ABC- O and Q Quilt Blocks


This years Modern Quilt Guild Quiltcon Charity Quilt Challenge is all about Text.

‘Quilts incorporating text have been popular in the modern quilt movement right from the start,” says the MQG. And this year all the participating guilds get to interpret that challenge in a black, white and grey pallette. The SMQG giving committee had a call for design ideas and they landed on one that includes a bunch of letters. You can see more about that here.


I came home and knew I wanted to make a Q. Instead of using a circle, I had the bright idea of using a hexagon. But then I wasn’t sure how to make the little line for the Q. As I’m thinking this out in my head, it started to look familiar… Like maybe someone else had already done this… Like maybe Jaybird Quilts in her alphabet block book, Alphabet Soup… Yep. That’s where I had seen this! I’ve been wanting to buy this book, but haven’t had a need for quilted letters. Mine are a bit different from hers, but totally inspired by hers!


And the hexagon used as an O! No patterns were used. I just started with a hexagon. and went from there! 

I really do like these blocks and can’t wait to see what the giving committee comes up with!

August do.Good Quilt

First I want to say thank you for all your comments and to those who filled out the survey from the other day! It really helped me think things straight! Thank you!


I’ve got some fun Valentine things to show you, but today I’m going to share another do.Good quilt we worked on!


This one was designed by our group member Dhia Peach! You can find the directions to her block over on her blog, The Peach Patch, here. You should check it out. The block is a lot of half square triangles. In her tutorial she shows you how to make 4 half square triangles at once! Super cool! The block technically doesn’t have a name yet, so if you have a suggestion, let us know!



Her color scheme request was  Blue/Green/Orange, bold jewel tones and no pastels for this project. So I went with a green and blue block and a green and orange block! Yep, some of my favorite colors, for sure!




And the back is a perfect match for the front! I love it!


Be sure to try out the block. It went together very quickly and easily and makes for a nice bright quilt!

Quilt Blocks for Causes

I’ve been making a few quilt blocks lately! So the first few started from this adorable little package of fabric squares from Clothworks Organic Line.


Clothworks gave our Seattle Modern Quilt Guild the little bundles to make a modern blocks for a quilt that we would then donate to a good cause.


I ended up making three! This grey one is my favorite! THey were all spur of the moment, no real planning. I stacked them all together, cut about an inch off the side and then reassembled them!


Second came the blue one. Not my favorite.


And lastly the teal one. I like this one, but not quite as much as the grey one!


The reveal was amazing. At our last guild meeting everyone showed off their blocks and we put them all together. There was some fantastic blocks!!!

Once that was complete, I moved on to my next project. Just One Slab for Alberta. But I made two.


I admit I don’t watch much news. It started when I was pregnant. I’d get so upset by the news, I kinda quit listening. And I got used to it. So needless to say, I didn’t actually know about the devastating floods in Alberta. Then I found out about Cheryl’s call for quilters to make blocks to give to those who lost everything in the floods. I couldn’t say no!


I only used scraps. The first one I made was the pink one. I used a bunch of little scraps. And it took a while!


So for my next one, the green one, I used larger scraps. And it didn’t take as long and I love it!


If you’d like to make one for the Just One Slab, it’s super quick and she’s requesting them by the end of this month. So quit reading and start going through those scraps and sewing them together! I can’t wait to see all the blocks together!


Quilting for Boston

The recent events in Boston are absolutely horrible and I do not have a clue how people can do these types of things to others. In any case, the quilting community is coming together to show that despite the hatred in our world, there is still love, too. The love part just doesn’t get as much TV news press. I guess it’s not as ‘exciting’ for the press. Ok, if you can’t tell, I have an opinion, but I’ll keep the rest of it to myself since I’m supposed to be sharing the love here in this post!

To Boston With Love

I’ve participated in two projects for the Boston area! The first one is the To Boston with Love project. This project was started by the Vancouver Modern Quilt Guild as a collaborative effort of quilters ‘to bring peace and love from far and wide.’ The idea is, in my words, to give Boston a hug. To let them know that the world is thinking of them!

The flags will be exhibited by The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston from May 23-June 16, 2013!


My flag didn’t turn out quite the way I had envisioned it. I wanted it to be a little improv and not perfect. And it did turn out that way, I just had it looking different in my head!


I went with the blue and yellow color scheme from my next project, Quilts for Boston project. More about that shortly!


This project became a little impromptu project for our quilt guild. We had a few participatns and a bunch of really great flags!  I wasn’t able to be at the meeting, so I’m not sure who all else participated. Once I find out names, I’ll add the credits for the flags!

Quilts for Boston

And then I also participated in the Quilts for Boston call for quilt blocks from the Boston Modern Quilt Guild. In the aftermath the guild was looking for a way to help those that had been directly affected by the bombing. They decided to make quilts and are looking for blocks and donations of fabric for the backs and bindings, etc.


For this project you have until May 24th, 2013 to get your blocks to the guild. All the information, size, colors and address are all listed on their blog here.


Personally, I love the colors! I can’t wait to see the finished quilts!


See… I really do love the colors! Inadvertently, (no, I wasn’t planning a blogging photo-shoot when I bought this cutting mat) I just bought a new cutting mat that just happens to be blue and yellow!