pieces, appliqued the tree pieces, finished the edges and wah lah…

There is one other thing I have planned for this quilted advent calendar. I have a bunch of pearl beads that fell of the pearl fabric I used for the stockings. I want to stitch those to the quilt for a little snow effect. Cool? Leave it alone? Let me know…

As I was making this, almost done, probably about the 10th of December, my husband asks, ‘Is this something he’ll use every year?’  My answer was basically a look of shock, of course he will! Until he’s about 40 years old…

Quilting Firsts

A bunch of quilting firsts for today!

Firsts, biggest quilt yet is underway, first quilt with no measuring and very few parallel lines, first sew in, first log cabin piece!

Quilt #3 has started. … Being that this is my first BIG quilt, it’s intimidating, but the process of random cutting, no measuring or parellel lines is harder than I thought. 

A bit about the process… I’ve printed the design at full-scale (full scale on a bunch of letter size paper)  and taped it all together.  I’m starting with the tree applique first. If I could just keep going without stopping to think so much, I’d be way further along!

First Sew In with the Seattle Modern Quilting Guild. Very fun and I learned a lot in the 2 hours I was there. There were some really cool projects going on! Learned some tips for Quilt #4. And I got some great feedback on putting Quilt #3 together!

Made my first ever log cabin piece for a member’s baby blanket. (It’s supposed to be a little crooked.) Each block is a little off in it’s own way!